Attack the pirate ship

pirate ship fight and meet Nicolette (and re-meet Kate)

23:22] <osprey_> "so how fast is this ship CAPT/’
[23:22] <keander> ok need a few minutes, dog just both pawed my nards
[23:22] <keander> jumped full on, trying to breathe
[23:24] <th_tar> "With wind, and some luck, we can beat them..."23:24] == Keander has changed nick to Victoire [23:24] &lt;th_tar> as he grimaces, "but unless one of you can change the wind…we are in trouble.
[23:24] * Victoire hops down and stands in the middle of the deck behind the mast, closing her eyes and bringing up her energies
[23:26] <th_tar> "What is that woman doing? Not a good time to sleep..." he says irritated... [23:26] &lt;osprey_> "I doubt that i can owing my life to the Fay." [23:26] &lt;th_tar> “Captain! They are readying their cannons” yells the crow’s nest, pointing towards the skull ship
[23:28] * Victoire feels the air around her, the breeze and ushers it in the direction they need to go
[23:29] <th_tar> (roll) [23:29] &lt;osprey_> "but if they get closer i can help." [23:30] &lt;victoire> ((Holy ship!! &lt;gameserv>: Victoire rolled 1d20: 20 &lt;total:>)) [23:30] &lt;osprey_> oh ya [23:30] &lt;th_tar> Clouds start to swirl, and the winds start to increase…MIGHTILY
[23:30] <th_tar> (what direction you want to have the wind push in? use a different color and draw an arrow Dan) [23:32] &lt;victoire> ((do we have cannons or are we trying to just escape?)) [23:33] &lt;th_tar> (you have a couple cannons, but more a defensive measure…depends on you…you got the power of the wind…you can have them suddenly shift and get you guys to engage REAL fast…)
[23:33] <th_tar> (aka pull in pretty tight, enough to board on the next round...) [23:33] &lt;th_tar> (or you can push it to escape)
[23:33] <victoire> that way
[23:36] <th_tar> The ship suddenly has a burst of speed, pulling it away from the angle that the cannons are aimed....and clearing a path for the other pirate ship to fire... [23:39] * Victoire pushes her hands toward the sails, filling them feeling the boat heel over in the tight turn [23:39] &lt;th_tar> The explorer wife nearly falls, eeping and grabbing a hold of the railing by the wheel even as quite a few of the deckhands suddenly lurch off balance or fall.
[23:40] <th_tar> The sheer force of the twist is too strong for the captain on the wheel, and he literally punches himself while he was trying to steady the wheel [23:40] &lt;th_tar> The pirates on the other ship eyes widen as they see their prey suddenly twist and go at a breakneck speed away from cannons and towards them…
[23:41] <th_tar> "GET READY!" says Marcello... [23:41] &lt;th_tar> Those who aren’t staggered are getting guns ready…
[23:41] * osprey_ looks at the rope on the rigging “this is going to be fun.”
[23:41] <osprey_> ropes
[23:43] <th_tar> (course they all make saves...rolls eyes...sorry..back to this game) [23:45] &lt;th_tar> The ropes are almost begging to be swashbuckled
[23:46] <th_tar> (you going on the ropes? if so, describe...have a ball explaining...) [23:46] &lt;th_tar> :)
[23:48] <osprey_> “you get me close enough I will get her back here.”
[23:50] * osprey_ looks at the ropes on the correct side of the shipand loosens one “is this the right length my lovely.” smiling
[23:51] <th_tar> The African woman (dark skin) seems to be fighting several of the pirates off, angling so that even when others fire, they hit their own men, either with club, knife or gun [23:51] &lt;th_tar> However, Heylin sees a sniper that the woman is NOT aware of.
[23:52] * osprey_ will climb up the mast “oh hell no you don’t. I am better than you. uses the mast as a lean for the musket i loaded earlier.”
[23:53] * osprey_ will shoot the sniper behind the woman
[23:53] <th_tar> Heylin gets to a crossbeam with several ropes around it...readies...and fires... [23:53] &lt;osprey_> not a 20 but 15 base [23:54] &lt;th_tar> (smile you sonovabitch)
[23:54] <osprey_> “say cheese.”
[23:55] <th_tar> It hits close to him...which considering his position, causes him to lose balance and fall down from his position to a rather painful conclusion. [23:56] * osprey_ tosses the musket to the deck [23:56] &lt;osprey_> "not going to need that anymore in this fight." [23:57] &lt;th_tar> There are several shots fired from the Italian ship…
[23:57] <th_tar> one or two hit...even as the pirates scramble to get ready to board or for boarding...(aka they were surprised by the sudden shift and tactics) [23:58] * osprey_ will wrap a rope around his left arm and get ready to board the other ship smiling [23:58] &lt;th_tar> (what’s victoire doing?)
[00:02] <victoire> ((making sure the winds cooperate))
[00:02] <th_tar> (Heylin...you're up) [00:02] &lt;victoire> When we get close enough to board, will release the winds and then scamper across myself [00:03] * osprey_ will swing across first aiming close to the woman if i can [00:04] &lt;osprey_> if not i am going right into the middle of the ship and wrecking havoc [00:05] &lt;th_tar> (let me check something)
[00:06] <victoire> hehe emphasis on wrecking

[00:15] <th_tar> (you landed on the blue dot) [00:16] &lt;th_tar> (red dots are pirates around you…melee weapons…and black dot is the african woman)
[00:17] <victoire> ((is she african or like heylin’s friend, Persian?))
[00:18] <osprey_> "Hey Boys why don’t you pick on a man not a helpless woman. " smiling “but it loos like she is doing quite well i might just let her take the ship herself……..no not going to happen lets play.” drawing the pistols first
[00:20] <th_tar> (african) [00:20] &lt;th_tar> (dark)
[00:21] <th_tar> (green dot is victoire) [00:21] &lt;th_tar> (if that part had continued down…)
[00:21] <osprey_> not for long
[00:22] <th_tar> "Wow...so wish I worked on my high school French more..." says the woman, "but I'll definitely take the save in this disney reject ..." [00:22] &lt;th_tar> (she says it in english)
[00:23] * osprey_ will aim at the two to his left and fire one pistol at each then draw steel
[00:23] <th_tar> She strikes hits the guy in front of her twice with the sticks, breaking an arm, and sending him down to his knees. [00:23] &lt;th_tar> (roll them)
[00:23] <osprey_> i think i get 3 you said
[00:24] <osprey_> 13 and 8
[00:26] <th_tar> The first pistol ball hits the first pirate, the round projectile making a bloody wound and sending the man down, while the other takes a big chunk off the railing [00:26] &lt;th_tar> (I white dotted the dead guy)
[00:26] <th_tar> (Victoire...you're up) [00:27] * th_tar slaps osprey_ around a bit with a large fishbot [00:27] * Victoire drops her magic, just a bit then runs to the corner and jumps to the other ship [00:28] &lt;th_tar> (same as ken…d20
athletics (or tumble/acrobatics) + dex )
[00:29] <victoire> 14 with all adds
[00:29] <victoire> 4 base
[00:29] <victoire> yay
[00:29] <victoire> i’ll swim for a while
[00:29] * osprey_ smiles “now it is play time boys lets see how how youdeal with my blades.”
[00:31] <th_tar> (d4 and d4 again) [00:35] &lt;th_tar> Victoire runs, and as she starts her leap, there is a lurch of her boat as the wind was recorrecting itself. With a jump, she overshoots her original target, but with a twist, lands, with her feet, on a slippery rail.
[00:35] <th_tar> Victoire's body, having been trained with some beam work in gymnastics and dance, was able to reflexively correct itself, for the moment. [00:37] &lt;th_tar> (it’s one of those ‘woa…woa…huh…this body does have a use’
[00:38] <th_tar> The pirate who was facing Heylin sees the blade come out, drops his weapon and runs... [00:42] &lt;th_tar> (marked your spot on the ship with a green dot dan)
[00:42] <th_tar> One of the pirates hits the african woman with a club..the other barely misses with a nasty looking hook [00:42] &lt;th_tar> Heylin…you’re up
[00:44] <th_tar> (yellow marks where some cannon balls hit (or missed) ship) [00:46] &lt;th_tar> (ken?)
[00:49] * osprey_ will draw a dagger i n left hand andsaber in righ
[00:49] <osprey_> .me slowely bythe nub=mbers
[00:50] <th_tar> (you ok to continue ken?) [00:50] &lt;osprey_> ya for a while [00:51] &lt;th_tar> (just making sure)
[00:51] <th_tar> (you pulled your weapons out the end of last round) [00:52] * osprey_ will step to the next and say why are you picking on a woman? [00:53] &lt;th_tar> and in typical fashion…
[00:53] <th_tar> "ARRGH" [00:53] &lt;osprey_> dagger first [00:53] &lt;osprey_> 9-16 [00:55] &lt;th_tar> The dagger hits him, causing him to fold over.
[00:57] <th_tar> Victoire... [00:58] * Victoire tries to hop down and take the pirate nearer to her, drawing her rapier and seeking to disarm [00:59] &lt;th_tar> Blunk, he turns and does the typical pirate ogle, sneer, and lewd suggestion…
[01:00] <th_tar> (you get an additional +4 to hit him because he deserves it) [01:00] &lt;victoire> hehe [01:00] &lt;victoire> and i'll need it [01:00] &lt;victoire> since haven't rolled over 5 yet [01:00] &lt;victoire> kept the first time for wind [01:01] &lt;victoire> 13 + 4 [01:01] &lt;victoire> so 6 base [01:01] &lt;th_tar> The pirate looks very surprised as the weapon flies from his hand….and it reminds victoire of the look monkeys make in cages when something goes wrong.
[01:01] <th_tar> His jowls shake as his hands raise, "brraaaa" [01:02] * Victoire draws an X on his chest [01:02] &lt;victoire> oh wait [01:02] &lt;victoire> better [01:02] &lt;victoire> suspenders? [01:02] &lt;th_tar> The African hits the one that was on his knees, knocking him out, even as she points, “More uglies and Johnny depps with no looks coming”

[01:03] <victoire> cuts the suspenders
[01:03] <th_tar> His pants fall down, with a "wha?" expression [01:03] &lt;victoire> "You don't recognize a Musketeer?" [01:05] &lt;th_tar> “You guys are real?” says the African woman, “thought Dumas just wrote you up and Errol took it from there…”
[01:05] <th_tar> (or did you say that in french?) [01:05] &lt;osprey_> "A musketeer what am i chopped liver?" [01:05] &lt;th_tar> Several more shots hit the pirate ship, and some start tearing through the ropes and sails.
[01:06] <th_tar> (she had said that in english...not sure how much you would have caught her meaning...though you can tell she was a bit surprised and skeptical) [01:07] &lt;th_tar> Several pirates are climbing up the stairs (which I had marked) and the French ship seems to be coming in closer to the other side of the bad pirate ship.
[01:08] <osprey_> “you are dumb enough to come up to me in a single file. god i love pirates. they are dumber than farm boys.”
[01:09] <th_tar> (so what's Heylin doing?) [01:09] &lt;victoire> ((French)) [01:11] &lt;osprey_> moves to the stairs [01:11] &lt;osprey_> around the mast [01:12] &lt;th_tar> Heylin moves around and is now at the head of the stairs, looking down at the running pirates…
[01:12] <th_tar> (saying or doing anything dramatic?0 [01:13] &lt;osprey_> oh ya [01:13] &lt;osprey_> "come to poppa you idiots." [01:14] &lt;th_tar> The pirate that had his suspenders reaches down to pull them up and gets cold cocked by the african
[01:14] <@th_tar> “MAN…you are so dumb…baka”

[01:19] <th_tar> (victoire seems to focus more on the strange African than the other ship) [01:20] &lt;th_tar> “so…which ship is yours?” she asks Victoire.
[01:20] <osprey_> “you boys are sooo screwed now.”
[01:20] * Victoire switches to English, “You speak oddly for an African.”
[01:22] <victoire> “Le Femme Petit is a member of the Royal Family, and the ((name of Italian ship)) is the one we are traveling on. Is this your vessel?”
[01:22] <th_tar> The woman answers back, "well, you wouldn't believe the half of it..." [01:23] &lt;th_tar> “let’s say I just dropped here…and it wasn’t my choice.”
[01:23] * th_tar seems to open her arms out as if a frustrated question.
[01:24] <osprey_> “are you two going to flap your gums or finish this fight. i am having waaaay tooo much fun here.”
[01:24] <th_tar> (laugh...I was stuffing my face) [01:24] &lt;victoire> "Thought you had the rest?" [01:24] &lt;th_tar> They charge up the stairs…
[01:24] <@th_tar> (the rest?0
[01:24] <osprey_> “oh ok they are mine you have fun .”
[01:24] <victoire> ((pirates – Heylin, like he’s going to share.))

[01:25] * osprey_ will kick the first in the chest as he gets there

[01:25] <osprey_> then follow him down the stairs to the others

[01:26] <th_tar> Heylin hits the thick, bald pirate stereotype with the bandanna in the chest and face. [01:26] * osprey_ does his best Portho's imitation on this [01:26] &lt;osprey_> ((Bonziiiiii) [01:26] * Victoire resheathes the rapier and grabs two of the belaying pins from the pin rail, then jumps over the rail into the Pirates below [01:27] &lt;th_tar> (so jumping on #2?)
[01:27] <th_tar> (off the top rope?) [01:27] &lt;victoire> yes [01:27] &lt;victoire> over the top rope [01:28] &lt;th_tar> (going to say 2 to hit for the jump and surprise)
[01:28] <th_tar> (on top of whatever you're doing) [01:30] &lt;th_tar> (test)
[01:31] * osprey_ watches Vict “you and those damn sticks. i get to watch now huh?”
[01:31] <victoire> back
[01:31] <victoire> 15
[01:31] <osprey_> wb
[01:31] <victoire> with the +2
[01:31] <victoire> 13 w/o
[01:32] <th_tar> THUD as Victoire smashes into him...knocking him out... [01:32] &lt;th_tar> (describe you’re landing/getting up)
[01:33] <th_tar> (that is to victoire) [01:33] * Victoire flips over the rail landing on the man's shoulders, clubbing him and riding him to the deck, flipping the sticks once in a ready stance, looking over her shoulder at the next [01:33] &lt;th_tar> Meanwhile Heylin is hitting the ‘muscle’ on the pirate ship with a kick and is trying to tackle him (correct?)
[01:34] <osprey_> ya riding him down the stairs
[01:34] <th_tar> (roll damage and then give me a strength roll...higher is better) [01:34] &lt;osprey_> damage on kick to the face? [01:35] &lt;th_tar> yeah..d4
[01:35] <th_tar> (give an bonus just for hitting him in the face...:) ) [01:35] &lt;osprey_> 8 [01:35] &lt;th_tar> The nose is crunched as he takes a step back…
[01:36] <osprey_> my st bonus is 3 right?"
[01:36] <th_tar> (roll strength d20+str+athletics...yes) [01:36] &lt;th_tar> (that’ll be for the tackle
[01:36] <osprey_> 8
[01:36] <osprey_> that sucks
[01:37] <th_tar> He grunts... [01:37] &lt;th_tar> and takes a step back.
[01:37] <th_tar> He tries to double fist on your back [01:37] &lt;th_tar> (well..he doesn’t move with the nat 20)
[01:37] <th_tar> (now for the fist strike) [01:38] &lt;osprey_> "ohhh i got the big one this will be fun.' [01:38] &lt;th_tar> His ham like fists thud hard on your back…
[01:38] <th_tar> The African comes to the edge of the rails, "need help?" [01:40] &lt;osprey_> "help......there are only 3 or four here. this big boy will be fun." [01:40] &lt;th_tar> “ok monsieur…you get big bald and ugly then…”
[01:40] <th_tar> Her head picks up, "looks like your reinforcements are coming..." [01:40] &lt;victoire> "Don't bother, he's a farm boy with a big family. To him, this is who gets the drumstick." [01:41] &lt;th_tar> “well…wouldn’t know that, was only me, and let’s say, we had no problems with who gets what”
[01:41] <th_tar> (victoire...you're up) [01:42] &lt;osprey_> (I have to go to bed soon guys ) [01:42] &lt;th_tar> (a round or two more and call it an evening?)
[01:43] <th_tar> (laugh...ok, we'll make it the last round) [01:43] * Victoire spins the sticks once and clubs another in the thigh, arm, and side of the head [01:43] &lt;victoire> hey 21 [01:44] &lt;th_tar> THUD THUD THUD…as the next pirate is knocked out.
[01:44] <th_tar> (heylin) [01:45] * osprey_ will bring the back of his head up to the base of the chin of baldy standing up quickly [01:45] &lt;osprey_> 12 [01:45] &lt;th_tar> Heylin’s head hits the chin…
[01:45] <th_tar> (do damage...d4+str) [01:45] &lt;osprey_> 4 [01:46] &lt;th_tar> He raises his hands, as if to hit you again on the back….and he continues to raise his hands…and falls back down the stairs, unconscious.
[01:46] <th_tar> The 'bad guy' pirates start to throw down their weapons, raising hands, seeking to parley... [01:46] &lt;osprey_> "Next!" [01:47] * Victoire switches back to French, "Which of you is in charge?" [01:47] &lt;th_tar> A plank starts to go between the two pirate ships, even as the female captain starts to walk across. There is a strut to her walk, even as there was an aristocratic air about her.
[01:47] * osprey_ will place his sword point towards the next one n line
[01:48] <th_tar> (weapons are clanging against the decks) [01:48] &lt;osprey_> "don't even think of pisseing her off." [01:48] &lt;th_tar> Behind her is another woman who resembles her (aka sister), but doesn’t have the sheer confidence as the one in front. The second one looks tired, and has a slightly haunted look…
[01:48] <th_tar> (the second one you HAVE seen before as being one of the twin sisters of Ysabette) [01:49] &lt;th_tar> (half sisters)
[01:49] <osprey_> Gloves or not on second one?
[01:49] * Victoire bows with a flourish, removing her hat
[01:49] <th_tar> (both have gloves) [01:49] &lt;th_tar> The first smiles, “culture on the seas…good afternoon musketeers…” her eyes twinkling.
[01:49] * osprey_ shakes his head “my ladies.” with a bow
[01:50] <th_tar> She nods to him as well. [01:50] &lt;th_tar> “Take the others and prepare to send them on the two long boats that are left unbroken…” her voice rather clear in her orders.
[01:51] <victoire> “Good afternoon.”
[01:51] * Victoire replaces her hat, and stands at ease
[01:51] <th_tar> (trying to remember which name I had given the pirate sister) [01:52] &lt;osprey_> ((sorry i don't remember that) [01:52] &lt;th_tar> Turning to her sister, “do the usual…” as she smiles.
[01:52] <th_tar> The other sister nods, and gives a curt nod to several 'guards' nearby her, who start to walk by her side, even as she starts writing things down. [01:53] &lt;th_tar> “I am Nicolette…”
[01:53] <th_tar> (will fix if I look at logs and adjust) [01:53] &lt;victoire> "Victoire. And my compatriot is Heylin." [01:53] &lt;osprey_> "my Lady." [01:53] &lt;th_tar> “bonjour…” as she smiles, and for a brief moment, Heylin can tell that she’s appraising him for a few moments.
[01:54] <th_tar> (definite learned trait from the family) [01:54] &lt;th_tar> She laughs, “I think if my sister is anything like me monsieur…you are going to be in trouble when she’s older”
[01:54] <osprey_> “i am a simple farm boy on an adventure. simple as that.”
[01:55] <th_tar> The African comes up towards Heylin and Victoire, "thank you..." even as she then does a curtsey as well. [01:55] &lt;osprey_> "yo can judge me as you see fit. most nobles do it." [01:56] &lt;osprey_> "do it naturally. that is the word." [01:56] &lt;th_tar> There is a raised eyebrow, “and judging is what got my father into trouble…”
[01:56] <th_tar> "the fool" [01:56] &lt;osprey_> "i will not speak badly of the dead. your father was an ass." [01:57] &lt;th_tar> She laughs.
[01:57] * Victoire looks to the African, dropping to English, “What is your name?”
[01:57] <th_tar> "but we shall talk later, I have to see to the contents of the ship before it is scuttled..." [01:57] &lt;th_tar> (that is from Nicollette)
[01:58] <osprey_> “you are going to sink this ship?”
[01:58] <th_tar> Turning, "that is my plan after taking what is valuable...of course, you have earned a share as well" [01:58] &lt;osprey_> "all this work do build it and you are just going to sink it?" [01:59] &lt;th_tar> “not enough men to run it well”
[01:59] <osprey_> “then hire some.”
[01:59] <th_tar> The African woman looks at Victoire, "call me Kate...I know, it doesn't match, but you wouldn't believe the story" [02:00] &lt;th_tar> Nicolette laughs, “I plan to when I get to port, but there isn’t enough right now on my ship to man both”
[02:00] * osprey_ runs his hand o n the hand rail. you know how long this took to make?
[02:00] <osprey_> "
[02:00] <th_tar> Nicolette raises her hands, and then gives a fairly accurate amount of time that it did take to make the ship [02:00] * Victoire looks at her startled, "Kate?" [02:01] &lt;th_tar> (OOC: sorry I don’t have the amount of time off hand…but she would)
[02:01] <th_tar> "Yes, I know...doesn't sound very African...but it's a weird story that you wouldn't believe." [02:01] &lt;victoire> "Indeed. You shall have to explain it to me..." [02:01] &lt;osprey_> "i was just talking about this piece of handrail. you do know your ships my lady Nic." [02:02] &lt;th_tar> “four years on the seas does give a perspective…”
[02:02] <th_tar> Kate: "magic...I come from a land far away, and it's not the dark continent". She grimaces at referring it as 'dark continent'. [02:03] &lt;th_tar> “one moment, I was in that different land…next I’m …here”
[02:03] <th_tar> Kate: "like this" [02:04] &lt;th_tar> (think of a younger grace jones, or a tennis player Williams sister)
[02:04] <th_tar> (STRONG...though lean (so more grace jones) [02:04] * Victoire winks at her, "One moment you're Cameron Diaz, the next Grace Jones." [02:04] &lt;th_tar> “I would have killed for these cheekbones at ohme”
[02:04] <th_tar> She does a double take. [02:05] * Victoire holds her finger to her lips [02:05] &lt;th_tar> “no….” as she looks, “Chey?”
[02:05] * osprey_ keeps an eye on the princess’
[02:05] <th_tar> She looks at Heylin, "perhaps I will think about it...you speak like a craftsman..." [02:05] &lt;victoire> "Victoire. Serving girl turned Musketeer." [02:06] &lt;th_tar> “passion such as that should be thought about…but I still need to see to my sister…” as there is a tone of sadness.
[02:06] <osprey_> “nope just a farmer. i work on tools for the farm.”
[02:06] <th_tar> "I do not have many sisters left...so I must make sure the ones I know...well..." as she curtseys again, and heads off towards her sister's location. [02:07] &lt;th_tar> “how?” as Kate looks at Victoire, “nevermind…I can guess how…” as she frowns. “yesterday I was in the west, this morning I land in this body”
[02:08] * Victoire leans in close, “Given the choice, your’s is at least lean.”
[02:08] <th_tar> Kate laughs, "ya...you definitely have a pair of twins there that would throw off your balance..." [02:08] * Victoire continues to whisper, "I landed up with these..." [02:09] &lt;th_tar> “though your hair…wow…”
[02:09] * osprey_ " I thought i was done protecting this family for a while I guess not." follows the Pirate


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