Learning about Sidhe

Duchess Carlyle and Heylin

MEANWHILE, the Duchess, in her broken French, starts to speak to Heylin, “Invited to the games…so travel in Scotland, yes?”

Heylin: “it was planned to i figure it will be fun.”

She nods, “important…what think sidhe?” The Duchess then clarifies, “spirit folk”

“All i know is it has been seen i am to meet one at the lake.” as Heylin continues “I do not know why but i believe it has something to do with my family and how i am a seventh of seventh.”

The Duchess nods, “then y’ best be careful, some of the highlands hate them with a fire that could melt a blade…other clans be holding them as tight as family.” As she continues to speak in broken French, “I’m think that you more like than kill faerie unless they make danger?”

Heylin: “If they look to hurt her i have no worry about taking them apart.”

She nods, “Clans MacLeods and MacCodrums have ties to sidhe…angers MacDonalds most, but some other clans too”

Heylin: "i have more of a tie than i thought a year ago.

Duchess: “important to know what think…for you..and since sidhe cast spell on Angus’ daughter”

Heylin: “i didn’t know a spirit lived in a waterfall back home….but i guess it is why it was one of my favorite places growing up.”

Duchess: “well most don’ meet spirits…but when do, makes opinion that lasts long time”

Heylin: “spirits are not my speciallity.  i am a simple farm boy from France.”

Heylin: “now that i know she was there i am embarrised about some things i did in her pressence.  but i think she might have influenced me a bit also.  she is a friend as welll as i can see.”

She laughed, “spirit as old as that should know with farm boy”

Heylin: “if theya re like her then i have no issue with them.”

Duchess: “some are…” and she continues, her disposition serious, “though the unseelie are not.  Have you heard of Red Caps? or kelpies?”

Heylin: “but i doubt they all are.” Thinking for a moment, he continues “like i said i have not heard much about them.”

Heylin: "i guess i was lucky in the one i was around.

Duchess “Red caps…there be one in a castle in Scotland.  It kills people…and keeps its magic strong by dipping its hat in the blood of its kills”

Heylin: “nice….”

Heylin, after hearing about the Red Caps, “hope the Games are not at his castle.”

The Duchess shakes her head, “no…they are trying to speak to her majesty about getting a knight to kill it. And Kelpies are evil horse like beings that seem damp and wet, but strong horses…you get on its back and it takes you for a ride to your death”

Heylin: “sounds like something i would do….find a nice horse…..and go for a ride.”

The Duchess, in a warning voice, speaks “tis a magic horse and no breaking of it…it takes your energy and then a swim, till ye drown”

Heylin: "you can break anything i figure…..or at least my mother said i could.

The Duchess, her voice quiet, then speaks of the known weakness, “tis cold iron tha’ hurts or can kill the fae, specially made…though a secret few, if any, know anymore”

Heylin: “hope i never need it but it would be nice to have a blade made like that.”

The Duchess adds, “Not many blades exist…MacEachern clan made, but destroyed, like never existed”

Heylin looks to his boot “hmm, nothing ever is completely destroyed or gone forever.”

Duchess: “there are goodly foolk as well from stories…the selkies for example…”

Heylin: “selkies?”

Duchess: “Bein’s from the water that have a magic, they look like seals.  When they take the skin off, they look like beautiful humans”


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