Next day (after cardinal meeting)

<victoire> first in the morning after the princess is up
[23:00] <heylin> yep [23:00] &lt;gm_t> (anything you guys want to do the rest of the night?) [23:01] &lt;gm_t> (as she will probably be ready to go back to sleep after interviewing/discussing things with you.) [23:02] &lt;victoire> ((nothing special, rest for a change)) [23:04] &lt;heylin> ((curl up next to the fire and start sleeping))
[23:04] <heylin> who needs a bed [23:04] &lt;gm_t> (ok...blip...next day) [23:05] &lt;gm_t> Morning comes and Johnathan is once again up early and you can hear the cooking of breakfast (sausage/eggs/the smell of tea) [23:07] &lt;heylin> “mmmmmmmm.”
[23:07] * Victoire gets up and cleans up then dresses and heads to the princess room to get her ready
[23:08] <gm_t> Though she has started to adjust to non-French life (and wake up times of her musketeers), it is difficult to get the full ‘royal’ out of the young girl and she is NOT easily stirred from bed, especially considering the late evening discussion.
[23:09] * Victoire will let her sleep a bit longer then, closing the door quietly
[23:10] <heylin> "not up yet huh?" [23:10] &lt;victoire> "No.She has had quite the few days of it." [23:11] &lt;heylin> "gonna get more interesting if her only protectors are gone for any lenght of time
[23:11] <victoire> “Yes, and that still bothers me.”
[23:12] * Heylin chuckles “really?”
[23:12] <victoire> “Not that I don’t think Lyse can do it.”
[23:12] <gm_t> Johnathan brings over a heaping plate of protein for Heylin and a steaming mug of tea for Victoire.
[23:13] * Heylin starts the soveling
[23:13] <victoire> “Thank you Johnathan.”
[23:13] <heylin> shoveling [23:13] * Victoire takes an egg and a biscuit, after sipping her tea [23:13] &lt;heylin> “mannnk ouuu.”
[23:14] * Heylin shoves more in before the rest is down his gullet
[23:14] <gm_t> He bows “should I make more?”
[23:15] <heylin> "don't know when i am going to get a good meal next." [23:15] &lt;victoire> "So long is there is some left for the Princess." [23:15] &lt;victoire> ((brb)) [23:15] &lt;gm_t> "what would you like to drink sir?" [23:16] &lt;gm_t> Johnathan nods, "her highness has different tastes in breakfast madame...her meal is currently resting..." [23:17] &lt;heylin> “more eggs and sausage would be a good drink.” smiling “tea i guess in need to learn to drink this stuff,”
[23:18] <gm_t> He nods, turning and after taking the plate, moves to get more food for Heylin
[23:20] <gm_t> After a little period of time, he returns with more food and a steaming mug of tea.
[23:20] <gm_t> “There you are sir…”
[23:20] <heylin> "thank you Jon." [23:22] &lt;victoire> ((back)) [23:22] &lt;gm_t> "yes sir...and madame?" [23:23] &lt;victoire> "This is fine Johnathan, thank you." [23:23] &lt;heylin> "jon……it seems we may be away for a while.  you will need to do your best at helping Ysebette
[23:23] <gm_t> “very well…I shall be finishing powdering her highness tortes”
[23:24] * Heylin hands him one of his daggers and its sheath
[23:24] <victoire> "That is not breakfast. Make sure she gets some eggs as well.’
[23:24] <gm_t> He stops in mid turn and looks at them, “of course madame…that will always be expected of me”
[23:24] <heylin> "as well as being a silent protector." [23:25] &lt;gm_t> There is a slight crease in his expression, "a servants job is not to speak up and to serve, even in protection..." [23:26] &lt;gm_t> He looks at the dagger, "sir...you have not realized yet, have you..." [23:26] &lt;heylin> “I did not mean not to talk, but nobody will expect you as knowing how to protect her if it comes to that.”
[23:26] <victoire> “He means unseen, an unknown.”
[23:26] <gm_t> He nods, “servants usually are…”
[23:26] <heylin> "your umbrella is your weapon of choice [23:27] &lt;gm_t> He goes to his umbrella, and then twists it slightly... [23:27] &lt;gm_t> A long thin blade is pulled out. [23:27] &lt;gm_t> "my father and his father's father have long used the umbrella...and the hidden blade..." [23:27] &lt;gm_t> "to protect our lords...or ladies..." [23:27] &lt;victoire> "Good on you." [23:28] &lt;victoire> "We will be relying even more on you as we're away; and worry for you both." [23:28] &lt;heylin> “then place this behind the door like i have many nights here…just in case you don’t have your umbrella.”
[23:28] <gm_t> He ‘resheathes’ the blade which clicks.  "yes sir…" as he nods.
[23:29] <gm_t> Johnathan takes the dagger.
[23:29] <heylin> "a gift from me to you.  i hope you never have to pull it in her defence." [23:29] &lt;heylin> ((BOC))
[23:29] <gm_t> “Thank you sir…” as he gives a slight bow, “I am to presume that there will be others in your steads watching?”
[23:30] <victoire> “Just one from the Church.”
[23:30] <heylin> "i will get word to Angus also and his daughter if they would help." [23:31] &lt;gm_t> Johnathan looks at Heylin, "sir if I may?" [23:31] &lt;heylin> “if it is not against their protocal.”
[23:32] <gm_t> “you may have to request Captain Angus from lord Buckingham…though his daughter is not within his lord’s direct control, right now.”
[23:33] <heylin> "Alise and Megan.........that could be interesting...." laughing hardely [23:33] &lt;gm_t> (holy crap...that was better than I thought it would be - frozen red curry dish...and now some coffee) [23:34] &lt;heylin> “two berserker women….protectin a foregin princess……Oh my god….”
[23:35] <gm_t> Johnathan looks a little concerned at that, “and who is this woman from the church?  What is she like?”
[23:35] <gm_t> He actually starts to take a sip of some tea.
[23:36] <gm_t> (that’s a winning combo…holy crap, the coffee just tops it off…damn)
[23:36] <heylin> "and they all though i was crazy....now they will know it to be true." [23:36] &lt;victoire> "She is Prussian (I believe), a friend of the Musketeers that trained us." [23:36] &lt;gm_t> (first time I've heated anything 7 minutes at full power in a microwave...according to directions) [23:36] &lt;gm_t> The young man coughs slightly. [23:37] &lt;gm_t> "so...pardon madame...sir..." [23:37] &lt;gm_t> "you are entrusting a delicate French princess to a Prussian and Scottish berserking women?" [23:38] &lt;victoire> "Now you understand my concern." [23:38] &lt;gm_t> He says it incredulously and is probably the first time that his voice even echoes the REMOTEST amount of surprise and worry [23:38] &lt;gm_t> "whose going to protect them from her?" [23:38] &lt;heylin> “sorry to say they probably are 2 of the 5 people i trust in this country.”
[23:39] <gm_t> (grins)
[23:39] <victoire> “Hopefully the Lady Jamais.”
[23:40] <gm_t> Relief does appear on his face, “thank you madame…I had forgotten about Lady Jamais”
[23:43] <heylin> ((DIO rainbow in the dark)) [23:43] &lt;gm_t> Nodding, "I need to get her highness breakfast ready, she should start stirring within five minutes" [23:44] * Victoire will finish her tea and go back upstairs to get her ready [23:46] &lt;gm_t> And as if on queue...five minutes pass and there is stirring from her highness, Ysabette's room. [23:46] * Victoire will knock lightly and enter [23:46] &lt;gm_t> The princess is attempting to get up on her own (which is a first) [23:47] &lt;victoire> "Good morning, Princess. Did you sleep well?" [23:48] &lt;gm_t> "yes..." as she tried to smile, her hair just a bustle of chaos, "and no...excited my musketeer and scared" [23:48] &lt;victoire> "As am I.' [23:49] * Victoire will begin straightening the bed, then gesture for the Princess to come sit at the dressing table [23:51] &lt;gm_t> She starts to get up and pulls a robe tighter before moving to the dressing table. [23:53] &lt;gm_t> "How is the delicate flower of France to dress on this occasion?"  It seems frivolous but her voice was quite serious. [23:54] &lt;gm_t> "am I to be the noble with wealth but a displaced country, or something far more...muted...bordering towards the lower nobles...as I will be meeting a person high in the church as well as a warrior of the church?" [23:54] &lt;gm_t> ---- [23:54] * Heylin looks for something heavy downstairs to start lifting for a quick workout and to work off som nervous energy [23:54] &lt;gm_t> (there are some pieces of furniture...heavy wood based items) [23:55] &lt;gm_t> (laugh said it as I was typing) [23:56] * Heylin picks up the first and biggest English oak chair and starts a small workout [23:58] &lt;gm_t> It's solid and very heavy oak chair.... [23:58] &lt;gm_t> "sir...why are you picking something up and then just putting it down?" [23:58] &lt;gm_t> (from Johnathan) [23:59] &lt;gm_t> (btw, she was actually asking victoires opinion) [00:00] * Victoire will begin combing her hair out, "Something conservative." [00:00] &lt;heylin> “i need to get stronger Johnathan.”
[00:01] <heylin> "i am decently quick....not like Vict but for my size i am ok....i can never get strong enough though." [00:01] &lt;gm_t> He nods and watches..."water sir?" [00:02] &lt;heylin> “when i am done and a wet towel would be good.”
[00:02] <gm_t> She looks over towards her dresses, “I agree mademoiselle…though I was almost tempted to shock the court and go in pants and blouse…”
[00:02] * Heylin now looks at a smaller table
[00:02] * Heylin cleans off the top puttint the items down carefully
[00:03] * Heylin puts it on his back and starts doing squats with it.
[00:03] <victoire> “This is the Church, and that would not be wise to shock them. We need to make them ally’s, share their beliefs, their moors.”
[00:03] <heylin> "ughfff." [00:05] &lt;gm_t> She looks at Victoire, "oui my musketeer" as there is a slight sparkle to her eyes, "I said tempted...but yes, you are again wise with your advice.  And that is why I look to you and Monsieur as advisors..." [00:06] &lt;gm_t> Almost whimsically, "so what political position would you like should my sister regain the throne?  I am sure that she'd listen to some of what I suggest, especially if the alliance with the church proves fruitful" [00:06] * Victoire laughs, "None my Princess. I am not one for politics." [00:08] &lt;gm_t> "very well then...baroness for you and baron for Heylin?" as she smiled, "though not sure someone who has threatened to spank my person would be a good fit in court." [00:09] &lt;victoire> "Not even slightly, but it would make court very different." [00:09] &lt;gm_t> She seemed  to smile at the 'in court', her hand reaching to the fan. [00:10] &lt;gm_t> "when you get back, I shall have to teach you and Heylin about the fans..." as she snaps the fan open, and then shut.  "There are many messages that can be conveyed through the fan..." [00:10] &lt;gm_t> ---- [00:10] * Heylin gets to where he knows he only has two more in his legs and does four more [00:10] &lt;gm_t> "Milord..." as Johnathan waits for Heylin to finish, "may I give a suggestion to you to convey upon her highness?" [00:10] * Heylin tries not to break the table when he puts it down [00:11] &lt;heylin> “yes Johnathan.   what is that?”
[00:11] <heylin> "first the water [00:12] * gm_t pours some water. [00:13] * Heylin will put the stuff back on the table [00:14] &lt;gm_t> "her highness with the fan..." as he readies the drink.  "In France it is used in one manner, a different..." as he coughs, "class of individual uses it here.  The Prussian warrior may be able to not say something but the Scottish woman..." [00:14] &lt;gm_t> ---- [00:14] &lt;gm_t> (yes, the timing is meant to be perfect in synch like that) [00:15] &lt;heylin> “yoiu think Megan can talk with the fans?”
[00:15] <heylin> "hmmmm?" [00:16] &lt;gm_t> "no..." as he starts to look flustered. [00:17] &lt;gm_t> "I mean a very unroyal and not proper class of woman and profession tends to use fans here in England...but it is mimicked far more outside of this court." [00:17] &lt;gm_t> "And the Scottish woman may comment on it..." [00:18] &lt;heylin> “you mean the ones on the street corners?”
[00:19] <heylin> "megan is a lot like me she says what she thinks..." [00:20] &lt;heylin> “or before she thinks  is a better word.”
[00:20] <heylin> "definitly like me on that account." [00:20] &lt;gm_t> "yes milord..." as he nods, "not as much the Scottish as they tend not to speak of such women and such, but the Irish women of ill repute as do English, do use them excessively" [00:20] &lt;gm_t> He then adds, quickly, "so I hear" [00:20] &lt;gm_t> ---- [00:20] &lt;gm_t> Victoire helps finish up dressing the princess. [00:21] * Victoire will head downstairs with her and let her get some breakfast [00:22] &lt;heylin> “well the first one who says Ysebette is like a woman of ill repute.  netter wish to whatever god they pray to i am in a different country.”
[00:22] <heylin> Better [00:23] &lt;heylin> “and if i am in a differnet country they will have a headstart that they better make good use of.”
[00:23] <gm_t> “yes milord but…” as he is a little fluttered, “the Scottish woman”
[00:23] <gm_t> And he turns to see her highness, “your highness” as he bows, following with ‘Madame"
[00:24] <gm_t> Victoire will see that Johnathan’s young face is slightly red.
[00:24] <heylin> "if she does we will see if the Sidhe do favor her as well as they say." [00:26] &lt;heylin> “little one are you finally up and moving?  how do you feel?”
[00:26] <gm_t> “yes milord…” as he does a quick bow.
[00:26] <gm_t> Johnathan shuffles away.
[00:26] * Victoire looks to the boy, then walks with him to go get more tea
[00:27] <gm_t> “excited …” she says, “though I will miss my musketeers..” as she looks at Heylin in his eyes.
[00:27] <victoire> “What is your concern, Johnathan, and you may always speak freely with myself and Heylin.”
[00:27] <gm_t> He looks a bit flustered, “I am sorry madame..I was being silly…”
[00:28] <victoire> “If you speak from your heart and have concerns it is never silly.”
[00:28] <heylin> "you will be fine ....you need to learn from others as well as Vict and me.....you do not want to know how to throw hay in the barn my princess." [00:29] &lt;heylin> “or most of the other things I am good at Ysebette.”
[00:30] <gm_t> “it is about the fan madame..” he says quietly.  "here in court where the French are known, it is seen as one way…but those who are not around court much, will see …" as his face turns bright red, “another type of woman of a different class…use it.  I was concerned that her highness use of the fan may be commented upon”
[00:30] <heylin> "and if anything happens to you here....there might be another war between France and England.....at least on of France." [00:30] &lt;gm_t> "especially by the Scottish woman who, as sir noted, speaks her mind..." [00:31] &lt;gm_t> She looks at Heylin, "I'm going to miss you..." as she whimsically adds, "who else would threaten to spank my royal bottom when I misbehave?" [00:32] &lt;heylin> “you misbhave while i am gone it will not be a threat…..it will be a fact.”
[00:32] <gm_t> Ysabette actually looks sad.
[00:32] * Heylin will give her a kiss on the forehead
[00:33] <gm_t> “Let’s eat breakfast…before I change my mind…”
[00:33] <heylin> "more food nice." [00:33] &lt;heylin> “you will do fine.” quietly
[00:34] <heylin> ((FreeBird....i win)) [00:35] &lt;gm_t> She goes to the meal table to find her food.  Ysabette pokes the egg, and adds a large amount of salt to it. [00:36] &lt;gm_t> (after cracking it of course) [00:36] &lt;victoire> "I will speak to her about the fan outside of Court - in public. Would that help?" [00:39] &lt;gm_t> "thank you madame...hopefully miss Meghan will not mention anything" [00:39] &lt;victoire> "I'm sure the princess will correct her if so." [00:41] &lt;gm_t> He nods, "thank you madame..." [00:41] &lt;gm_t> "I need to bring this water to sir...he was working out earlier" [00:41] * Victoire nods [00:41] &lt;gm_t> Grabbing a mug, he makes his way back to the table, a bit more relaxed after his talk with Victoire. [00:42] &lt;gm_t> She eats the egg and then drinks a substantial amount of water [00:43] &lt;gm_t> "Here sir..." as Johnathan puts down the mug of water. [00:44] &lt;heylin> "thank you Johnathan
[00:46] * Heylin slides the table a little bit “that is better.”
[00:47] * Victoire wanders back out, sipping her tea
[00:47] <gm_t> “Is there anything that needs to be packed for your journey?”
[00:48] <victoire> "I should leave most of my things here, so I will pack a few changes of clothes and leave the rest in my trunk
[00:49] <gm_t> Johnathan nods, “and sir?” as he looks at Heylin
[00:50] <heylin> "probably a couple changes of clothes.  as well as my farm clothes." [00:51] &lt;heylin> “Vict do you have anything that can pay off the guards if need be.  i have a little.”
[00:52] <victoire> “Not a lot, but some yes.”
[00:53] <heylin> "i really don't want any money that has been in the church if we are going to where magical beings might be able to sence that." [00:53] &lt;gm_t> The princess looks at the others, "how much do you need?" [00:53] &lt;victoire> "I'm sure the Church will fund the necessities." [00:54] &lt;gm_t> "But I thought you did not want money from a church..." [00:54] &lt;victoire> "I do not, but it is their mission. [00:54] &lt;heylin> "for pay offs that is different
[00:55] <victoire> “I’m sure we can find what we need.”
[00:55] <victoire> "You need to keep the monies you have, Princess, but thank you.’
[00:57] <gm_t> Her eyes hard, “know that if there is anything that you need, and I can provide…I WILL provide it to you my musketeers”
[00:58] <heylin> "you WILL provide for yourself while we are gone.  we have certain skills that will make it so we can find what we will need." [00:58] &lt;heylin> “understand Little one.”
[00:59] * Heylin looking straight into her eyes
[00:59] <victoire> “We ready?”
[01:00] <gm_t> "Oui, " as she looks at Heylin, something akin to a clash of wills, but she doesn’t say anything
[01:01] <heylin> "let's go." [01:01] * Victoire gathers her blade and hat, opening the door and checking outside [01:02] &lt;gm_t> It's a drizzly day in England... [01:02] &lt;gm_t> "I can alert for a carriage to be brought.." Johnathan volunteers. [01:02] &lt;victoire> "We'll be needing your umbrella Johnathan." [01:04] &lt;gm_t> "Here..." as he goes to get another umbrella, one that is far fancier, "this would be more appropriate for her highness" [01:05] * Victoire takes it and opens it, "Yes please Johnathan, the carriage would be great." [01:06] &lt;gm_t> Quickly, he opens up his own umbrella, and moves out to get the carriage... [01:07] &lt;gm_t> Within a few minutes, a carriage arrives and Johnathan scampers back to the door, holding out his umbrella to provide cover for the others. [01:08] * Victoire goes to open the carriage door for the princess holding out the umbrella for her [01:09] &lt;gm_t> She walks over, a stately pace (again mimicking that of Elaine) [01:11] &lt;heylin> “well this should be fun.”
[01:12] <gm_t> After being told where to go, the carriage makes its way to the same place as you had met the cardinal the prior evening
[01:13] * Victoire will get out and hold the umbrella again, allowing the Princess to get out and to the Church
[01:15] <gm_t> The princess makes her way to the building, and as she was about to knock, the door opens, revealing a clergyman standing.
[01:16] * Victoire waits for her to enter
[01:18] <gm_t> She looks at Heylin and then enters in, and waits.
[01:18] * Heylin will follow
[01:20] <gm_t> Once inside, the clergyman nods for you to follow, and walks slowly to a closed door, and knocks.
[01:20] <gm_t> The door opens, with the cardinal limping over towards the group.
[01:21] * Victoire walks at the end of the procession, then waits patiently
[01:22] <gm_t> Inside is Lyse, standing beside an Italian couple.
[01:23] <gm_t> Ysabette looks up, and gasps, even allowing a ‘squee’ of delight to come out
[01:24] <gm_t> The couple, who had seemed to be arguing, stop and smile at Ysabette.
[01:24] <gm_t> (roll perception folks)
[01:24] * Victoire looks at the couple
[01:25] * Heylin stands between Elise and Ysebette
[01:25] <victoire> 19
[01:26] <heylin> 15 [01:26] &lt;gm_t> There seem to be some similar features between the man and Ysabette [01:28] &lt;gm_t> "Cousin Marcello" as she runs over to hug him. [01:29] &lt;gm_t> He smiles, even as the woman gives a bigger smile.  The woman looks VERY much like the classic Sicilian look (olive skin, big smile, long black hair) [01:29] * Victoire remains quiet, noting the name [01:29] &lt;gm_t> "Sophia!" as she grunts it out after a fierce hug. [01:29] == Heylin [webchatc-73-109-140-145.hsd1.wa.comcast.net]
[01:29] ==  realname : http://webchat.quakenet.org
[01:29] ==  channels : #myst_lab [01:29] ==  server   : *.quakenet.org [QuakeNet IRC Server] [01:29] == End of WHOIS [01:30] &lt;gm_t> Both of you see an object clatter to the ground, it had been hanging on the woman's head. [01:30] * Victoire moves to go pick it up [01:31] * Victoire hands it back to the woman [01:32] &lt;gm_t> "Graci" she says. [01:32] &lt;gm_t> "It appears that her highness know the individuals who will help bring you to the island..." [01:33] &lt;victoire> "It- what?" [01:33] &lt;gm_t> "should you accept the mission that we spoke about last night" [01:34] &lt;gm_t> (sorry,, almost goofed that up there...she wouldn't have known you would have accepted) [01:36] &lt;victoire> "We have discussed it with the Princess, and she wanted to come here in person before rendering her decision." [01:37] &lt;gm_t> The princess tries to recover, "these are my uncle's son and his wife."  The man bows his head slightly, giving an air of some superiority (aka nobility) while the woman nods, and gives a bow. [01:38] * Victoire bows to each [01:38] &lt;gm_t> There is a slight clitter clatter on the woman as she does so, like glass. [01:38] * Heylin looks at them both [01:38] &lt;gm_t> "You didn't again, did you?" the man says accusingly [01:39] &lt;gm_t> "of course I always bring...always be prepared, eh?  or do you want me to go, oh save me save me, huh?" as she starts to raise her voice. [01:39] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette tries very hard not to giggle. [01:39] &lt;gm_t> "it is a part of my job being your husband you know..." [01:40] &lt;gm_t> "Oh will you stop, I am not some mistress who go like a leech and hang on you to help ...someone try to go for me, I cut him or make him melt..." [01:40] &lt;gm_t> "what you give him some of your cooking again?" [01:40] &lt;gm_t> "You!" [01:40] &lt;gm_t> as the cardinal coughs, which causes the two to stop arguing. [01:41] &lt;gm_t> They both look contrite at the cardinal. [01:41] * Victoire looks at the two, very confused [01:41] &lt;gm_t> Meanwhile, Heylin notices some movement to the side. [01:42] * Heylin draws his dagger quietly [01:42] &lt;gm_t> "Marcello is a nobleman in Italy..." Ysabette says, "he's very brave and smart..." [01:43] &lt;gm_t> "and he has some ships that he and his merchants sail...and Sophia...well..." [01:43] &lt;gm_t> "Go ahead child..." she says gently. [01:44] &lt;gm_t> "She likes to try to mix things and make things...she even went to the academy for two years...the first Italian woman to study." [01:45] &lt;gm_t> marcello mutters something... [01:45] &lt;gm_t> and Sofia gives him one nasty look that would melt steel [01:47] &lt;gm_t> Marcello then speaks up, "but with all that.." as his English is rather strong, but heavily accented, "my wife has come with some...inventions...that may help, especially in getting into the place you wish." [01:47] &lt;gm_t> Proudly, "she is quite brilliant that way...and lovely, eh?" [01:47] &lt;gm_t> She beams. [01:48] &lt;victoire> "Indeed." [01:50] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette collects herself, "yes, I do wish to have questions with the cardinal..." as she looks around, "but it appears we are crowded here."  Her eyes get hard, "perhaps a place where we can speak, and the truth has to be spoken..." [01:51] &lt;gm_t> The cardinal is taken aback slightly, even as Ysabette pushes, "in the church by the altar cardinal...even Richelieu did not dare to lie or cover the truth on the altar.  MY musketeers are placing their lives in danger, so I wish to make sure to understand what is occurring, and what they have earned for their valor should I " as there is emphasis on the 'I', "accept." [01:53] &lt;gm_t> The cardinal nods, "here" as she points towards a door that leads to the adjoining chapel, "we can enter that way while your musketeers stand guard here...and be within sight of us." [01:53] &lt;gm_t> (test) [01:53] &lt;gm_t> (almost done for tonight...promise) [01:54] &lt;heylin> “yo really think i anm going to let her go that far?”
[01:54] <gm_t> (it’ll be about 20 feet away)
[01:56] <gm_t> The cardinal looks at Heylin, “if you are going to go on the mission, then you will have to go further musketeer.”  Then she adds, “but I am not going to hurt the princess, though if you do not trust, then her cousin may accompany”
[01:56] <gm_t> “and she trusts him”
[01:56] <gm_t> (aka this is the area where the npc’s come to an agreement…;) )
[01:58] * Victoire watches them, leaning back against a column or wall
[01:58] <gm_t> The cardinal limps the twenty feet to a pew and sits down, struggling to lower herself down, even as her leg does not bend well.
[01:59] <gm_t> Ysabette looks at Heylin, “I shall be fine my musketeer…I have Marcello to help in case.”
[01:59] <gm_t> "and you can shoot her anyway if it gets bad, though " as she says this quietly, “that would be bad for your soul in a church…”
[02:00] <gm_t> “unless she deserves it” she then adds.
[02:00] * Heylin sits down and puts his feet up on whatever is in front of him
[02:01] <gm_t> They walk inside, leaving Lyse, Sofia, Heylin and Victoire in the room
[02:02] <gm_t> Sofia, who is wearing a big billowy dress, moves around and sits down, again some more clicking.
[02:03] <heylin> "what d you have in that dress maam?" [02:03] &lt;gm_t> She laughs, "you are very forward..." [02:03] &lt;heylin> “only when i see more knives on a Lady than i carry.”
[02:04] <heylin> "thaqt one is very nice though." looking at her leg [02:04] &lt;gm_t> "I have several bottles of things that will make people who try to hurt me or my husband not healthy, and other items for when I get ideas and need to write down" [02:04] &lt;gm_t> "Oh this one, " as she reveals more shapely leg, and a stiletto, "this was wedding gift from Marcello's former best man" [02:05] &lt;victoire> "Former?" [02:05] &lt;gm_t> "He met a better man...at least with dueling.." [02:05] &lt;victoire> "Ah, I see." [02:05] &lt;gm_t> (sorry, that is one of my better setups and lines in awhile) [02:06] &lt;gm_t> "Let's just say, you do not want to take and drink any vials I carry because most will not be good for you" [02:07] &lt;heylin> “oh so you know my sisters cooking.”
[02:07] <gm_t> She gives a glare, “he doesn’t know what he is talking about”
[02:07] <gm_t> “my cooking is quite good, he is just spoiled …”
[02:08] <gm_t> “but when I finish my experiment…he will not complain about my cooking…”
[02:08] <gm_t> She beams.
[02:09] <gm_t> “But that has to be put to the side since the cardinal needs us to do something important…”
[02:10] <gm_t> Lyse seems to be hovering near an object, not moving, her eyes looking around,d.
[02:11] <gm_t> “Would you believe that I was able to make something that will allow us to -
[02:11] <gm_t> and Ysabette comes back, her face neutral as does Marcello.
[02:13] <gm_t> The cardinal has a look of resignation (and a quirky smile), “I think that France will have very capable leaders in Ysabette and Anne.”
[02:14] <gm_t> Ysabette gives a non-repentant wink towards Heylin and Victoire.
[02:14] * Victoire shows a slight smile
[02:15] <gm_t> “I have agreed that my musketeers will be lent for the mission, but also know that I value their lives far more than archbishops, so if things look as if hopeless, that they would take any means to return safely.”
[02:17] <gm_t> Marcello looks at the others, “so let us talk about the is-” but the cardinal holds up her hand.
[02:18] <gm_t> “I would suggest you speak and plan on your ship when you leave.  It would be better that your plans would not be uttered here…”
[02:18] <victoire> “Agreed.”
[02:18] <gm_t> (Victoire/Heylin, you see the cardinal’s eyes meet with lyse who nods)
[02:19] <gm_t> “Lyse will be joining you on your return to her highness’ quarters…that way she can spend the day and evening getting accustomed to her highness schedule and her highness will learn of Lyse”
[02:22] <gm_t> “so the docks tomorrow morning at sunrise with the tide running out” Marcello looks at Heylin for an answer.
[02:22] <victoire> “Very good.”

<gm_t> He seems waiting for your answer, even as Sofia frowns.
[02:23] <gm_t> (at him)
[02:24] <heylin> "yes she has very nice legs." [02:24] &lt;gm_t> (at Marcello frowning) [02:24] * Heylin smiles [02:24] &lt;gm_t> "WHAT?!?" as his face starts to turn deep red. [02:25] &lt;gm_t> "What you saying?  I don't have nice legs?" as Sofia looks at him [02:25] * Heylin smiles and gets up to take Ysebette out [02:25] &lt;gm_t> "NO, he is looking at your legs, those are my legs"...and as soon as he said that, the argument REALLY began (as they were heading out of the house and towards their carriage) [02:26] &lt;gm_t> He opens the door for her, and they go from loud fighting to a highly passionate kiss. [02:27] * Victoire opens the door for the Princess to their carriage [02:27] &lt;heylin> “don’t ever let them know what you have in mind little one.  i am good at getting people  to not think about what they should hmmm?”
[02:27] <gm_t> She giggles.
[02:27] <victoire> ((fading here))
[02:28] <gm_t> (no probl…)
[02:28] <gm_t> Though she does seem to be watching the deep kiss.
[02:28] <gm_t> Ysabette then looks at Heylin…and then the kiss.
[02:28] <gm_t> Appraising, mentally, “yes, you are correct Monseiur”
[02:29] <gm_t> Lyse makes a motion towards you (both of you catch her motion) to speak to her to the side.
[02:31] <gm_t> (just want to finish with what Lyse was going to say to whoever talks to her, and then rap up for night)
[02:31] * Victoire walks over
[02:32] <gm_t> Lyse speaks quietly, “to let you know…mirrors are dangerous right now for her highness.”
[02:33] <victoire> “Do tell? I’ve had her in front of them every morning…”
[02:33] <gm_t> “Aramis has said that he has uncovered some sorcerers using them in France and striking at some of the nobility, especially those higher of rank.”
[02:35] <gm_t> “It reacts and interferes with Porte magic…but sorcerer of mirror magic can see into another mirror, some can even see past, present or future….and they can change what person who is cursed  sees in the mirror, affecting their mind”
[02:35] <gm_t> Shaking her head, “one duchess clawed her eyes out because she thought she was a hideous monster in any mirror she saw…”
[02:36] <victoire> “ok, so we’ll have johnathan remove the mirrors.”
[02:36] <victoire> “Jut after I told her she had nothing to fear from them.”
[02:37] <gm_t> She nods, “Aramis is trying to look into it more, but he and the others have been very busy trying to prevent a flood of blood and death in Paris”
[02:38] <gm_t> “Her father hated them because he was a porte user…and they interfered with his magic.  Her highness does not have that.”
[02:39] <gm_t> “The Duchess was purely revenge and not from the revolution”
[02:39] <gm_t> “But better to be safe until things settle…” as her germanic accent thickened with annoyance.


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