Walking to Cardinal

Intro of Heylin's dog (via dog attack)

As Victoire and Heylin walk the streets, things are pretty fog filled, some glowing from lamp posts and torches, the feet of patrols echoeing…

“Alms…” comes a voice.  "alms for the poor…"

Heylin will place a coin in the cup, “to your health…”

Victoire follows suit

Beggar: “bless you masters…” says the voice.  The face is rather grubby, and its very difficult to tell whether male or female.  It has that strange androgynous look to it. “What are masters doing out in this pea soup?” as the beggar’s voice sounds quite thankful.

Heylin will toss another “go buy some food for yourself and get out of this cold air for at least a while,” as he looks at Victoire. “Translate please Vic.”

Victoire translates, slipping in two more coins of her own into the beggar’s hands

The beggar nods vigorously, “you have given so mercifully…surely I can help you…”

Heylin: “know all the French Nobility are not as bad as they are told to be.  and the flower of France is generous” and after a pause, “that is help indeed.”

Beggar: “please…you have given me much…surely I can help…do you wish to go somewhere…you are strangers here.”

Victoire: “Go get warm, sir, and some food.”

Heylin: “do you have a family?”

He sighs, and then cheers up, “well you could say I have a very large family…I can show you them…”

Heylin smiles and places his hand on his sword as well as a dagger  "sure we could take a couple minutes out of our way…….right Vict?"

Victoire: “If you wish, yes.”

The beggar smiles as he starts to get up, the rags barely hanging on him.  Slowly he starts to walk along the main street…

Heylin: “i figure we have a little time” as he follows along.

The beggar starts to get a little more difficult to see, but then there are suddenly growls and barking…

Victoire moves up to left side of the man

There are four large dogs that are drooling, and obviously ready to attack.

“oh no…” as the beggar starts shaking…

Heylin: “come here pups.”
Heylin whistles low which causes a slight diversion in the dogs’ attention.

Victoire steps in front of the man, “Stay behind me.”

Heylin kneels down putting his hand about nose height,“If you want to get sent to the dog house i will ablige you four also,  but i think you just need some food.”

One of the dogs seems to start to sniff, but the other three lunge for the attack.

Heylin: “i gave you a chance.” as he explodes upward at the first ones sturnum driving his knee into its heart.

The dog whimpers and crumbles while two dogs try to flank Victoire to get at the tasty beggar.

Victoire draws two daggers, making herself larger than the dogs, “GO!”, which causes the dogs to take a slight step back, but mouths frothing, they attack. The dogs snap at the air, missing horribly, even as the beggar seems to step to the side.

Heylin tosses the other a piece of jerky which gets an result as one dog still standing, drooling, but not going towards Heylin.

Heylin: “good boy.”

The dog (big boxer/pit bull mix) snaps at it.

Heylin: “now you two bitches need to be taught a lesson!”

Victoire circles her left arm in front of the dog, trying to get it to look left, then tries to stab it just over the right shoulder

The dog lands to the side, limping hard.

Again, the two dogs try to snap, not used to the humans fighting back and heavily injuring them.

Victoire plants a boot into the other dog, striking it hard.

This dog rolls over and starts to pull back to retreat even as the last one, seeing that it’s outnumbered, turns, tail between legs, and runs.

As the dogs run the dog that you bribed, still stays, big puddle of drool…

Heylin tosses more food

The nub of a tail is wagging (though the observant would state that the posterior wags harder than the tail, Slobber slobber gnosh * RUFF RUFF*

“Shut up you damn bitch” is yelled from a window.

Heylin will scratch behind the ears

The dog turns and growls at whoever yelled out window and then Aroos as falls over for belly rub, the big, rough tongue hanging out to the side of the mouth.

Victoire looks to the beggar, “You are well?”

Beggar: “yes…thanks to your bravery”

The dog is covered with fleas, needs a bath, etc

Heylin: “now this is like home……”   scritches his belly and plays a bit rough with the dog.

Again, the dog, with a partially torn ear, rumbles * raor raor* as back leg starts moving, his eyes roll back in head.

Heylin: “this dog needs a bath.  who can leave this animal in the streets like this?”

As Heylin start to play rough…so does he…and he has a strong grip, almost like a canine version of Porthos.

Heylin looks at Vict “think she will let me keep him?”

Victoire: “Probably outside, once you get him clean.”

Heylin frowns as he notices some scars on the dog, “if i find the SOB who had this dog fight i might show him how it is done,”

“come…” as the beggar looks, “my family is not far”

The beggar starts walking…and as you move along, you start to see some lights that are several stories up in a vague building…

As you get closer, the shape becomes clearer…a massive church which has several side buildings/residences nearby. He pulls at Victoire and Heylin, “almost there…”

Heylin quietly drops a dagger into his hand.

Victoire cleans her daggers in a puddle then follows

The beggar lets go of the hands and runs for one of the larger, gated buildings.  The fog makes it tough to see, other than the gate swinging open, and two guards nearby.  "Almost there my friends…"

Heylin keeps an eye on the begger and guards

The door opens and shuts (you see a light inside).

The guards stand still…

Victoire straightens herself, and puts her weapons away

And as you get closer…the ‘guards’…are actually just statues.

Heylin: “we gotta put those in the castle when we get back.”

Victoire: “No we don’t,” even as Victoire moves ahead past them

The dog pads beside, and bumps into Heylin hard, “raora raora…” his mouth drooling heavily.

Heylin hands him some more Jerky and and scratches his head.

THUD as he leans HEAVY into you as there is a lot of muscle and bone

Heylin: “Can we keep him….can we.cane we?”

Victoire: “You have to feed him. And bathe him.”

Reaching the door, it is a massive wooden door with a knocker…

Heylin: “feed the animals ……now that sounds familiar.”

Victoire knocks

The door opens, a nun standing there, “please…come…”



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