Discussion about Cardinal Erica and Lyse

Jamais told about cardinal meeting/johnathan armed as they leave

When we last left off, you talked with Jamais about the cardinal, briefly, and were discussing whether to meet up with her. Jamasis wasn’t sure why clergy would be here or didn’t like them a bit

Heylin: “do you think we should go alone Vict?”

Victoire: “I don’t like the idea of leaving the Princess, but if they wish it… Do we make enemies here as well?”

Heylin: “because it still is a Cardinal…..and i trust them about as far as i can throw Angus,  and if there is an incedent i would rather not have Ysebette there to watch the carnage. She is tainted enough being around us.”

Victoire: “True.”

Ysabette looks crossly at the two of you. “You speak as if we are not here…”

Lady Jamais raises the fan, barely hiding a smirklike smile

Heylin: “don’t really care if you are it is my job to keep you safe.”

Victoire: “Not at all, we speak freely even WITH you here.”

Heylin: “and have we ever not said what we thought about with you here or not?”

“What?” as she looks at Heylin’s impudence, even as Jamais’ fan flutters slightly, “your highness…they speak of keeping your sanctity and well being.  You have shown some respect for the church unlike your father…”

Victoire goes over to Ysabette, kneeling in front of her, “We are not the greatest of advisors or teachers; we are soldiers at best. What we can do is shield you from things that may bring you harm. That is our only job.”

Ysabette sighs, and nods, one hand gently touching Victoire, “my musketeers…” shaking her head slightly, “I can be such a child sometimes…”

Jamais responds, “you are a princess, you aren’t supposed to admit that your highness”

“you are right lady jamais…” as she seems to calm down.

Victoire: “As your Father discovered: the Church is a powerful enemy. But as such, can be an even stronger ally. I cannot say I believe in this Church, but I do believe in a higher power and people. I may not be the proper choice for this, and may be branded a heretic. But I will go and see their intent. If it is good will toward you, then I will accept their aide, or take their requests.”

Heylin tosses Johnathon his extra dagger

Johnathan tries to grab it, not well, but leans over to pick it up, his trusty umbrella in his dominant hand.

Heylin: “keep her safe……”

Johnathan: "milord…it is my honor, and expect no less than my life " he says his voice breaking from squeak to a little deeper for a brief moment.

Lady Jamais looks at them, “don’t worry, I shall watch over them, there is much to discuss between her highness and myself.”

Heylin: “remember the inner thigh they will never think you will go for that target.” He then adds, “keep them both safe Johnathon.”

Johnathan: “Of course sir…” as he bows.

Victoire straightens her jacket, buttoning it and walking out with Heylin.

Heylin: “you and i alone are going to get the rumor mill started really quickly.”
Victoire: “Yep.”



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