What to do with the ship

Introducing valentina

Keander has changed nick to Victoire / osprey_ has changed nick to Heylin / Aerlwyn has changed nick to Valentina

When we last left off, Kate and Victoire had brought up the chest and put it in the middle of the deck. Heylin sits to the side on the rail looking in the distance…

Valentina, you had seen these two musketeers literally raid the ship that you were on (a pirateer that had attacked the Italian ship) and fight off quite a few rather handily, even as one of your own, a dark African woman that was once a part of your crew also led a fight from within…though that ‘fight’ was mostly people attacking her and she fighting them off with a strange dual stick style that was alien to anything that you had seen before

DM: (it is up to you whether you agreed with the former captain or not…many were sent on lifeboats away from the ship, since many had been loyal to the captain as he had been somewhat successful before this). Also a French pirate ship also attacked your ship Valentina. Valentina, the pirate ship you had been on was a motley crew from all sorts of nations)

Valentina moves onto the deck “so what do you plan to do with us now as you have the ship and the spoils?”

Heylin mumbles under his breath “scuttle the damn thing.”

Victoire rubs Heylin’s shoulder, touching her blade at the new voice, “What is your name?”

Valentina: “Valentina my lady”

Victoire looks at the woman, her eyes narrowing as she assesses her, “Do you know her Kate?”

Heylin looks over his shoulder “Valentina well met.”

Valentina: (yes very much so think like Penelope Cruz from Pirates of the Caribbean)

Victoire extends a hand, “Victoire, well met, Valentina. Were you a prisoner as well?”

Nicolette, the princess, looks over at Heylin, “Musketeer…let us speak for a moment…” Her voice was command like but not as a spoiled noblewoman, but as a captain

Valentina: “yes they wanted to ransom me back to my father but well you got to them before they could send a letter off to him for a payment”

Heylin looks at the woman “do you think a cell could keep her inside. looks like ……..nobody. i will stop talking about one who is not here.”

Victoire: “Then please, join us. Have you eaten? Water?”

Valentina: “only what they thought i needed to survive as they wanted their gold for the ransom”

Victoire kneels down opening her pack, taking out bread and cheese, and a skin of wine handing it to Valentina, “Please?” Valentina reaches for the food and wine “are you sure as i dont want to take what is yours as i have no way to pay for this”

Heylin: “sorry i don’t have any more food it is past breakfast…. i don’t have extra for the day….”

The French captain moves a few steps closer, “very well then musketeer…I agree…the ship is a treasure and can be thrown in for the bounty that was captured…”
Victoire: “I insist. And no payment necessary.”

Her eyes piercing, “and I will give you one night and speech to see what crew you can rouse to man it…if successful, then it is yours…”

Valentina takes the food and starts to eat, drinking the wine to wash it down “thank you”

Victoire: “you got the ship!?”

Nicolette: “and I shall still continue my fight for France and my sister…” then she looks at Victoire, “that is if you give up the share of what is in the chest…”

Heylin: “i don’t want the ship i want Ysebette to have the ship. if it can help her.”

Victoire: “I have no need of treasure, but I ask for something be left to these women. They have been through enough to go hungry and without food.”

Nicolette smiles, “as do I…but I do not have enough on my ship alone to spare crewing her and mine…that is why I said to scuttle her…” She shrugs, “but perhaps you can get from both ships to perhaps sail.”

Victoire: “We are Musketeers, we will figure out a way.”

Valentina: “could i come with you as i have some useful skills” smiles as she finishes off the food

Victoire: “Of course, can you sail?”

Heylin: "I have already beat their biggest and will offer any who take the ship back to Ysebette………..what do they call ie a royal favor

“So…” as the African woman looks at Heylin, “you ready with a speech?” her teeth very telling versus her dark complexion.

Valentina: “i can learn yes, i have a few skills that would be useful”

Heylin: “so basically they will not be killed in the long boats. That is about all i will say. but if you do not do what we talk about I WILL track all of you down and feed you to the dogs after i remove your innard through your mouths.”

Several members of both crews seem to have curious looks, looks that may mean $$$ as royal favors could be rather…worthwhile

Victoire turns to Heylin, “Favors?”

Heylin asks Marcello, “how much per sailor to take the ship back to Ysebette?”

Heylin: “pardons…isn’t that what they are called?”

Victoire: “Ah, ok. Letter of Marque.”

(it will take 15 crew total….going back to ye old pirates game from Sid Meyers)


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