Intro to the Cardinal

The door opens, a nun standing there, “please…come…”

Victoire removes her hat and steps inside

It is actually large, but basic, furniture…not fancy, but sturdy/missionary style

Sister Agatha: “my name is sister agatha…the cardinal is waiting…”

Victoire: “A pleasure Sister, Victoire, and Heylin.”

She nods and smiles, “please…follow me to her grace’s office.  There will be some refreshments there…” as her eyes look at the blood that is on the two of them. “Hamilton did not say you were injured…” as her voice was a bit annoyed.

Heylin: “are you injured Vict?”

The nun eyes the dog warily as well.
The dog eyes the nun warily…

Victoire: “I am good.”

Heylin: “just making sure.”

Sister Agatha: “do you have a leash for that beast?” as she definitely does not take a liking to the dog.

Ears pull back on dog.

Heylin: “leash?  it is a dog not a horse.”

The nun turns and stomps away…

Heylin: “she must like cats…….give me a break. Cats are good for keeping the mice out of the barn…..i didn’t see a barn.”

Victoire: “Both kinds of people…”

Turning, victoire sees the dog relieving himself and then he sneezes.

Heylin: "i know i will clean it up.

Victoire shifts a bit in her stance, looking around

Heylin laughs “that could have waited.”
The dog pants, as if smiling.

The nun’s voice can be heard, “her grace shall see you now…”

Heylin: “i get in enough trouble by myself….you might at least give me a day until you make the church mad.”

Victoire turns and walks toward the nun

The ear flicks and pants.
Heylin follows

The dog pads to the door even as the nun moves to the side.  Inside the office is a woman in long, priestly garb…and there are two others beside her.

Heylin and Victoire ‘recognize’ in different ways.  First, is Hamilton…who appears rather clean now (at least face) and still can’t tell if male or female, and dressed in shirt, pants and tabard and the other is a short female with a massive iron gauntlet/arm protection.

Heylin: “you wished to see us?”

“yes I did…” the cardinal spoke.  It was with a strange german/franco mixed accent.  She is rather lovely with long blond hair.  Slowly, she limps over to the duo, “Please, sit…I have heard much of you…”

Heylin points to the woman about four times…….’what was her name.  I need Aramis right now."

Heylin: “lisa……” as he says it quietly, then figuring that was incorrect, “nope….”

The cardinal limps to the table which has several goblets, "water, or tea? "

Heylin: “nice to see you again my lady” and then “tea will work.”

Victoire moves to sit, “Nothing, thank you.”

The woman nods, “and I you…” she says in a firm voice.  (you can see a few more scars on her from last time)

The cardinal pulls a kettle and pours the tea into a goblet, and some into another goblet, while water is then poured into yet another. Limping slowly, she brings over the goblet of tea for Heylin. “You are wondering why I summoned you here?” as she hands the tea to him

Heylin: “i guess you could say that.” His eyes narrowing, “what happened if you don’t mind me asking?” as Heylin notices the limping of the cardinal.

Victoire: “We are, yes. You are injured?”

“It is an injury that I received some time ago.  I have forgiven the individuals who have done that as they have repented of their ignorance”

Looking at Heylin, she takes a sip of her tea first, making it clear that she is trustworthy. Limping back towards her desk, she slowly sits down…

Lyse doesn’t drink but Hamilton, smiling, takes a drink of the water, rather noisily.

“You’re a knight hamilton…” Lyse says, rolling her eyes at him/her.

Hamilton smiles, “hunger is the best sauce for anything…but I had to be hungry to be the part…”

The cardinal raises her hand. “We need your help” she says bluntly.

Heylin looks at the group “our help…right.”

Victoire is taken aback a bit

“When the emperor was in power, he killed the pope…” she raises her hand, “we have it from eyewitnesses, though that couldn’t be brought up with enough evidence…a knight against a king.”

The cardinal continues, “and then the archbishops of France, disappeared.  I was sent in …but I found the king’s attention…” as she paused, “unnerving and unwanted.  I left to make a report to the others when the revolution occurred.”

Victoire: “He killed many…We found most of the bodies…”

Heylin: “he was an ass hat….that is true.”

Victoire: “Including the sister of the Queen.”

Heylin: “can’t say that in front of a cardinal right?”

The cardinal nods, “but there is a group of them…important ones that can help stabilize things in the church, that are still being held prisoner.  At first by the emperor, but now by some more radical revolutionaries.” Her mouth twitches slightly, “I absolve you of your sin of poor language as it is the truth.” She makes the sign of the cross and says a quiet prayer.

Heylin: “poor language is not a sin,” and then amends, “taking the lords name in vain is.”

Cardinal: “depends on which doctrine you go by Master Heylin…”

Heylin: “he was an ASS HAT!”

Cardinal: “but I’m sure there are some sins that you didn’t mind me just forgiving just now, are there?”

Heylin: “oh there are lots.”

Cardinal: “there…let us call it even then …” as she nods towards the duo of Hamilton and Lyse. “The arch-bishops are on a former french prison island as are several noblemen….” She nods towards Hamilton who pulls out a map and lays it on the desk.

Heylin: “how could we help we are in England?”

Cardinal: “It is a prison island, but was also a hunting lodge…with many vicious beasts there, some of which have been…tainted…” She looks at you, “we will arrange for transportation to get you to the island, and the church will guarantee her highness safety while you are conducting the rescue.”

Heylin: “church…….and guarantee in same sentence.  Did I miss something ther Vict?”

“I will guard her…” says Lyse, “and you know I will keep to that”

Heylin: “you give me your word….looking straight at Lyse?”

Lyse: Her eyes, unblinking, “yes, I shall protect her with my life and soul”

Victoire shifts a bit in her seat

Heylin looks at Victoire.

“The matter comes to this” the cardinal states, “you have experience in dealing with strange creatures that have been …warped…by porte. You have shown yourselves to be honorable, straight forward yet stealthy and brave.”

Heylin looks at Victoire again

Victoire: “I feel remiss in my duty as a Musketeer and protector of the Princess to leave her to the care of anyone else, no offense. I have given my oath to her safety.”

Lyse turns to the cardinal, “told you” even as the cardinal gives a glare at Lyse.

Heylin: “sorry maam it is my job to keep Ysebtte safe.”

Hamilton chuckles (or is it giggles) slightly as the scroll is wrapped.

Heylin: “even if my own mother was in that prison i would be hard pressed to not continue with her protection, if my mother was there the beasts would be dead.”

Cardinal: “Very well then…though I do pray that you give it additional thought.  I also know that you shall keep this to yourselves…”

Victoire: “I have no doubt to Lyse’s word; she  would absolutely surrender her life for the Princess. I will listen to what you say, and ask the Princess for her leave, If she grants it to me, I will do as you ask. You will forgive us, the Church – as it was in France – and Muketeers, we were not close. If you understand my meaning.”

The cardinal nods, “that is acceptable …as it would require your liege’s permission…”

Heylin: “Richelieu was an ASS HAT also.”

“yes…” as she frowned, “Richelieu…he will have to be dealt with later.”

Victoire nudges Heylin and then asks, “Why us? Just that we have familiarity with the Porte?”

Heylin: “sorry for my language.”
Victoire: “I will not use it, but I am familiar. We both have seen it’s effects.”

The cardinal responds, “you have dealt with a creature that was warped by the porte…something that is said to be among the predators of the island.”

Victoire: “Another pig?”
Heylin: “another wolf great.”
Victoire looks at Heylin, nodding

Cardinal: “and as you stated, the church and the nobility of France had …issues….though we did have strength among the commons.  However, the radicals of the revolution have been more anti-church than the former emperor…And that is why we cannot send any of our knights…as many who are French are already known to be religious and suspect, or non-French and would have difficulty interacting with any of the prison’s guards.”

Pausing momentarily, “and you are correct…we would not be sending you through a portal….it would be a more traditional transport”

Heylin: “so you want to send a farmboy and barmaid to rescue a bunch of Bishops?”

Victoire stomach churns at the thought of more sea travel

Cardinal: “and there are other prisoners there that are put there for no other reason than being religious, noble, or thinking differently than the revolution.  But I shall let your conscience be your guide there as there may be others who deserve to be imprisoned”

Heylin: “probably the ones i would know.”
Victoire: “If the Princess gives her leave, we will do your task. And in return…?”

Cardinal: “The gratitude of the church…” as she smiles “something that her highness may value in the future if she plans on higher aspirations”

Victoire nods, standing and looking around the chamber, noting that the room is more aimed at functionality than looks, some books on religious treaties, history including families.

Cardinal: “Do you wish Hamilton to lead you back, or Lyse?”

Victoire: “Lyse.”

She nods, and Lyse, finishing her water, puts the goblet down. “I will wait for  your answer…” the cardinal states, even as Lyse starts to move to the door.

Victoire bows to the Cardinal and Hamilton, then follows Lyse.

The dog takes a look at Victoire and shivers back slightly, recognizing a being a bit more ‘alpha’ than he.

Heylin turns to the cardinal  "Richelieu was an ass-hat.  i know i will get hit for that.  but he was. and as I stated, Richelieu is another problem that will have to be dealt with"

Heylin: “if i find him i will deal with him for you or his captain” as he walks out

And with that the dog pads behind…even as you three leave the residence of the cardinal.
The person known as Hamilton steps up towards the group, “I can lead you back to the house you are staying at…”

Heylin grabs the biggest piece of meat off the table and walks out behind Hamilton

Hamilton nods, and then takes the coins that he had been given by Heylin and Victoire, “unless you wish these back, I shall put them into the coffers for those who are of need…”

Victoire: “Please, the coffers.”
Heylin: “I gave them to the poor.”

“And that is where these will go…” as he drops the coins into the poor box.

Heylin when he gets outside he will hand the dog the chunk of meat
The slobbering dog’s mouth crunches down on the meat and bone. The powerful jaws easily crunching whatever the meat had been at one time.

Heylin smiles.
The dog has a big ol’ slobbery lick of its mouth

Heylin will watch Hamilton as he walks back, as he has is a strange mixture of confidence and easy going. “You are good people” he says, “not many see to the people in the streets…even though her majesty Elaine has helped to improve, there are still many”

Heylin: “can’t have the people wanting if you want them to help you or your country. I can get more information from a happy person than one who is worrying about where his next meal will be coming from.”

There is a gentle laugh, “just because she seeks to improve the lives of all does not mean all want the lives of all improved. It is a sad state of affairs…” as his/her voice saddened slightly

Heylin: “sounds like all noble courts are the same…”

Victoire walks along quietly, listening to the conversation but watching things around them

Seems like the evening is going quietly, even as the dog occasionally sits to bite some fleas or scratch himself…

“Not just noble courts…” as Hamilton continues, "some religious " as he makes the sign of the cross “and some merchants as well”

He continues to walk along, stopping at a particular spot, and placing some coins down on a corner, before standing up and leaving.

Victoire looks, “Why this corner?”
Heylin looks around for what is special with this corner

Hamilton: “It is a popular corner for some ladies of the evening.  If I can help get them a night in an inn without company…it is well worth the coins”

Shrugging, “though some jennies still prefer the work, even if the coin is left behind…”

Victoire nods, remembering the corner

Soon, you start to see the lamps and torches nearby the ward where the princess (and musketeers) are staying

Heylin: “well i think we are close enough Hamilton if you don’t want to be seen with us.”

“There we go…” as Hamilton stops, nodding, “the cardinal does mass at sunrise, and but may well be ready after that and morning meditations to see visitors…”

Victoire nods to the man, “Thank you.”

There is a head nod, “and thank you for your actions at the play house”

Heylin: "be safe on the way back.:

“That is a bit more of a personal thank you and not from the cardinal”

Victoire: “You are welcome, but why personal?”

“You helped my brother in the fire…” as he/she points that out, similarities could be seen.

Victoire nods, “I am glad I could.”

Hamilton smiles and then leaves, raising the hand in a wave…

Victoire waves as well, then heads to their quarters
Heylin: “head you tell her tails i do.” pullin out a coin



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