Court part 5

Victoire began to introduce Ysabette to the various clan heads, each of them seem to be rather proud of their name and clan.  The colors of the kilts changed with each of the various clans, showing different colors and patterns.)

Macduff, MacBride, MacCodrums, MacDonalds, MacEachern, MacIntyres, MacLeods

Lady Jamais seems to be watching the different individuals as they are being introduced, her fan moving rapidly, eyes sharp, “interesting…” she says in French…

Heylin: “hmmmm?”

Lady Jamais flutters her fan in an out of synch way, perhaps a fan signal for /…too many ears…/

Heylin will nod while looking at a pretty girl in the crowd making it seem like he is wathcing the group
[23:37] <gm_t> There are more than a few women that are eyeing Heylin (even as some men with Victoire) [23:37] &lt;gm_t> One of the men seems to be garnered a bit more respect (aka others are lined behind him) and that is Fergus MacBride.
[23:38] * Victoire looks at each of the Scots and tries to remember the color to clan
[23:39] <gm_t> He seems to bow his head towards her, and speak to her a bit more as a woman than as a child (which is a bit more than most of the others. [23:40] * Victoire watches the man casually as she keeps her eyes moving [23:40] &lt;gm_t> “Tis good t’ see you made it safe youur highness as a nation wild is dangerous…”
[23:41] <gm_t> She fanned herself. [23:42] &lt;gm_t> “it sounds like the peasants were like cornered animals…”
[23:43] <gm_t> (see a tinge of pink around the ears of the princess) [23:43] &lt;gm_t> He then backs off, “I am sorry for being rude and bringing up the bad…”
[23:44] <victoire> “It was unfortunate; but we made our way to the port, and out to see on the Duke’s ship.”
[23:44] <@gm_t> Lady Jamais fan flutters again.

[btw, you guys gained SOME fan knowledge in your training and dealing with Ysabette…but not a true proficiency…and Heylin can see the signals unlike Victoire who is facing forward/away from Jamais)

…“…speaks 2 ways…retreat her…”

Heylin will walk up to Ysebette “do you need someothing to drink my lady?”
[23:49] * Heylin looks over Ysebettes shoulder (Like we need to move a bit))

[23:50] * Heylin will place his hand on her arm and move her to the right

“oui…yes…thank you” as Ysabette nods, “my apologies…long travels..” as she nods her head slightly and fans herself.

[23:51] <heylin> "that punch bowl has looked goood all night since most of the irish and Scotts have been adding from their flasks

<heylin> "that punch bowl has looked goood all night since most of the irish and Scotts have been adding from their flasks
[23:52] <heylin> "It should taste just like back home.’ smiling
[23:52] <gm_t> Ysabette looks a little confused, even as Lady Jamais leans forward and whispers something quietly. [23:53] &lt;gm_t> “OHhhhhh” as Ysabette’s eyes widen and laughs.
<gm_t> "They added that sort of thing..." as she seems a little more relaxed. [23:55] &lt;gm_t> “Thank you monsieur…” as she thanks Heylin, “though I will admit, I am getting a little tired…”

[23:55] <victoire> “We can retire if you wish, Princess?”
<heylin> “Have we talked to all here Vict?”
[23:56] <@gm_t> “yes” as she looks a bit pale, and her eyes a little more drawn.  "I would like to rest…"
[23:56] <victoire> “Not as of yet, to our hosts.”

<gm_t> Ysabette looks, "we should meet them as well...it is proper" [00:02] &lt;gm_t> There is about an equal number of English nobles as Scottish and Irish.

<heylin> “yes we shoud see them also.”
[00:05] <gm_t> The man who had told the story earlier introduces himself, and then starts to introduce the various knights and lords that are around. [00:06] * Victoire remains attentive, trying to remember names and faces [00:06] &lt;gm_t> The knights are first, “Sir Lawrence Lugh…” as he shows to the first knight.
[00:07] <gm_t> Then "Jeremiah Berek...hero of the defeat of the Spanish Armada..." [00:07] &lt;gm_t> That individual looks fairly disreputable/roguish.
[00:08] <gm_t> "Sir Bleddig...stepfather of her Majesty" [00:08] &lt;gm_t> “It is he that spans her majesty’s knights and nobles to the commons…”
[00:09] <gm_t> "Sir Cowan...her majesty's older step brother" as you look at a 6 foot +, blond hair (and handsome man) who seems to have a determined expression on his face. [00:09] &lt;gm_t> "Sir " as he starts to introduce another, but is interrupted by Ysabette.
[00:09] <@gm_t> “Geriant…I am familiar with him..” as she curtseys to him.  

@gm_t> She actually smiles at him even as he smiles back, “it warms my heart that you survived the madness your highness…” as he bows lower…

<@gm_t> Lady Jamais fan flickers slightly…

Heylin – You don’t know the message, but it is a ‘positive’ one

<heylin> "Princess what princess
<gm_t> He rises up, smiling (he is an older man), "until the royal crown is on her head, her highness..." his eyes twinkling. [00:13] &lt;gm_t> The man who is guiding them coughs, “now…Sir Geriant is her majesty’s ambassador at times to other nations…”
[00:14] <gm_t> He smiles and steps back (Geriant) allowing for others to now be brought in...the next is a youth about your ages, "sir Gwydd..." [00:15] &lt;gm_t> “It is he who also interacts with the Sidhe…but has had battles against the Unseelie…” as his voice carries some dread.
[00:16] <@gm_t> Ysabette looks at him, and then Victoire, “unseelie?”
[00:16] * Victoire shrugs, “I do not know, Princess.”

<gm_t> "Ask him ...." as she fans herself. [00:19] &lt;victoire> "What is 'underlie'? It's meaning if you please?" [00:19] &lt;victoire> unseelie [00:20] &lt;gm_t> The knight speaks, his voice carrying a slightly melodic quality, “it is …a faerie folk that has turned away from the forest and light…the courts of the seelie, or faerie you would call them.  They try to break the laws of nature, being cruel to mortal and immortal.”
Heylin looks at him
[00:22] <gm_t> As soon as the word 'unseelie' comes up, several of the Scots start to have looks of disgust and anger...and definite suspicion sent towards Elaine, Danielle, and Gwydd. [00:23] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette makes a protective sign of the cross.
[00:24] <victoire> “Forgive my questions. We are just unfamiliar.”
[00:25] <gm_t> Gwydd smiles, "it is better to know than be ignorant, and ignorance can lead to misgiven suspicion..." as his eyes gaze towards the Scots (and some of the others) [00:25] &lt;gm_t> (he does not say it loudly

0:25] * Victoire nods to him, “Thank you, Sir.”
[00:26] <gm_t> He bows.   [00:26] &lt;gm_t> The man introducing coughs, “Sir Lamorak…her majesty’s general…”
[00:27] <gm_t> A tall man stands there, his posture very straight, and has a substantial amount of muscular bulk. [00:27] &lt;gm_t> He gives a slight bow of the head, but quietly stands to the side, for the next introduction.
[00:28] * Victoire returns his bow, glancing at him for a moment
[00:28] <gm_t> "Sir Macallister...." as the man introduces a rugged handsome man with Scottish looks. [00:30] &lt;gm_t> “uhm…advisor…” as the man tries to think of Macallister’s position.
[00:30] * Heylin watches the general who didn’say anything
[00:30] <gm_t> He then moves on, "Sir Owain..." as Macallister steps to the side, eyes watching.  Owain also looks very young, a couple years, perhaps, older than Heylin and Victoire. [00:31] &lt;gm_t> He smiles, “welcome…”
[00:31] <gm_t> (almost done...) [00:31] &lt;victoire> "Thank you, Sir." [00:31] &lt;gm_t> (with the introductions)
[00:32] <gm_t> "no thanks necessary...you've stirred things up quite well my lady...and my lord..." as he gives a slight wink at the duo. [00:33] * Victoire looks around, "Have we?" [00:33] &lt;gm_t> He steps to the side, “Oh yes…you have, and quite welcomed.”
[00:33] <heylin> “gotta be good at something.”
[00:34] <gm_t> The man introducing coughs, even as Owain says, "ok ok...be young and quiet and stand in the corner..." [00:34] &lt;victoire> ((heh)) [00:35] &lt;gm_t> “sir owain…” as there is a reprimand to the voice.  The young man gets up and hustles to the side.
[00:35] <heylin> "me knows that look and smiles
[00:35] <gm_t> He tries to look contrite, though the halo is a bit...tilted. [00:36] &lt;gm_t> “Sir peppin is not here as he is on …quest…” as they move to the last knight, “and this sir Uwaine, who oversees laws and is the High Sheriff of England.”
[00:38] * Victoire nods to the man, translating for Ysabette
[00:38] <gm_t> The knight bows, "welcome to our humble realm..." [00:39] * Victoire relays for the Princess to let her speak [00:39] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette lowers her head, in French, “Perhaps this man may help us avoid accidentally having musketeer Heylin break laws by accident?”
[00:39] <@gm_t> (this is directed at Victoire and not the knight)

[00:40] <victoire> “I am not certain a man capable of that has been born yet, Princess.”

<victoire> “I am not certain a man capable of that has been born yet, Princess.”
[00:40] <gm_t> "Monsieur Heylin, can you make yourself available to sir Uwaine so we don't have too many accidents of ignorance?" [00:41] &lt;heylin> "you remember that statment Princess.  i would be honored to learn the ways of this country." [00:41] &lt;gm_t> (hopefully I’m not boring you guys too much…but figured the knights would be important for a variety of reasons …aka where future adventures may lie)
[00:42] <gm_t> "I did say ...too many..." she says impishly, "...I can indulge you in a couple, as long as they are for me and France" [00:42] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais flutters her fan, trying to hide the smile.
[00:43] * Victoire watches McAllister from under the brim of her hat.
[00:43] <heylin> “i would never…….” smiles
[00:44] <gm_t> Macallister is watching you (each) as well, his eyes rather calculating...And he seems to be by himself as the other knights do not seem comfortable around him (from body language) [00:45] &lt;gm_t> Owain is the closest, and says something which gets a ‘look’ from Macallister, causing Owain to take a step back and look away.  Elaine whispers something to him, having lean down from the throne slightly.
[00:45] <victoire> ((predators tend to make other animals uneasy))
[00:45] <heylin> ((that’s why nobody likes me i get it.))
[00:46] <victoire> ((the WRONG types like you))
[00:48] <heylin> true
[00:49] <gm_t> She sits up straight again as he continues to watch with hawklike eyes. [00:49] &lt;gm_t> “This is his grace, Duke Piriam…” as the man introduces the next noble, and a stern man steps up.
[00:51] * Victoire nods to him, translating
[00:51] <gm_t> "And you know Buckingham as well...his grace Duke Neville Cholmandeley-Featheringstonehaugh was unable to come as well as Derwyddon..." [00:52] &lt;heylin> ((if translations i will nod and show respect)) [00:52] &lt;gm_t> (sorry…Duke Piram…not Piriam)
[00:52] <@gm_t> Each of these are translated.

0:52] <gm_t> Each of these are translated. [00:53] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette is starting to look a bit more ragged.
[00:54] <victoire> ((when the intros are completed, i will beg our hosts’ indulgence and excuse ourselves))
[00:54] <gm_t> (the intros are completed...go ahead and rp out the indulgence...) [00:54] &lt;gm_t> (grins)
[00:56] * Victoire turns to Elaine and the others, “It has been wonderful to meet you all, and on behalf of the Princess and France, we extend our humble gratitude for the hospitality, and opening your hearts and countries to us.”
[00:57] <victoire> “I’m afraid the journey has taken a lot from us, including the Princess and we would beg your indulgence one more time, and allow us to return to our rooms and get some much needed rest.”
[00:58] <gm_t> "and you are welcome..." as she smiles back, "and please..rest...it has been a difficult journey for all of you." [00:58] &lt;victoire> "We thank you; all of you." [00:58] &lt;gm_t> The different groups move to the side to allow Ysabette (and the others) to go.
[00:59] * Victoire leads them out, as she and Heylin have settled on their places
[00:59] <gm_t> (still there Heylin?) [00:59] &lt;heylin> ya [01:00] * Victoire nods to all they pass politely, and guides them back to their rooms [01:00] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais seems to side step on the way out, moving towards the French emigrees.
[01:00] <gm_t> Ysabette seems to be fairly struggling by the time you reach her room. [01:01] &lt;victoire> "That was something." [01:01] * Heylin nods to Lady Jamis [01:01] &lt;gm_t> She curtseys as she fans herself.
[01:01] * Victoire opens the door and checks the rooms quickly, then closes it behind Heylin and Ysabette
[01:02] <gm_t> Ysabette seems to get, barely, to the chair and tries, unsuccessfully to sit down in it (prevented by dress) [01:02] * Victoire tosses her hat onto the rack, and sits to pull her boots off [01:02] &lt;victoire> "Let me help Princess." [01:02] &lt;gm_t> “I envy your simple attire my musketeers right now…”
[01:03] * Heylin will go check on the balcony and the windows
[01:03] * Victoire smiles, “I do not ever envy yours, My Princess.”
[01:03] <gm_t> The undercarriage seems to be the only thing keeping her standing at the moment. [01:03] * Heylin chuckles not a chance in hell [01:04] * Victoire helps her ready herself for bed, combing out her hair and removing the makeup for her, then pulls the blankets down for her to crawl in [01:04] &lt;gm_t> “It was an interesting evening…” as she fights back a yawn.  "Did you gain much from the Lady Jamais monsieur?"
[01:05] <gm_t> "at least I do not feel" as she sputters with the latest makeup removal, "like a cake that is having its frosting removed by a greedy child..." [01:05] &lt;heylin> "she liked the one you knew. but i didn't get it all [01:05] &lt;gm_t> “You have done well with the painting of my face madamoisel-” as she gaks from an accidental wipe of the mouth at the wrong time, “lle…”
[01:06] * Victoire laughs, “Well, I have a bit of practice, and a lighter touch.”
[01:06] <heylin> "she saw something earlier and i couldn’t tell she said too many ears
[01:06] <gm_t> "Sir Geriant..." she smiled.  "when he visited, he made sure to visit all of my father's daughters, including myself..." her eyes getting distant.  "He always brought sweets and asked about...us...not politics not ...business...just us." [01:07] &lt;victoire> "He seems a kind man. [01:07] &lt;gm_t> “He was the first foreign diplomat to bow to me deeply and pleasantly…without distaste or motive…” as she smiled, “it caused my father to notice me for the first time.”
[01:08] <victoire> “Good. then we shall leave him on the Trusted side.”
[01:08] <heylin> ’you need to sleep little one  tomorrow is coming sooner than you think."
[01:08] <gm_t> "Though" as she smiled, "he probably gathered as much information for his queen as any person could ever ..." [01:08] &lt;gm_t> “yes…” as she finishes climbing into bed, “I think y-…” SNORE
[01:09] * Victoire pats her, tucking her in

  • Victoire tiptoes out of the room, taking her jacket off and shaking her hair out after hanging it up by the door
    [01:10] <gm_t> There is a gentle knock. [01:10] &lt;victoire> "We are quite the-" [01:11] * Victoire grabs a dagger from Heylin's boot and opens the door a crack [01:11] * Heylin draws his sword quietly [01:11] &lt;gm_t> The Duchess Carlyle is there, standing there still in her garb.
    [01:12] * Victoire pushes the door open,  bowing, “Please, Duchess.”
    [01:12] <heylin> brb 2 min
    [01:12] <heylin> go on i will catth up
    [01:12] * Victoire the dagger slips into her waistband at the small of her back during the bow
    [01:13] <gm_t> The Duchess steps into the room, "thank y'" as she enters, dropping her two chains (with balls) to the side of the door.  "That way no one gets twitchy..." [01:13] &lt;gm_t> “Ackt…” as she looks in disgust at the dress, “how kin the wee lass wear that bear trap?”

[01:14] * Victoire smiles, “We were commenting much the same before she retired.”

1:16] <gm_t> "well, she made quite an impression pon many down there, so be expecting moore invitations that would fit Berek's ship..." [01:16] * Victoire undoes the top button of her blouse, nodding and smiling, "It's good news." [01:17] &lt;gm_t> “jus’ be wary…I am loyal to me kinsmen, but some of their loyalty…” as her eyes darken, " is different dependin’ on crown and clan."
[01:18] <gm_t> "An' tonight you met the leader of the other faction...MacBride..." [01:18] &lt;victoire> "Yes, and?" [01:19] * Heylin smiles yes we noticed [01:19] &lt;gm_t> “I may not know the other politics…but I wanted to warn you bout who might be getting the wee lass involved with Scottish clan …discussions.”
[01:20] <gm_t> "especially" as she looks at Heylin, "since he'd probably get more involved the more some of those discussions go" [01:20] &lt;gm_t> “if you get me meaning…”
[01:20] <victoire> “I should think it none of our conc- How so?”
[01:21] * Heylin looks “no i don’t.  get your meaning.”
[01:21] <gm_t> "We Scots...like the Irish...get a bit....emotional on topics...religion...family...clan...country..." as she opens and shuts her hands, which carry some bruising. [01:23] &lt;gm_t> “so may take things, even responses y’ think one way as another…”
[01:23] <gm_t> Shaking her hand, "fool has a hard head..." [01:23] &lt;victoire> "Have we offended you? Or any of the others?" [01:24] &lt;gm_t> “Gods no…” as she laughed.  
[01:24] <gm_t> "Just that y' may not know much us and so wanted to let you know before some heads need knocking" [01:24] * Heylin looks at Vict.   "if he is stupid enought to get emotional with the princess i will find out how hard his head actually is i bet." [01:25] &lt;victoire> "Pretty sure she can tell you." [01:25] &lt;heylin> too emotional.  let me rephrase that." [01:25] &lt;victoire> "Well we will try not to arouse, or cause too much emotion. If we can." [01:25] &lt;gm_t> She laughs, "these " as she looks at her hands, “were basically tryin’ a discussion among some of the Irish bout who would be best to get the highness to visit first…”
[01:26] <gm_t> (you start to notice a shiner starting to appear under one of her eyes) [01:26] &lt;victoire> "Discussion, eh?" [01:26] &lt;heylin> "i thing their negotions i understand Vict. like back home at the dinner table." [01:26] &lt;heylin> think [01:27] &lt;victoire> "Ohyes. And I'd bet you enjoy and excel." [01:27] &lt;gm_t> “A wee one…” she answered, “though tis me fault for pickin’ a handfight with an irishman…”
[01:27] <gm_t> "But we were told to stop an' play nice...so we did..." [01:27] &lt;heylin> "we are going to be in Scotland for the Games i have been invited ." [01:28] &lt;victoire> "Elaine said that very thing to MacAllister. Who told you that?" [01:28] &lt;heylin> "that is about a month correct?" [01:28] &lt;gm_t> She laughs out loud at that one, “Good!” as she laughs.
[01:28] <victoire> “We are?”
[01:29] <gm_t> The Duchess nods, "her majesty said that to him?" [01:29] &lt;victoire> "Those very words, oddly enough." [01:30] &lt;gm_t> “The most words any have heard from her to him in public…” she answers back.  "Actually it was her magician who came in …almost out of the air, and spoke to us like children"
[01:30] <heylin> about what i heard
[01:31] <heylin> ""
[01:31] <gm_t> "Does make sense...since that mage spent lots of time with her when she was gettin' tested" [01:31] &lt;victoire> "Tested?" [01:31] * Heylin looks "tested?" [01:32] * Victoire pinches the bridge of her nose, squinting her eyes as she can feel the headache building [01:33] &lt;gm_t> She nods, “aye…she was taken from her step father just after she was married to a noble who disappeared after she did…taken to the sidhe where they tested her to see if she’d be worthy of the graal.  Years later she comes back with the graal…and leadin’ England.”
[01:33] <heylin> “guess she was worthy……”
[01:33] <@gm_t> “That mage was with her durin the time that the sidhe put her through tests of worthiness…an’ that’s all I know of that since she speaks nothing of those times”

<heylin> “test of worthyness?   what is that?”
[01:36] <@gm_t> She shrugs, “well, the sidhe” as she shivers slightly, " be strange in what they thin’ are good and bad.  But they carry strong magic and the graal is something that helps protect England, but was taken when the last true king had died and his children fought to lead the land.  And so the mage brought her to them, and she earned it with whatever tasks she had to do"

1:38] <gm_t> *CLICK* as something hits the window. [01:39] * Victoire moves over to the window, and peeks out from next to the wall [01:40] &lt;gm_t> Victoire sees the irish slinger standing beside the one that used the shilleigh.  (the slinger looks like he has a busted nose and blackened eye)
[01:40] <heylin> sorry back
[01:41] <gm_t> (no prob) [01:42] * Victoire pushes the window open, "Aye?" [01:42] &lt;gm_t> “Wonderin’ if ye’d wan’ a pint!” the one with the shilleigh yells up.
[01:43] <heylin> “Go i got her for the night.”
[01:44] <heylin> “that doesn’t sound very good .”thinking about the test of worthiness. “since i think i owe them something for helping us getting here.”
[01:44] <heylin> ((to dutchess))
[01:45] * Victoire looks at Heylin, then back out, “Alright. Be right down.”
[01:45] <gm_t> She shakes her head, "makin' deals with spirits and sidhe..." adding a shiver. [01:46] &lt;gm_t> “we’re already havn’ to talk to her majesty bout borrowin’ one of her knights for an unseelie problem…”
[01:46] <heylin> “It got her here alive,  really all i cared about.  the tests will be part of my job.”
[01:47] <gm_t> Her eyes twinkle, "so you got invited to the games...who got you there and do y' know what to expect?" [01:47] &lt;gm_t> The Irish are all smiles at that, even cheering.

gm_t> Her eyes twinkle, "so you got invited to the games...who got you there and do y' know what to expect?" [01:47] &lt;gm_t> The Irish are all smiles at that, even cheering.
[01:49] * Victoire pulls her boots on, and slips back into her jacket, “Won’t be too long.”
[01:49] <heylin> "Angus,,,,Duke Buckingham’s captain  I don’t rememebr his last name.
[01:50] <victoire> ((let me go take some allergy meds, I have to head out in a few))
[01:50] <heylin> “what to expect?  hmmmmmm Big men drinking and throwing things.”
[01:50] <gm_t> She nods, "ahhh..." as the Duchess thinks about it for a few moments, "ah think I know which clan, though ah'll have t' ask a few questions..." [01:51] &lt;gm_t> The duchess laughs, “sounds like you’ve been to the games already…”
[01:51] <heylin> "His daughter is a Berserker born with a fairy there.

01:52] <gm_t> "Ach...poor lass..." as her voice carries pity. [01:52] &lt;heylin> "i worked out with Angus when we were at Buckingham's estate it was fun." [01:52] &lt;heylin> "poor lass she is stunning." [01:52] &lt;gm_t> The Duchess looks at him, as if appraising.  "y’ d might do well…"
[01:52] <heylin> “strong as well.”
[01:52] <gm_t> "poor lass t' be touched by the fairy..." [01:53] &lt;heylin> "she already threatened her father about matchmaking." [01:53] &lt;gm_t> The Duchess laughs.

<heylin> “i did distract her long enough in the bar fight so she didn’t kill anyone.”
[01:54] <@gm_t> “That’s a good thin’…bein a captain’s daughter an’ gettin hands bloody with death makes for a tough time…”

<heylin> “and my challenge is still out there.  i know people heard it. before she was coal cocked by her father.”
[01:55] <gm_t> "challenge?  Y' seekin' her heart?  If so, don' trifle with a Scotswoman..." as she speaks in an advisorlike role [01:55] &lt;victoire> ((back)) [01:55] &lt;gm_t> Victoire’s boots are on and comfortable for walking.

<heylin> “but i do not think that …spits….Gentleman will ever talk badly about her in my pressence again.”
[01:56] <heylin> “no i figured she needed somthing else to concentrate on at that moment.”
[01:56] <@gm_t> The Duchess actually growls, “spaekin’ bad bout a woman is one of the worst things t’ do to a Scot”
[01:56] <heylin> "so i said that
[01:56] <victoire> “Or in front of Heylin.”
[01:57] <victoire> “I’m off, wish me luck.”

[01:57] <heylin> "i really didn’t know the words, but somethings you don’t need to understand to understand

1:57] <heylin> “have fun…….”


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