Talking to the princess

[23:48] <victoire> “Hmm. Why do I think I will be telling.”
[23:49] * Heylin smiles and tosses the coin
[23:49] <heylin> “Hmm heads………..”
[23:49] <victoire> “Imagine.”
[23:50] <victoire> “Two out of three?”
[23:50] * Heylin tosse again not even looking “heads…..”
[23:50] * Victoire knocks twice, then twice more, not looking either
[23:51] <gm_t> There is a sliding sound and then a "who goes there?" [23:52] &lt;victoire> "It is Heylin and Victoire, Johnathan." [23:52] &lt;gm_t> The door opens slightly again, and then there is the unlocking and opening of the door.
[23:52] * Victoire steps inside smiling at the young man, “Well done.”
[23:53] <gm_t> He is standing, bowed, umbrella in hand. [23:54] * Victoire removes her hat placing it on the rack, then shakes her hair free, ruffling it, then undoes her jacket [23:54] &lt;gm_t> “tea or other drinks madame…sir?”
[23:55] <victoire> "Tea would be amazing, Johnathan
[23:55] <gm_t> He waits for Heylin to come in before closing the door. [23:55] * Victoire looks around for the princess and the Lady [23:56] * Heylin looks down the hallway seeing if anything is watching them [23:56] &lt;gm_t> In a room by the fireplace, they seem to be talking, even as the fans are out…
[23:56] <victoire> ((talking and talking))
[23:56] <gm_t> "sir..." as Johnathan looks at the dog. [23:57] &lt;gm_t> “something followed you”
[23:57] <heylin> "Oh ya i have to take him to the bath
[23:57] <victoire> “More like the stables.”
[23:57] <gm_t> There seems to be a stare down between Johnthan and the dog. [23:57] &lt;gm_t> “sir…I would agree with Ms. Victoire.”
[23:58] <gm_t> The dog raises a lip at Johnathan [23:58] &lt;heylin> "you are going to loose this one pup.  this is his home." [23:58] &lt;gm_t> The dog’s eyes slide towards Heylin, along with a look that says, ‘really dad? I can look cute…’
[23:59] <heylin> “johnathon can you get some hot water brought to the stables please.”
[23:59] <gm_t> "sir..." as it is very clear that Johnathan is not too pleased at the dog in the house. [00:00] * Heylin will head to the stables." [00:00] &lt;gm_t> He turns and walks away towards and past the women, which caused them to glance over
[00:01] * Victoire walks in to the room with the Princess, “Princess, Lady Jamais.”
[00:01] <victoire> ((i think thats it yes?))
[00:01] <gm_t> (yes) [00:02] &lt;gm_t> The princess nods, even as Lady Jamais smiles.
[00:02] <heylin> “have fun Vict as he walks away,”
[00:02] <gm_t> There is a raised eyebrow from Jamais on that one. [00:02] * Heylin wrestles with the dogs head as he walks down the hallway [00:02] &lt;gm_t> There are some playful nibbles and growls.
[00:03] * Victoire gestures to the hearth, “May I? I have news, and a request brought to us.”
[00:03] <victoire> ((the head as big as your leg))
[00:04] <gm_t> Ysabette nods, even as Johnathan comes back with tea.  "The water will take some time for the bath for that..." [00:04] &lt;gm_t> “That?” as Ysabette looks over, “what are you talking about?”
[00:04] <gm_t> Lady Jamais smiles, "I think your musketeer was going to enlighten us..." [00:04] &lt;victoire> "Heylin found himself a dog. Four of them attacked us as we walked in the street. He naturally befriended one." [00:05] &lt;victoire> "Although in honesty the dog is probably my size." [00:06] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette’s eyes widen.  
[00:06] <gm_t> "is that wise?  Taking an animal off the street?" comes from Lady Jamis, her voice concerned. [00:06] * Victoire sits down pulling her boots off, "To Heylin? It is nothing more than a friend from the farm." [00:07] &lt;victoire> "They seem to understand one another." [00:07] &lt;victoire> "I am certain they will both find each other very loyal allies.' [00:07] &lt;gm_t> Johnathan pours the water into the cup with the device to steep the leaves.  "honey, sugar or cream?"
[00:08] <gm_t> The dog pulls back on your sleeve Heylin [00:08] * Victoire starts to answer then changes, "Cream, a bit of sugar.' [00:08] &lt;victoire> "Make it honey." [00:08] &lt;gm_t> Its butt hits a desk, causing some stuff to fall off, causing a clatter.
[00:08] <gm_t> Johnathan winces at the sounds. [00:09] &lt;gm_t> “yes madame…” as he pours.
[00:09] <gm_t> "It sounds enormous..." as Ysabette seems ready to leave the chair to go look. [00:09] &lt;victoire> "See? It' slike having twin Heylins, although one is not so easy on the eyes." [00:09] &lt;victoire> "Larger than you, Princess." [00:09] &lt;heylin> "that is going to cost me buddy." as he piks up the items [00:09] &lt;victoire> "Boys will be boys..." [00:10] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette blushes, even as Lady Jamais smiles.  But then Ysabette gives Lady Jamais a wicked smile, “it’ll take a few more times for yours to catch up in the number of life saving events Lady Jamais…”
[00:11] * Victoire takes the tea from Johnathan in both hands holding it to warm herself and breathe deeply over it
[00:11] <gm_t> Lady James smiled, "a little cat-like your highness..." as the fan flicks shut, "but we'll keep working on that..." [00:12] &lt;victoire> "So if I may...?" [00:12] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette nods, “though a prince from one of the Italian provinces is good…” and then she nods towards Victoire.
[00:13] <gm_t> "thank you your highness...I did not recognize him until he saved me from the revolutionaries..." [00:13] &lt;gm_t> “my apologies” Lady Jamais states to Victoire, “please…continue with your news”
[00:14] <victoire> “The cardinal, here, has asked myself and Heylin to go back to France, to free some of the clergy being held on an island.”
[00:14] * Victoire sips her tea, not really enjoying the cream and honey, but needing to do something
[00:14] <victoire> “Some island prison, or some such.”
[00:15] <gm_t> Ysabette looks puzzled, but Lady Jamais speaks.  "Did she say why you were chosen?" [00:15] &lt;victoire> "We speak the language, and our "particular skillsets" [00:15] &lt;victoire> "Although how she would even begin to know, is between her and God." [00:15] * Heylin heaves the dog into the horse trough as he goes into it also [00:15] &lt;victoire> ha! [00:16] &lt;heylin> ((splash)) [00:16] &lt;victoire> ((not the trough! don't eat the trough!)) [00:16] &lt;gm_t> There is a loud howl as if in pain and whining/whimpering.
[00:16] <gm_t> "oh that poor beast..." ysabette starts to get up. [00:16] &lt;victoire> "Not sure if that is the dog or Heylin..." [00:16] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais smiles, “perhaps Heylin is also getting a bath as well?”"
[00:17] <gm_t> "So your highness, what do you think?  Or more importantly, what questions should you ask?" Lady Jamais then brings up. [00:18] &lt;victoire> "We of course said no, we are your protectors. But then she said you would be well cared for and looked after... and that the Church could prove to be a powerful ally..." [00:18] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette looks at Jamais, eyebrows furrowing, even as Lady Jamais taps her on the hand, “bad habit your highness, you are showing that you are thinking.  You must keep a masque on your face of what is shown above the fan”
[00:20] <heylin> (splash….splash “sit down.”
[00:20] <victoire> “The Church would be indebted to you, were Heylin and I to agree; so I said we would bring it to you, and let you make the decision.”
[00:20] <gm_t> Ysabette is slightly surprised by the motion (which clearly did not hurt), "yes lady jamais...I should have asked what will come for France...and what would be protection?" [00:21] * Victoire looks at Ysabette's aura to see how her injuries are over her tea cup as she sips [00:21] &lt;gm_t> “I am sorry for my interruptions…” Lady Jamais apologizes to Victoire, “I am trying to get her highness to think a little bit beyond the …up front…”
[00:22] <gm_t> Ysabette's back seems to be sore, and not as black/blue as earlier...but it'll take a few days to get over. [00:22] &lt;victoire> "No need to apologize Lady. We are her only source of advisors, and neither Heylin nor I are qualified for affairs of state.' [00:22] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais nods, “those are good questions your highness…and ones that the musketeer has answered, with the exception of protection…”
[00:23] <victoire> ((I don’t remember if she said who / what would be the protection, of it would just be provided))
[00:23] <gm_t> She looks at Victoire and smiles, "I offer what little I know...but I know more than her highness in many areas as she was not encouraged to be in court often by her father." [00:23] &lt;gm_t> (she mentioned the German warrior)
[00:23] <gm_t> (Lyse) [00:24] &lt;victoire> ((ah yes)) [00:24] &lt;gm_t> The dog tries to grab at your hand and tug you in as well Heylin…
[00:24] <gm_t> And you are definitely getting soaked, even as Johnathan comes over with more water. [00:25] &lt;victoire> "The cardinal has promised a German warrior, Lyse. We met her with the other Musketeers; she and Aramis seemed to trust one another." [00:25] * Heylin scrubs the dogs coat [00:25] * Heylin smiling [00:25] &lt;victoire> ((drown out them fleas and ticks!)) [00:26] &lt;heylin> "can you go get some lye soap also Johnathon this dirty dog is going to need it [00:26] &lt;victoire> "I spoke with her briefly one eve. My impression is she is of her word." [00:26] &lt;victoire> "I trust her more than the Church at least..." [00:27] &lt;gm_t> There are a few spots that Heylin sees the dog flinch or get ready to snap at him on…
[00:27] <gm_t> "yes sir..." as Johnathan keeps his distance and goes to get the soap. [00:27] &lt;victoire> ((poor dog)) [00:28] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais looks at Ysabette, and waits.
[00:29] <gm_t> "so there is trust between her and one of my father's former musketeers...but is she good in a fight my musketeer?  And do you think she and I will be able to do things?" [00:30] &lt;gm_t> There is some barking and a massive splash…
[00:31] <gm_t> The dog looks at Heylin and tries to go on his two hind legs and get his weight on Heylin's to pull him over into the water. [00:31] &lt;gm_t> (as Heylin may be bending over)

0:31] <gm_t> The dog looks at Heylin and tries to go on his two hind legs and get his weight on Heylin's to pull him over into the water. [00:31] &lt;gm_t> (as Heylin may be bending over)
[00:33] <heylin> “get in the water……”  we are not done yet."
[00:34] <gm_t> (this is where he barks) [00:34] &lt;victoire> "I know she is good in a fight, and she will give her life for you. But what things do you mean?" [00:35] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette nods, and seems to struggle, “I am a princess and am accustomed to getting my way,” and then she amends, “with most people…but those who I do not, know how to help me see what should be done or choice made”
[00:37] <gm_t> She looks towards Jamais, who then says, "her highness is curious of she will be able to listen and advise her highness in a way similar to yours or Heylin's.  Some bodyguards are sometimes...sycophants..." [00:37] &lt;gm_t> “Others may see her as a 9 year old and not to be listened to as they are adult and she is a child”
[00:38] * Heylin grabs the soap and a handfull of straw “you are really not going to like this.”
[00:38] * Heylin  starts scrubbing
[00:39] <victoire> “That I do not know. I know it will not be the same as what you share with Heylin and I.”
[00:40] <victoire> “I cannot speak to her advisor ability: I only shared a half meal with her. But Aramis had a history with her, so she is one of few I would consider.”
[00:40] <gm_t> Lady Jamais looks at Victoire, "and Aramis trusted her, as do you?" [00:43] &lt;gm_t> The dog howls a bit and struggles, splashing Heylin further as well as some accidental scratchings with his claws
[00:44] <victoire> “I do.”
[00:45] <heylin> “johnathon can you get the horse brush off the post over there? please.”
[00:46] <gm_t> Johnathan moves over and gets the brush, and edges slowly towards Heylin, offering the brush, his eyes and the dogs still locked. [00:47] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette says quietly, “so the church is willing to help…in the future…by having me send my two bodyguards, and leaving me one who is not of France?”
[00:48] <gm_t> Lady Jamais nods, "good thoughts your highness, though given what we just saw of our countrymen, having a guard not of France may not be a bad thing..." [00:52] &lt;gm_t> “What would you suggest my musketeer?”
[00:54] <victoire> "I cannot speak for you. But it seems that  this is a safer place than we have been in a long time.’
[00:55] <victoire> “I worry about things aside from the Church- such as the witches that left you marks.”
[00:56] <victoire> “I do not know if Lyse can help with that, but i do know she knew of magics.”
[00:57] <victoire> “My first choice would be us; but you will need allies and a Cardinal can prove formidable as your Father found out. Why not work with them as allies?”
[00:58] <victoire> “If rebuilding France requires my services to be elsewhere than with you, i am willing; but my first choice is always you. including over France.”
[00:59] <gm_t> Nodding, Ysabette pulls up her fan, even as Lady Jamais' voice speaks up, "that seems logical your highness, though what can be said of your musketeers disappearing should it be asked?" [01:00] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette nods, “I agree with my musketeer…though it sounds like this task is one that the church does not necessarily want known, correct mademoiselle?”
[01:00] <victoire> “I am certain not- which is why they asked outside their rank and file, came to you and us.”
[01:02] <gm_t> "Is there a way to hide your disappearance?" [01:02] &lt;heylin> ((((SPLASH)))) [01:06] &lt;gm_t> The dog continues to move and does the shake…
[01:06] <gm_t> Which gets Johnathan fairly wet, causing him to actually crack (and curse) [01:07] * Heylin burst out laughing [01:08] * Heylin now starts brushing the dog [01:08] &lt;gm_t> (there victoire?)
[01:11] <victoire> yes
[01:12] <gm_t> (basically she's curious how to hide the fact you guys are gone...) [01:13] * Victoire puts her cup down, "Any number of reasons I suppose. Perhaps to link up with one of your sisters is simplest." [01:14] &lt;gm_t> She nods, “that will work well”
[01:16] <gm_t> "So when will you speak with the cardinal about accepting this task?" - Ysabette asks. [01:17] &lt;gm_t> The dog does a quick shake once Heylin is ALMOST done, and stands their, tongue hanging out.
[01:18] <heylin> "couldnt wait 20 seconds could you…..now i hae to brush tou again,
[01:18] <victoire> “When you give us permission.”
[01:19] <gm_t> "very well...I shall give you permission, but you may leave in the morning." [01:19] &lt;victoire> "I should imagine tomorrow is fine. I don't think she is used to being said No to.' [01:20] &lt;victoire> "Though in fairness, she seems very much better than the one we knew." [01:22] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais nods, “that is not difficult with Cardinal Richelieu…”

<gm_t>  &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais nods, “that is not difficult with Cardinal Richelieu…”
[01:26] <gm_t> Meanwhile the dog seems to be done, even as Heylin and Johnathan were both drenched. [01:27] &lt;heylin> "thank you John." [01:28] &lt;gm_t> “yes sir…” as it is clear that he is glaring at the dog, whose lips were parted back (in a weird form of ‘smile’) as it panted.
[01:29] * Heylin scratches his ears and messes Johnatons hair also at the same time."
[01:29] <victoire> “True. But I didn’t feel as if there was an ulterior motive. Just someone she values being held by revolutionaries.”
[01:30] <victoire> “Now if her goal is to rid England of us, and we will be met or expected at the prison… Then we have all learned a valuable lesson.”
[01:31] <gm_t> "Well...if that should happen, we know one ally that would try to save at least one of us" Ysabette stated slyly at Jamais, who nodded with a "better your highness" [01:32] &lt;gm_t> “I shall get us dry clothes sir” as he bows with a small smile and leaves.
[01:32] * Victoire gets up and goes to pour more tea, “I sensed no darkness from her, so I do not expect it.”
[01:35] <gm_t> "Very well then..." as Ysabette thinks about it for a few moments, "when you go to the cardinal tomorrow, should I go as well, to meet her and my temporary protector?" [01:35] * Heylin will rough house with the dog in the stables as well as clean out the trough [01:37] &lt;victoire> "I think you should. It would give you a chance to get an impression, and say you've changed your mind if you feel something untoward." [01:38] * Heylin will head back tot he room [01:39] * Victoire settles back by the hearth with her tea [01:39] &lt;gm_t> The dog seems to follow and soon Heylin and the dog were at the doorway
[01:40] * Victoire looks at the now cleaned duo, “Have you named him yet? Aside from Horse.”
[01:40] <heylin> “pup.”
[01:41] <heylin> “nope.”
[01:41] <victoire> “That is no pup, but I suppose it is better than Horse.”
[01:41] <heylin> “so are we going back to France?”
[01:41] <victoire> “We will all go tomorrow to meet with Lyse, and the cardinal and give our answers.”
[01:43] <heylin> “nice.  ” will go sit at the hearth in front of the fire
[01:43] <gm_t> Ysabette looks at the dog, "that is ...HUGE..." [01:43] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais flicks her fan slightly, “be careful your highness.”
[01:43] <heylin> “isn’t he?”
[01:44] * Victoire scoots aside, then gets up as the dog wanders in, scratching his ears, “Warm up there, boy. I am going to change, if you will excuse me?”
[01:44] * Victoire walks around the beast then heads upstairs
[01:45] <victoire> ((It’s night time yes?))
[01:46] <gm_t> (yes it's nighttime) [01:46] &lt;gm_t> The dog plops down and then rolls on the side, allowing his belly to warm up by the fire.
[01:46] * Victoire changes into her night gown then sits down at the mirror to think and brush her hair
[01:48] <victoire> "Wish you were here, Shi; I hate being the sensible one…



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