Irish go out with Victoire to pub

Killian (shilleigh) Caleb (slinger)

And so Victoire makes her way out of the castle and towards the duo irishmen.

Victoire walks toward them buttoning her jacket, and straightening her hat, “hello, boys. Looks like you’ve started the scuffling early.”

“well” as the irishman with the cudgel, Killian, speaks up,“twas fahr spaekin rights t’ yer ward…”

Victoire: “In that case, I make exceptions.”

Caleb: “a draw…” said the slinger…
Killian: “tol t’ stop by someone s’ did”

Victoire nods, holding her arms out waiting for the gentlemanly sides to come out of at least one of them

Each takes one of Victoire’s arms at the nook of the elbow.
Caleb smiles, “reminds me of an ol’ tale I haerd from me ma…”

Victoire: “Uh oh. Is it for polite company?”

Caleb: “ah thin’ so…” He continues, “was an elderly couple takn’ a walk…an’ a lass saw it, remarkin’…”

His voice shifts, "taint it grand " as he grins “she looks at her beau with luv in ‘er heart…I wish t’ bae like them when we are old an’ gray…carryin our hearts in our hands…why don’ ye ask them their secret, she says to him…”

Caleb grins as they walk towards the main path, continuing, “an’ so the man asks…”yer holdin’ hands has warmed me lov’s spirit…we’d like to know how ye kin lov fahr so long and keep hands still so that we kin do it…"

He turns, his eyes making contact with Victoire’s, “and you know what the old man said with his withery voice full of love and devotion?”

Victoire: “No, what?”

Caleb’s voice crackles slightly as he raises it several pitches, “He said…oh, tis a marvelous thin’ holdin her hand like so…as the man smiled twinkles in his eyes and adoration, causing tears to reach the edge of the girl’s cheeks.  This way I know where they are so that she can’t hit me…”

Victoire laughs, “Brilliant!”

Caleb the slinger then nods to the one that Victoire dueled, and each takes a hold of Victoire’s arms.

Victoire looks down, “Hey… is that why you guys both took an arm?”

Caleb grins, “it’s all in the story…”

Victoire smiles brightly, “Uh huh.”

“we saw” said Caleb, “and felt” said Killian, “you fight…best to know where yer hands were…at least until we see how y’ hold yer pints”

Victoire laughs, delighted, “Well, I’m not Irish, so I won’t be holding’ a candle to either of you.”

Killian: “Yer french…so though wine bae not having the same taste an’ texture as wine” as the dueled irishman raises his voice, changing octave and tone to parody the French accent and haughtiness of the French with the word ‘wine’. “tis carry a mighty big punch when given enough an’ the right stuff”

Victoire: “I’ll have you know I grew up a tavern-keeper’s daughter, then barmaid; but never really acquired the taste for either wine nor ale. Had to keep sharp witted and faster of hands and feet- to step out of the gropes and grasps.”

“well m’daer” as Killian the shilleigh user continues, “saems lahke the bars in France bae like the pubs here an’ in Ireland, though ah’m athinkin’ tha’ any touchin ye round arse would bae in line fahr a kickin’ o’ their arses.”

Victoire releases their arms and does a pirouette, then a leap, “I was a fair dancer as well.”

“oh a dancer bae ye?” laughs the Killian, “Caleb, y’ haer that?” as his eyes twinkle, “an’ wha’ y’ thank o’ the dancers tha were shown baefahr the demonstratin’ o’ weapons?”

Victoire steps back between them taking their arms again

Killian: “Well?”

Victoire: “Oh to me? I thought they were amazing. I would love to learn that style of dance! It’s so well done, and all in synch. I bet it’s very difficult.”

“tha’ tis a gawd an answer ye kin give …” as the other one, Caleb the slinger, approves with a head nod. “aye…takes yaers o’ practice, much lahke the slingin’ an’ the fightin’ ye did”

Victoire winks at them, “That? pshaw, just a few things I learned fending off rowdy patrons.”

“uh huh…” says Killian with a frown.  "Ahve baen in a fahght or three…I know I know…tis a hard thin’ t’ baelaeve from a lover of peace such as me…"

Killian: “but ye don’ fahght lahke a french…” (as he switched from nearly saying ‘frog’)

Victoire laughs, “I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

Caleb: “y’ should…” as they continue along the path even as several shops are passed (with strange looks coming out from the English commons at the strangers) and soon the sounds of a pub start to be heard.

Victoire walks along anticipating her family’s pub again, the sounds and sights, and smells

Moving forward, you reach the front door, and can smell the beer and smoke that is inside.

Victoire can’t help but smile.

Caleb unhooks his arm and opens the door for the trio to enter.

And you feel the heat, noise (music and chatter) as well as smell of food (which Cheyenne would identify as fried food as well as beer)

Victoire steps inside, removing her hat and looking around. She gets some looks (like a western sequence when a stranger comes in) but then the music ( sea shanty) starts to pick up and so does the chatter/clicking of mugs/etc. “What a lovely pub!”

“Tis ok…” Killian states.  
“oh Killian” says Caleb, “will y’ stop at it…” as he rolls his eyes.

Victoire looks at what he’s talking about

Caleb laughs, “Killian there bae wantin’ to start his own pub with the missus..and try to get as many kids t’ staff it so tha’ he kin bae chaep on the wages…”

Victoire laughs, “That’s what my mama and papa did!”

Killian: “sae…wise people yer mum an’ pa…”

Victoire: “I never thought at the time, but yes, they are.”

“Watchu havin?” asked the barkeep, speaking a strange accented English.

Victoire looks to the guys

“Guiness …” says Killian.
“Whiskey…” says Caleb

They look at Victoire.
Victoire: “Guiness.”

“And some fish and chips” adds Killian

Victoire: ‘“Oh yes! I’m starved."

The order is put in, and Victoire notes that the bar is a bit …dingier…than hers, but there is a somewhat friendlier atmosphere (since the element of ‘oppression’ is missing)

Victoire turns around leaning her back to the bar and puts her hand through the handle of the mug taking a draught

It is a thick dark ale (never drank guiness so guessing)

Victoire raises her eyebrows, “Well that will warm you. And last me all night.”

Killian drinks half the mug in a couple gulps, “ahhh bettr”

A shot is brought out for Caleb who takes a drink of it.

“Hope the fish and chips are good…starvin’” Killian adds.


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