What to do with the ship
Introducing valentina

Keander has changed nick to Victoire / osprey_ has changed nick to Heylin / Aerlwyn has changed nick to Valentina

When we last left off, Kate and Victoire had brought up the chest and put it in the middle of the deck. Heylin sits to the side on the rail looking in the distance…

Valentina, you had seen these two musketeers literally raid the ship that you were on (a pirateer that had attacked the Italian ship) and fight off quite a few rather handily, even as one of your own, a dark African woman that was once a part of your crew also led a fight from within…though that ‘fight’ was mostly people attacking her and she fighting them off with a strange dual stick style that was alien to anything that you had seen before

DM: (it is up to you whether you agreed with the former captain or not…many were sent on lifeboats away from the ship, since many had been loyal to the captain as he had been somewhat successful before this). Also a French pirate ship also attacked your ship Valentina. Valentina, the pirate ship you had been on was a motley crew from all sorts of nations)

Valentina moves onto the deck “so what do you plan to do with us now as you have the ship and the spoils?”

Heylin mumbles under his breath “scuttle the damn thing.”

Victoire rubs Heylin’s shoulder, touching her blade at the new voice, “What is your name?”

Valentina: “Valentina my lady”

Victoire looks at the woman, her eyes narrowing as she assesses her, “Do you know her Kate?”

Heylin looks over his shoulder “Valentina well met.”

Valentina: (yes very much so think like Penelope Cruz from Pirates of the Caribbean)

Victoire extends a hand, “Victoire, well met, Valentina. Were you a prisoner as well?”

Nicolette, the princess, looks over at Heylin, “Musketeer…let us speak for a moment…” Her voice was command like but not as a spoiled noblewoman, but as a captain

Valentina: “yes they wanted to ransom me back to my father but well you got to them before they could send a letter off to him for a payment”

Heylin looks at the woman “do you think a cell could keep her inside. looks like ……..nobody. i will stop talking about one who is not here.”

Victoire: “Then please, join us. Have you eaten? Water?”

Valentina: “only what they thought i needed to survive as they wanted their gold for the ransom”

Victoire kneels down opening her pack, taking out bread and cheese, and a skin of wine handing it to Valentina, “Please?” Valentina reaches for the food and wine “are you sure as i dont want to take what is yours as i have no way to pay for this”

Heylin: “sorry i don’t have any more food it is past breakfast…. i don’t have extra for the day….”

The French captain moves a few steps closer, “very well then musketeer…I agree…the ship is a treasure and can be thrown in for the bounty that was captured…”
Victoire: “I insist. And no payment necessary.”

Her eyes piercing, “and I will give you one night and speech to see what crew you can rouse to man it…if successful, then it is yours…”

Valentina takes the food and starts to eat, drinking the wine to wash it down “thank you”

Victoire: “you got the ship!?”

Nicolette: “and I shall still continue my fight for France and my sister…” then she looks at Victoire, “that is if you give up the share of what is in the chest…”

Heylin: “i don’t want the ship i want Ysebette to have the ship. if it can help her.”

Victoire: “I have no need of treasure, but I ask for something be left to these women. They have been through enough to go hungry and without food.”

Nicolette smiles, “as do I…but I do not have enough on my ship alone to spare crewing her and mine…that is why I said to scuttle her…” She shrugs, “but perhaps you can get from both ships to perhaps sail.”

Victoire: “We are Musketeers, we will figure out a way.”

Valentina: “could i come with you as i have some useful skills” smiles as she finishes off the food

Victoire: “Of course, can you sail?”

Heylin: "I have already beat their biggest and will offer any who take the ship back to Ysebette………..what do they call ie a royal favor

“So…” as the African woman looks at Heylin, “you ready with a speech?” her teeth very telling versus her dark complexion.

Valentina: “i can learn yes, i have a few skills that would be useful”

Heylin: “so basically they will not be killed in the long boats. That is about all i will say. but if you do not do what we talk about I WILL track all of you down and feed you to the dogs after i remove your innard through your mouths.”

Several members of both crews seem to have curious looks, looks that may mean $$$ as royal favors could be rather…worthwhile

Victoire turns to Heylin, “Favors?”

Heylin asks Marcello, “how much per sailor to take the ship back to Ysebette?”

Heylin: “pardons…isn’t that what they are called?”

Victoire: “Ah, ok. Letter of Marque.”

(it will take 15 crew total….going back to ye old pirates game from Sid Meyers)

Attack the pirate ship
pirate ship fight and meet Nicolette (and re-meet Kate)

23:22] <osprey_> "so how fast is this ship CAPT/’
[23:22] <keander> ok need a few minutes, dog just both pawed my nards
[23:22] <keander> jumped full on, trying to breathe
[23:24] <th_tar> "With wind, and some luck, we can beat them..."23:24] == Keander has changed nick to Victoire [23:24] &lt;th_tar> as he grimaces, "but unless one of you can change the wind…we are in trouble.
[23:24] * Victoire hops down and stands in the middle of the deck behind the mast, closing her eyes and bringing up her energies
[23:26] <th_tar> "What is that woman doing? Not a good time to sleep..." he says irritated... [23:26] &lt;osprey_> "I doubt that i can owing my life to the Fay." [23:26] &lt;th_tar> “Captain! They are readying their cannons” yells the crow’s nest, pointing towards the skull ship
[23:28] * Victoire feels the air around her, the breeze and ushers it in the direction they need to go
[23:29] <th_tar> (roll) [23:29] &lt;osprey_> "but if they get closer i can help." [23:30] &lt;victoire> ((Holy ship!! &lt;gameserv>: Victoire rolled 1d20: 20 &lt;total:>)) [23:30] &lt;osprey_> oh ya [23:30] &lt;th_tar> Clouds start to swirl, and the winds start to increase…MIGHTILY
[23:30] <th_tar> (what direction you want to have the wind push in? use a different color and draw an arrow Dan) [23:32] &lt;victoire> ((do we have cannons or are we trying to just escape?)) [23:33] &lt;th_tar> (you have a couple cannons, but more a defensive measure…depends on you…you got the power of the wind…you can have them suddenly shift and get you guys to engage REAL fast…)
[23:33] <th_tar> (aka pull in pretty tight, enough to board on the next round...) [23:33] &lt;th_tar> (or you can push it to escape)
[23:33] <victoire> that way
[23:36] <th_tar> The ship suddenly has a burst of speed, pulling it away from the angle that the cannons are aimed....and clearing a path for the other pirate ship to fire... [23:39] * Victoire pushes her hands toward the sails, filling them feeling the boat heel over in the tight turn [23:39] &lt;th_tar> The explorer wife nearly falls, eeping and grabbing a hold of the railing by the wheel even as quite a few of the deckhands suddenly lurch off balance or fall.
[23:40] <th_tar> The sheer force of the twist is too strong for the captain on the wheel, and he literally punches himself while he was trying to steady the wheel [23:40] &lt;th_tar> The pirates on the other ship eyes widen as they see their prey suddenly twist and go at a breakneck speed away from cannons and towards them…
[23:41] <th_tar> "GET READY!" says Marcello... [23:41] &lt;th_tar> Those who aren’t staggered are getting guns ready…
[23:41] * osprey_ looks at the rope on the rigging “this is going to be fun.”
[23:41] <osprey_> ropes
[23:43] <th_tar> (course they all make saves...rolls eyes...sorry..back to this game) [23:45] &lt;th_tar> The ropes are almost begging to be swashbuckled
[23:46] <th_tar> (you going on the ropes? if so, describe...have a ball explaining...) [23:46] &lt;th_tar> :)
[23:48] <osprey_> “you get me close enough I will get her back here.”
[23:50] * osprey_ looks at the ropes on the correct side of the shipand loosens one “is this the right length my lovely.” smiling
[23:51] <th_tar> The African woman (dark skin) seems to be fighting several of the pirates off, angling so that even when others fire, they hit their own men, either with club, knife or gun [23:51] &lt;th_tar> However, Heylin sees a sniper that the woman is NOT aware of.
[23:52] * osprey_ will climb up the mast “oh hell no you don’t. I am better than you. uses the mast as a lean for the musket i loaded earlier.”
[23:53] * osprey_ will shoot the sniper behind the woman
[23:53] <th_tar> Heylin gets to a crossbeam with several ropes around it...readies...and fires... [23:53] &lt;osprey_> not a 20 but 15 base [23:54] &lt;th_tar> (smile you sonovabitch)
[23:54] <osprey_> “say cheese.”
[23:55] <th_tar> It hits close to him...which considering his position, causes him to lose balance and fall down from his position to a rather painful conclusion. [23:56] * osprey_ tosses the musket to the deck [23:56] &lt;osprey_> "not going to need that anymore in this fight." [23:57] &lt;th_tar> There are several shots fired from the Italian ship…
[23:57] <th_tar> one or two hit...even as the pirates scramble to get ready to board or for boarding...(aka they were surprised by the sudden shift and tactics) [23:58] * osprey_ will wrap a rope around his left arm and get ready to board the other ship smiling [23:58] &lt;th_tar> (what’s victoire doing?)
[00:02] <victoire> ((making sure the winds cooperate))
[00:02] <th_tar> (Heylin...you're up) [00:02] &lt;victoire> When we get close enough to board, will release the winds and then scamper across myself [00:03] * osprey_ will swing across first aiming close to the woman if i can [00:04] &lt;osprey_> if not i am going right into the middle of the ship and wrecking havoc [00:05] &lt;th_tar> (let me check something)
[00:06] <victoire> hehe emphasis on wrecking

[00:15] <th_tar> (you landed on the blue dot) [00:16] &lt;th_tar> (red dots are pirates around you…melee weapons…and black dot is the african woman)
[00:17] <victoire> ((is she african or like heylin’s friend, Persian?))
[00:18] <osprey_> "Hey Boys why don’t you pick on a man not a helpless woman. " smiling “but it loos like she is doing quite well i might just let her take the ship herself……..no not going to happen lets play.” drawing the pistols first
[00:20] <th_tar> (african) [00:20] &lt;th_tar> (dark)
[00:21] <th_tar> (green dot is victoire) [00:21] &lt;th_tar> (if that part had continued down…)
[00:21] <osprey_> not for long
[00:22] <th_tar> "Wow...so wish I worked on my high school French more..." says the woman, "but I'll definitely take the save in this disney reject ..." [00:22] &lt;th_tar> (she says it in english)
[00:23] * osprey_ will aim at the two to his left and fire one pistol at each then draw steel
[00:23] <th_tar> She strikes hits the guy in front of her twice with the sticks, breaking an arm, and sending him down to his knees. [00:23] &lt;th_tar> (roll them)
[00:23] <osprey_> i think i get 3 you said
[00:24] <osprey_> 13 and 8
[00:26] <th_tar> The first pistol ball hits the first pirate, the round projectile making a bloody wound and sending the man down, while the other takes a big chunk off the railing [00:26] &lt;th_tar> (I white dotted the dead guy)
[00:26] <th_tar> (Victoire...you're up) [00:27] * th_tar slaps osprey_ around a bit with a large fishbot [00:27] * Victoire drops her magic, just a bit then runs to the corner and jumps to the other ship [00:28] &lt;th_tar> (same as ken…d20
athletics (or tumble/acrobatics) + dex )
[00:29] <victoire> 14 with all adds
[00:29] <victoire> 4 base
[00:29] <victoire> yay
[00:29] <victoire> i’ll swim for a while
[00:29] * osprey_ smiles “now it is play time boys lets see how how youdeal with my blades.”
[00:31] <th_tar> (d4 and d4 again) [00:35] &lt;th_tar> Victoire runs, and as she starts her leap, there is a lurch of her boat as the wind was recorrecting itself. With a jump, she overshoots her original target, but with a twist, lands, with her feet, on a slippery rail.
[00:35] <th_tar> Victoire's body, having been trained with some beam work in gymnastics and dance, was able to reflexively correct itself, for the moment. [00:37] &lt;th_tar> (it’s one of those ‘woa…woa…huh…this body does have a use’
[00:38] <th_tar> The pirate who was facing Heylin sees the blade come out, drops his weapon and runs... [00:42] &lt;th_tar> (marked your spot on the ship with a green dot dan)
[00:42] <th_tar> One of the pirates hits the african woman with a club..the other barely misses with a nasty looking hook [00:42] &lt;th_tar> Heylin…you’re up
[00:44] <th_tar> (yellow marks where some cannon balls hit (or missed) ship) [00:46] &lt;th_tar> (ken?)
[00:49] * osprey_ will draw a dagger i n left hand andsaber in righ
[00:49] <osprey_> .me slowely bythe nub=mbers
[00:50] <th_tar> (you ok to continue ken?) [00:50] &lt;osprey_> ya for a while [00:51] &lt;th_tar> (just making sure)
[00:51] <th_tar> (you pulled your weapons out the end of last round) [00:52] * osprey_ will step to the next and say why are you picking on a woman? [00:53] &lt;th_tar> and in typical fashion…
[00:53] <th_tar> "ARRGH" [00:53] &lt;osprey_> dagger first [00:53] &lt;osprey_> 9-16 [00:55] &lt;th_tar> The dagger hits him, causing him to fold over.
[00:57] <th_tar> Victoire... [00:58] * Victoire tries to hop down and take the pirate nearer to her, drawing her rapier and seeking to disarm [00:59] &lt;th_tar> Blunk, he turns and does the typical pirate ogle, sneer, and lewd suggestion…
[01:00] <th_tar> (you get an additional +4 to hit him because he deserves it) [01:00] &lt;victoire> hehe [01:00] &lt;victoire> and i'll need it [01:00] &lt;victoire> since haven't rolled over 5 yet [01:00] &lt;victoire> kept the first time for wind [01:01] &lt;victoire> 13 + 4 [01:01] &lt;victoire> so 6 base [01:01] &lt;th_tar> The pirate looks very surprised as the weapon flies from his hand….and it reminds victoire of the look monkeys make in cages when something goes wrong.
[01:01] <th_tar> His jowls shake as his hands raise, "brraaaa" [01:02] * Victoire draws an X on his chest [01:02] &lt;victoire> oh wait [01:02] &lt;victoire> better [01:02] &lt;victoire> suspenders? [01:02] &lt;th_tar> The African hits the one that was on his knees, knocking him out, even as she points, “More uglies and Johnny depps with no looks coming”

[01:03] <victoire> cuts the suspenders
[01:03] <th_tar> His pants fall down, with a "wha?" expression [01:03] &lt;victoire> "You don't recognize a Musketeer?" [01:05] &lt;th_tar> “You guys are real?” says the African woman, “thought Dumas just wrote you up and Errol took it from there…”
[01:05] <th_tar> (or did you say that in french?) [01:05] &lt;osprey_> "A musketeer what am i chopped liver?" [01:05] &lt;th_tar> Several more shots hit the pirate ship, and some start tearing through the ropes and sails.
[01:06] <th_tar> (she had said that in english...not sure how much you would have caught her meaning...though you can tell she was a bit surprised and skeptical) [01:07] &lt;th_tar> Several pirates are climbing up the stairs (which I had marked) and the French ship seems to be coming in closer to the other side of the bad pirate ship.
[01:08] <osprey_> “you are dumb enough to come up to me in a single file. god i love pirates. they are dumber than farm boys.”
[01:09] <th_tar> (so what's Heylin doing?) [01:09] &lt;victoire> ((French)) [01:11] &lt;osprey_> moves to the stairs [01:11] &lt;osprey_> around the mast [01:12] &lt;th_tar> Heylin moves around and is now at the head of the stairs, looking down at the running pirates…
[01:12] <th_tar> (saying or doing anything dramatic?0 [01:13] &lt;osprey_> oh ya [01:13] &lt;osprey_> "come to poppa you idiots." [01:14] &lt;th_tar> The pirate that had his suspenders reaches down to pull them up and gets cold cocked by the african
[01:14] <@th_tar> “MAN…you are so dumb…baka”

[01:19] <th_tar> (victoire seems to focus more on the strange African than the other ship) [01:20] &lt;th_tar> “so…which ship is yours?” she asks Victoire.
[01:20] <osprey_> “you boys are sooo screwed now.”
[01:20] * Victoire switches to English, “You speak oddly for an African.”
[01:22] <victoire> “Le Femme Petit is a member of the Royal Family, and the ((name of Italian ship)) is the one we are traveling on. Is this your vessel?”
[01:22] <th_tar> The woman answers back, "well, you wouldn't believe the half of it..." [01:23] &lt;th_tar> “let’s say I just dropped here…and it wasn’t my choice.”
[01:23] * th_tar seems to open her arms out as if a frustrated question.
[01:24] <osprey_> “are you two going to flap your gums or finish this fight. i am having waaaay tooo much fun here.”
[01:24] <th_tar> (laugh...I was stuffing my face) [01:24] &lt;victoire> "Thought you had the rest?" [01:24] &lt;th_tar> They charge up the stairs…
[01:24] <@th_tar> (the rest?0
[01:24] <osprey_> “oh ok they are mine you have fun .”
[01:24] <victoire> ((pirates – Heylin, like he’s going to share.))

[01:25] * osprey_ will kick the first in the chest as he gets there

[01:25] <osprey_> then follow him down the stairs to the others

[01:26] <th_tar> Heylin hits the thick, bald pirate stereotype with the bandanna in the chest and face. [01:26] * osprey_ does his best Portho's imitation on this [01:26] &lt;osprey_> ((Bonziiiiii) [01:26] * Victoire resheathes the rapier and grabs two of the belaying pins from the pin rail, then jumps over the rail into the Pirates below [01:27] &lt;th_tar> (so jumping on #2?)
[01:27] <th_tar> (off the top rope?) [01:27] &lt;victoire> yes [01:27] &lt;victoire> over the top rope [01:28] &lt;th_tar> (going to say 2 to hit for the jump and surprise)
[01:28] <th_tar> (on top of whatever you're doing) [01:30] &lt;th_tar> (test)
[01:31] * osprey_ watches Vict “you and those damn sticks. i get to watch now huh?”
[01:31] <victoire> back
[01:31] <victoire> 15
[01:31] <osprey_> wb
[01:31] <victoire> with the +2
[01:31] <victoire> 13 w/o
[01:32] <th_tar> THUD as Victoire smashes into him...knocking him out... [01:32] &lt;th_tar> (describe you’re landing/getting up)
[01:33] <th_tar> (that is to victoire) [01:33] * Victoire flips over the rail landing on the man's shoulders, clubbing him and riding him to the deck, flipping the sticks once in a ready stance, looking over her shoulder at the next [01:33] &lt;th_tar> Meanwhile Heylin is hitting the ‘muscle’ on the pirate ship with a kick and is trying to tackle him (correct?)
[01:34] <osprey_> ya riding him down the stairs
[01:34] <th_tar> (roll damage and then give me a strength roll...higher is better) [01:34] &lt;osprey_> damage on kick to the face? [01:35] &lt;th_tar> yeah..d4
[01:35] <th_tar> (give an bonus just for hitting him in the face...:) ) [01:35] &lt;osprey_> 8 [01:35] &lt;th_tar> The nose is crunched as he takes a step back…
[01:36] <osprey_> my st bonus is 3 right?"
[01:36] <th_tar> (roll strength d20+str+athletics...yes) [01:36] &lt;th_tar> (that’ll be for the tackle
[01:36] <osprey_> 8
[01:36] <osprey_> that sucks
[01:37] <th_tar> He grunts... [01:37] &lt;th_tar> and takes a step back.
[01:37] <th_tar> He tries to double fist on your back [01:37] &lt;th_tar> (well..he doesn’t move with the nat 20)
[01:37] <th_tar> (now for the fist strike) [01:38] &lt;osprey_> "ohhh i got the big one this will be fun.' [01:38] &lt;th_tar> His ham like fists thud hard on your back…
[01:38] <th_tar> The African comes to the edge of the rails, "need help?" [01:40] &lt;osprey_> "help......there are only 3 or four here. this big boy will be fun." [01:40] &lt;th_tar> “ok monsieur…you get big bald and ugly then…”
[01:40] <th_tar> Her head picks up, "looks like your reinforcements are coming..." [01:40] &lt;victoire> "Don't bother, he's a farm boy with a big family. To him, this is who gets the drumstick." [01:41] &lt;th_tar> “well…wouldn’t know that, was only me, and let’s say, we had no problems with who gets what”
[01:41] <th_tar> (victoire...you're up) [01:42] &lt;osprey_> (I have to go to bed soon guys ) [01:42] &lt;th_tar> (a round or two more and call it an evening?)
[01:43] <th_tar> (laugh...ok, we'll make it the last round) [01:43] * Victoire spins the sticks once and clubs another in the thigh, arm, and side of the head [01:43] &lt;victoire> hey 21 [01:44] &lt;th_tar> THUD THUD THUD…as the next pirate is knocked out.
[01:44] <th_tar> (heylin) [01:45] * osprey_ will bring the back of his head up to the base of the chin of baldy standing up quickly [01:45] &lt;osprey_> 12 [01:45] &lt;th_tar> Heylin’s head hits the chin…
[01:45] <th_tar> (do damage...d4+str) [01:45] &lt;osprey_> 4 [01:46] &lt;th_tar> He raises his hands, as if to hit you again on the back….and he continues to raise his hands…and falls back down the stairs, unconscious.
[01:46] <th_tar> The 'bad guy' pirates start to throw down their weapons, raising hands, seeking to parley... [01:46] &lt;osprey_> "Next!" [01:47] * Victoire switches back to French, "Which of you is in charge?" [01:47] &lt;th_tar> A plank starts to go between the two pirate ships, even as the female captain starts to walk across. There is a strut to her walk, even as there was an aristocratic air about her.
[01:47] * osprey_ will place his sword point towards the next one n line
[01:48] <th_tar> (weapons are clanging against the decks) [01:48] &lt;osprey_> "don't even think of pisseing her off." [01:48] &lt;th_tar> Behind her is another woman who resembles her (aka sister), but doesn’t have the sheer confidence as the one in front. The second one looks tired, and has a slightly haunted look…
[01:48] <th_tar> (the second one you HAVE seen before as being one of the twin sisters of Ysabette) [01:49] &lt;th_tar> (half sisters)
[01:49] <osprey_> Gloves or not on second one?
[01:49] * Victoire bows with a flourish, removing her hat
[01:49] <th_tar> (both have gloves) [01:49] &lt;th_tar> The first smiles, “culture on the seas…good afternoon musketeers…” her eyes twinkling.
[01:49] * osprey_ shakes his head “my ladies.” with a bow
[01:50] <th_tar> She nods to him as well. [01:50] &lt;th_tar> “Take the others and prepare to send them on the two long boats that are left unbroken…” her voice rather clear in her orders.
[01:51] <victoire> “Good afternoon.”
[01:51] * Victoire replaces her hat, and stands at ease
[01:51] <th_tar> (trying to remember which name I had given the pirate sister) [01:52] &lt;osprey_> ((sorry i don't remember that) [01:52] &lt;th_tar> Turning to her sister, “do the usual…” as she smiles.
[01:52] <th_tar> The other sister nods, and gives a curt nod to several 'guards' nearby her, who start to walk by her side, even as she starts writing things down. [01:53] &lt;th_tar> “I am Nicolette…”
[01:53] <th_tar> (will fix if I look at logs and adjust) [01:53] &lt;victoire> "Victoire. And my compatriot is Heylin." [01:53] &lt;osprey_> "my Lady." [01:53] &lt;th_tar> “bonjour…” as she smiles, and for a brief moment, Heylin can tell that she’s appraising him for a few moments.
[01:54] <th_tar> (definite learned trait from the family) [01:54] &lt;th_tar> She laughs, “I think if my sister is anything like me monsieur…you are going to be in trouble when she’s older”
[01:54] <osprey_> “i am a simple farm boy on an adventure. simple as that.”
[01:55] <th_tar> The African comes up towards Heylin and Victoire, "thank you..." even as she then does a curtsey as well. [01:55] &lt;osprey_> "yo can judge me as you see fit. most nobles do it." [01:56] &lt;osprey_> "do it naturally. that is the word." [01:56] &lt;th_tar> There is a raised eyebrow, “and judging is what got my father into trouble…”
[01:56] <th_tar> "the fool" [01:56] &lt;osprey_> "i will not speak badly of the dead. your father was an ass." [01:57] &lt;th_tar> She laughs.
[01:57] * Victoire looks to the African, dropping to English, “What is your name?”
[01:57] <th_tar> "but we shall talk later, I have to see to the contents of the ship before it is scuttled..." [01:57] &lt;th_tar> (that is from Nicollette)
[01:58] <osprey_> “you are going to sink this ship?”
[01:58] <th_tar> Turning, "that is my plan after taking what is valuable...of course, you have earned a share as well" [01:58] &lt;osprey_> "all this work do build it and you are just going to sink it?" [01:59] &lt;th_tar> “not enough men to run it well”
[01:59] <osprey_> “then hire some.”
[01:59] <th_tar> The African woman looks at Victoire, "call me Kate...I know, it doesn't match, but you wouldn't believe the story" [02:00] &lt;th_tar> Nicolette laughs, “I plan to when I get to port, but there isn’t enough right now on my ship to man both”
[02:00] * osprey_ runs his hand o n the hand rail. you know how long this took to make?
[02:00] <osprey_> "
[02:00] <th_tar> Nicolette raises her hands, and then gives a fairly accurate amount of time that it did take to make the ship [02:00] * Victoire looks at her startled, "Kate?" [02:01] &lt;th_tar> (OOC: sorry I don’t have the amount of time off hand…but she would)
[02:01] <th_tar> "Yes, I know...doesn't sound very African...but it's a weird story that you wouldn't believe." [02:01] &lt;victoire> "Indeed. You shall have to explain it to me..." [02:01] &lt;osprey_> "i was just talking about this piece of handrail. you do know your ships my lady Nic." [02:02] &lt;th_tar> “four years on the seas does give a perspective…”
[02:02] <th_tar> Kate: "magic...I come from a land far away, and it's not the dark continent". She grimaces at referring it as 'dark continent'. [02:03] &lt;th_tar> “one moment, I was in that different land…next I’m …here”
[02:03] <th_tar> Kate: "like this" [02:04] &lt;th_tar> (think of a younger grace jones, or a tennis player Williams sister)
[02:04] <th_tar> (STRONG...though lean (so more grace jones) [02:04] * Victoire winks at her, "One moment you're Cameron Diaz, the next Grace Jones." [02:04] &lt;th_tar> “I would have killed for these cheekbones at ohme”
[02:04] <th_tar> She does a double take. [02:05] * Victoire holds her finger to her lips [02:05] &lt;th_tar> “no….” as she looks, “Chey?”
[02:05] * osprey_ keeps an eye on the princess’
[02:05] <th_tar> She looks at Heylin, "perhaps I will think about it...you speak like a craftsman..." [02:05] &lt;victoire> "Victoire. Serving girl turned Musketeer." [02:06] &lt;th_tar> “passion such as that should be thought about…but I still need to see to my sister…” as there is a tone of sadness.
[02:06] <osprey_> “nope just a farmer. i work on tools for the farm.”
[02:06] <th_tar> "I do not have many sisters left...so I must make sure the ones I know...well..." as she curtseys again, and heads off towards her sister's location. [02:07] &lt;th_tar> “how?” as Kate looks at Victoire, “nevermind…I can guess how…” as she frowns. “yesterday I was in the west, this morning I land in this body”
[02:08] * Victoire leans in close, “Given the choice, your’s is at least lean.”
[02:08] <th_tar> Kate laughs, "ya...you definitely have a pair of twins there that would throw off your balance..." [02:08] * Victoire continues to whisper, "I landed up with these..." [02:09] &lt;th_tar> “though your hair…wow…”
[02:09] * osprey_ " I thought i was done protecting this family for a while I guess not." follows the Pirate

Lyse and two ships?

“She will be fine…” as Lyse motions for the others to step back, “though I shall have to instruct the boy not to enter her room”
[23:05] * gm_t turns to go back to her tea.
[23:06] <gm_t> "do you wish some more tea?" as she seems rather calm [23:06] &lt;victoire> "Certainly.' [23:06] &lt;gm_t> “and you” as she looks at Heylin
[23:08] <heylin> ‘sure’
[23:10] <gm_t> She begins to pour. [23:11] &lt;gm_t> “From my studies…” as Lyse continues speaking, “the web of fates resemble strands of a spider web so much that there is almost a natural link between those of fate witch blood and spiders”
[23:12] * Victoire shivers, “My mother had her faults, and she was unkind, but she told me never to mess with blood or fate magics. And for that, I am grateful to her.”
[23:12] <gm_t> "I have heard rumors that spiders can even be trained even as if a dog" [23:14] &lt;gm_t> Looking straight at the duo, “I did see a fate witch who has a beautiful hair piece…jewelry that seemed to glitter with eight stones, the size of a child’s fist….”
[23:14] <gm_t> "until I saw the tongs of her hair jewelry or comb move and awaken" [23:15] * Victoire shudders violently, getting up [23:16] &lt;gm_t> “no…I feel that she is guarded better there…though the boy may be in danger if he seeks to sweep up the webs”
[23:16] <heylin> yuck"
[23:16] <victoire> “We’ll make sure to tell him to leave them be.”
[23:16] <gm_t> she nods. [23:16] &lt;victoire> "I was ready to clean them out [23:17] &lt;gm_t> “Now” as she sips, “it may be also that some of them may be from other fate witches in the area…and even then, they would observe, guard and not harm”
[23:17] <gm_t> Sipping again, "I shall see which spiders are there tomorrow..." [23:20] &lt;gm_t> “so tomorrow you shall sail…”
[23:20] <heylin> “fun….”
[23:22] <gm_t> she laughs [23:22] &lt;victoire> "Not the word I had for it. Last time was not so pleasant." [23:22] &lt;gm_t> "well…do not mistake my words, " as there is some understated mirth in her words, “but I look forward to this …”
[23:24] <heylin> “Plesent….right…”
[23:24] <victoire> “polite.”
[23:25] <victoire> “It seems I am not cut out for seafaring – at least in storms.”
[23:25] <victoire> “Perhaps this time will be calm.”
[23:25] <gm_t> Lyse nods, "it will be good not to be chasing the devil's servants, whether mage or creature, for the first time in years" [23:27] &lt;heylin> "ya someone did not want us here for sure. and i am sure this is not paqrt of my punishment." [23:28] &lt;gm_t> Lyse frowns, “that is not this cardinal’s way”
[23:30] <victoire> “Only reason we survived was the Fae.”
[23:30] <heylin> "and i beged
[23:31] * gm_t frowns.
[23:31] <gm_t> "I am not an admirer of the faerie..." [23:31] &lt;gm_t> “or of spirits…”
[23:32] <victoire> “I wasn’t either, but having met their Queen, I think I have an understanding.”
[23:32] <heylin> “you don;t have to be.”
[23:33] <gm_t> Slowly she stands up, "I am going to sleep now..." as she goes to the door and checks the locks as well as the windows. [23:34] &lt;gm_t> “before you sleep” as she turns to victoire, “please write down what her highness eats or should eat, and that way I can prepare tomorrow’s meal”
[23:35] * Victoire will begin writing
[23:35] <victoire> including a pastry or two
[23:35] <gm_t> (you going to include her 'normal' schedule and workout or no?) [23:36] &lt;gm_t> (you did mention some training…)
[23:36] <victoire> ((i will but won’t be here to train her, so…))
[23:36] <gm_t> (was just curious to see what you lay out for lyse) [23:37] &lt;victoire> ((stretching an a bit of weight training)) [23:37] &lt;victoire> low mass, lots of reps [23:37] &lt;victoire> tone, not bulk [23:39] &lt;gm_t> (nods…as I said…curious to see what is written out)
[23:39] <gm_t> ------FAST FORWARDS to the next day [23:39] &lt;gm_t> The smell of food wafts through the rooms…
[23:40] * Victoire opens her door from meditation and heads downstairs
[23:41] <gm_t> Reaching the bottom of the stairs, you can FEEL the anger... [23:41] &lt;gm_t> You see Johnathan standing, staring at the kitchen
[23:41] <gm_t> Lyse is there, cooking, looking at the list, occasionally nodding, sometimes shaking, and cooking [23:43] &lt;gm_t> She puts, not quite gently, some of the pots towards the sink, causing a clank clank…
[23:43] <gm_t> And Victoire can literally see the storm clouds gather over Johnathan's head. [23:44] &lt;gm_t> (hehehehe…going to be an interesting time between Lyse and the kids)
[23:44] <victoire> heheh
[23:44] <heylin> maybe not the word i would use
[23:45] <victoire> b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but thats my job
[23:45] <gm_t> yup [23:45] &lt;gm_t> and the wince as she doesn’t take as quite care and organization in putting stuff into the sink
[23:45] <gm_t> clank [23:45] &lt;gm_t> fume
[23:46] <victoire> hehe
[23:46] <victoire> is going nowhere near there
[23:46] <gm_t> (coming down Heylin?) [23:48] &lt;victoire> ((did you find yer dog?)) [23:49] &lt;gm_t> (oh the other body that is in his bed, lounging and taking most of the space)
[23:49] <gm_t> (?) [23:49] * Heylin will come down [23:50] &lt;gm_t> Heylin sees Johnathan’s hands clenched as fists, his body almost shaking in anger.
[23:50] <gm_t> CLANK [23:51] &lt;gm_t> "I am almost done Johnathan…then dishes will need to " CLINK CLINK “be cleaned.”
[23:51] <heylin> “gonna be some changes around here.”
[23:52] <gm_t> Ysabette's door starts to open, yawning, "Johnathan, it smells delicious but do you have to be so lou-" as she stares. [23:54] &lt;victoire> hehehe [23:54] * Victoire stays quiet at her seat at the table [23:55] &lt;gm_t> Lyse comes over, “first you eat…then you have your chores…then we work out”
[23:56] <gm_t> "and then we follow the princess schedule..." [23:56] &lt;victoire> ((sailing might not be so bad)) [23:56] &lt;gm_t> It is strange, but Lyse is in ecclesiastical garb.
[23:57] <gm_t> (not quite priest or nun, but definite clergy (almost friar) like robes) [23:58] &lt;gm_t> There are some SIGNIFICANT rosary beads by her side…
[23:58] <gm_t> (things almost look as heavy as the buddhist prayer beads, if not heavier) [23:59] &lt;gm_t> She puts the dishes down in front of everyone, and it smells good (not as good as Johnathan’s but surprisingly good)
[00:00] * Victoire will taste a bit, then continue
[00:00] <gm_t> "is there anything that I or the boy can do to prepare you for you journeys?" [00:00] &lt;gm_t> (she made the food, but it does have a slight germanic spicing/taste…)
[00:00] <gm_t> (though everything else is 'to form' as recipe) [00:01] &lt;victoire> "I am uncertain what we face. I've heard many possibles." [00:01] * Heylin eats quickly lie normal [00:02] &lt;victoire> "I think if I can survive the ship, it should be fine." [00:04] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette seems very hesitant at the food, and Johnathan pushes it slightly, annoyed, before having some
[00:05] <gm_t> "From my understanding it is an island that served as a prison and...entertainment." [00:05] &lt;victoire> "Entertainment?; [00:06] * Heylin looks "entertainment" [00:08] &lt;gm_t> “it is called Lil du Bete…”
[00:08] <gm_t> This stops Ysabette from eating [00:09] &lt;gm_t> She puts down her fork and looks down.
[00:09] <victoire> “Isle of…?”
[00:11] <gm_t> "it is an island that my father....enjoyed..." [00:11] &lt;gm_t> as she gently pushes the plate away.
[00:11] * Victoire now understands, and pushes her plate over to Heylin
[00:12] <gm_t> Lyse looks, "we know that there is an island which held important prisoners...ones that would never be seen again" [00:13] &lt;gm_t> “My father spoke that he enjoyed his trips there…and he would invite his friends” as she almost spat it out as a curse “to go with him”
[00:14] <gm_t> "but he would never take any of us...saying that when he had a boy, he would then share." [00:14] * Victoire touches the Princess' hand, "Be glad you never got to see that side of him." [00:15] * Heylin finishes the food pushed his way [00:16] &lt;gm_t> “Some of the nobles here may know more as it was a topic spoken at the parties…”
[00:16] <gm_t> "who was to be invited..." [00:16] &lt;gm_t> (this comes from Ysabette)
[00:18] <gm_t> "either way it will be dangerous..." as Lyse looks at the duo, "would you accept blessings from someone of the church, even if a huntress?" [00:19] &lt;victoire> "Of course." [00:20] &lt;heylin> "a huntress right." [00:21] * gm_t raises her hands and says a prayer in latin, finishing with an amen [00:21] &lt;gm_t> There is a knock at the door….
[00:22] * Heylin drops a dagger into his left hand
[00:23] <gm_t> Johnathan starts to go to the door, but Lyse takes longer steps towards. [00:23] &lt;gm_t> “I have it, stay there away in case it is danger…” she almost hisses at him
[00:24] <gm_t> "it is my duty..." [00:24] &lt;gm_t> she glares at him
[00:24] <gm_t> He looks stubborn [00:24] * Victoire stays seated [00:24] &lt;gm_t> and there is another knock
[00:24] <heylin> “it is his also.”
[00:24] <gm_t> "Carriage to the docks" [00:25] &lt;gm_t> Lyse looks at Heylin, takes a deep breath and pulls back, “just move to the right if it is danger…”
[00:25] * Victoire gets up and rushes around gathering her things
[00:26] <heylin> “ok Johnathan that sounds familiar doesn’t it. i suggest you do what sje says like you did for us.” looking at vict
[00:26] <gm_t> He stares through the door, and nods towards Heylin. [00:26] &lt;gm_t> “yes sir…”
[00:27] <gm_t> Lyse quickly grabs a blade (one that was hidden among the furniture), and stands, nodding. [00:27] &lt;gm_t> Johnathan opens the door slightly, and then turns to the group, “it appears to be a carriage man”
[00:27] * Victoire finishes grabbing her things, then stands a moment
[00:28] <gm_t> "sir, madam?" as he looks at Victoire and Heylin [00:28] * Heylin looks at his bag"guess i have what i need." [00:30] &lt;gm_t> He opens the door, even as Lyse glowers at the carriageman
[00:30] <victoire> “I’m ready.”
[00:30] <gm_t> Ysabette gets up, and quickly makes it to her musketeers. [00:31] * Heylin looks to ysebtte "listen to Lyse and Megan they will do you well." [00:31] * Victoire rushes over to the Princess and hugs her tightly, "You keep care of yourself while I am gone." [00:31] &lt;gm_t> She gives a tight hug to Victoire, “safe and speed my musketeer…my sister”
[00:31] <gm_t> the last part barely a whisper. [00:31] &lt;gm_t> Once the hug is broken, she glares at Heylin, “you are to return back safe and quickly…that is an imperial order…”
[00:32] <gm_t> This is followed by a quick run and fierce hug that even squishes a little of the air out of him [00:32] &lt;victoire> "you heard her, Musketeer." [00:33] &lt;heylin> whispers to the princess "You WILL NOT tempt fate on our behalf while we are on this mission. if you do i will come back and do worse to you than the bruses you got helping Angus....you understand." [00:33] &lt;heylin> "and when do i ever listen?" [00:33] &lt;gm_t> “yes …” as she promises, “my beloved…” bigger, almost porthos like, hug
[00:33] <gm_t> (yes...sappy) [00:34] &lt;gm_t> (but I am that way as a gm)
[00:35] <heylin> “Lyse she is in your charge…..do your church proud.”
[00:36] <heylin> “johnathon….both the women are in your charge…..even if Lyse doesn’t see it that way. good luck.”
[00:36] <gm_t> "yes sir..." as he nods, "be well and come back..." even as he holds back the phrase 'as quick as possible' [00:37] &lt;heylin> "keep the daggers sharp just in case the one behind the door and the one in your boot." [00:37] * Victoire hugs Johnathan, "Keep care of all of you." [00:37] &lt;gm_t> “yes sir..” as he nods
[00:37] <gm_t> (meat loaf 2 out of 3 ain't bad) [00:37] &lt;heylin> dat works [00:39] &lt;gm_t> And with that, the princess separates from Heylin, and the duo is able to leave with the carriage man
[00:39] <gm_t> (with your stuff) [00:39] &lt;gm_t> (unless anything to add, will fast forward to docks)
[00:41] <victoire> Nope good
[00:41] <heylin> works for me
[00:43] <gm_t> ---- [00:43] * Victoire dreads seeing the ship [00:44] &lt;gm_t> The carriage makes its way to the docks, and as it slows down, you see the Italian couple talking, and several dock men carrying a very long wrapped ‘tarp’ onto the ship.
[00:44] <gm_t> "Careful!" yells Sofia, "if you rip it, it'll be ruined!" [00:44] &lt;gm_t> Her husband shakes his head, and sighs.
[00:45] <victoire> “This is going to be the longest trip. Ever. In my life.”
[00:45] <gm_t> "The basket good good" as two baskets (about 4' by 4' are carried on board) [00:45] &lt;gm_t> “What is in this?” yells a dockhand, “it is heavy…”
[00:46] <heylin> “Or the shortest.” smiling
[00:46] <gm_t> "Don't drop a grain of what is in there! It's very important..." [00:46] &lt;gm_t> (roll perception as you guys get closer)
[00:46] * Victoire sighs, “Or the shortest.”
[00:46] <heylin> “that is still a wonderful knife there.”
[00:47] <victoire> 7
[00:47] <heylin> “permission to come abord?”
[00:48] <gm_t> "yes yes..." as the Italian Marcello waves him on. There is still a glare of jealousy but a hand from Sofia touches him, easing the temper. [00:48] * Victoire follows Heylin up the ramp [00:48] &lt;heylin> "this is going to be fun." [00:49] &lt;victoire> "I'm holding you to that." [00:49] &lt;gm_t> (heh…she blinded me with science)
[00:49] <heylin> “I am sure that storm witch will not mind us leaving.”
[00:49] <gm_t> (Ceylon...what'd you get on your perception roll) [00:50] &lt;gm_t> (Ceylon)
[00:50] <gm_t> (ughs...damn auto spell) [00:50] &lt;victoire> hehe [00:50] &lt;heylin> 15 [00:53] &lt;gm_t> The boat is a trade vessel…a barque
[00:54] <gm_t> The porters grunt as they put the crate down...even as Heylin seems to be leaning down and checking something on deck [00:55] * Heylin loos at his fingers then Sofia and Marcello [00:55] &lt;gm_t> Her eyes bulge when there is a clunk.
[00:56] <gm_t> "CAREFUL WITH THAT YOU FOOL!" as she spouts a dozen Italian curses at a guy who just dropped a trunk [00:56] &lt;victoire> "Ever." [00:57] &lt;heylin> "oh boy he is in for a butt chewing." [00:58] &lt;gm_t> Her face turns a beat red as she is yelling at him…and then her husband comes in to separate…
[00:58] * Victoire sees much kata and tai chi in her future to just calm
[00:59] <gm_t> Soon everything is finished being loaded on the ship [01:00] &lt;gm_t> One of the crewmen comes to the duo, “Marcello and his wife…” as there is a slightly lusty sigh, “wish to see you in their cabin”
[01:00] * Victoire gestures she will follow, “As you wish.”
[01:01] <victoire> ((sweet home alabama!))
[01:01] <heylin> “oh boy.”
[01:02] <gm_t> He brings them to their quarters, which seemed to have some comfort to it (aka nice bed/desk/etc) it isn't overly excessive. [01:03] * Victoire stands quietly, bag in front of herself [01:03] &lt;gm_t> Sofia is wearing a shirt and pants with boots, even as marcello seems to be finishing an argument…
[01:03] <gm_t> Turning, he waves them towards a table that is in the middle of the room. [01:04] &lt;heylin> ((finding my way Rush)) [01:04] &lt;victoire> ((adam ant - goody two shoes!)) [01:04] &lt;heylin> oh god [01:04] &lt;gm_t> (cry sister – lost boys)
[01:05] * Heylin will go to the table
[01:05] <gm_t> There is a large map of an island on it. [01:05] &lt;gm_t> A building seems to be at the tip
[01:05] * Victoire drops her bag and moves to the table, studying it
[01:06] <gm_t> "This is the island we are going ..." as he points to it. "It was a French prison, "as he states the name, Heylin quickly remembers its VERY unsavory reputation [01:06] &lt;gm_t> (political prisoners were sent there, and never came back)
[01:06] <gm_t> "As you can see" as he points along a majority of the island, "it is mostly wilderness here...this is where his majesty and guests....hunted" [01:07] &lt;heylin> "i figured that would be where we were going." [01:08] &lt;gm_t> “It is filled with animals that have developed taste for humans…as the emperor and his guests hunted them or prisoners..”
[01:08] <gm_t> His finger then moved towards the edge where the building seemed flush against a cliff. [01:08] &lt;gm_t> “but…one did get away…” as he smiled.
[01:09] <gm_t> "though only briefly...my ship found him as he was dying." [01:09] &lt;gm_t> Tapping a small spot, “he had dug a small hole, and crawled through dung and refuse tunnel that led out and high above the sea…”
[01:10] <heylin> “that sounds like slopping the pigs back home.”
[01:10] <gm_t> He made it out from the prison, but the injuries from the fall and waters were too much..." [01:10] &lt;gm_t> “that” as he pulls his finger, “may be a weakness…”
[01:11] <gm_t> "and that is where my wife and her ideas come in..." [01:12] &lt;heylin> "what is the sand for?" [01:12] &lt;victoire> "Tell me we are not entering through the sewers. Please." [01:12] &lt;gm_t> Sofia walks over, smiling. She has a small paper model, “I have made a floating balloon…big enough to bring you up if you wish to go in through the sewer”
[01:13] <gm_t> "the sand keeps it down and as you drop them down, you go up" [01:13] &lt;gm_t> Marcello nods to Victoire, “I find it distasteful as well…” as he points to the island, “that is where the cardinal thought your experience with strange creatures would be good.”
[01:14] <gm_t> "The emperor had creatures brought in from Porte magic...which drove them mad and sometimes....changed them..." [01:15] &lt;gm_t> “which way is up to you..” as he looks at the two
[01:15] <heylin> |“ingenious.”
[01:15] <gm_t> "we are to bring you there, wait for several days, and bring you back" [01:16] &lt;heylin> "if we get off that island alive with the prisiners." [01:17] &lt;gm_t> He shrugs, and then smiles, “the more the merrier”
[01:18] <gm_t> Sofia rolls her eyes at her husband. [01:18] &lt;gm_t> “what do you roll your eyes? More that come back, the richer we are…”
[01:19] <gm_t> Sofia sighs, "the cardinal enticed my husband with money for numbers of safe returned arch bishops and you two, after trying to appeal to his Christian side." [01:19] * Heylin chuckles [01:19] &lt;gm_t> “I am as christian as you woman…you are here to experiment not to rescue…”
[01:20] <gm_t> (both of you feel the sudden rise of a possible argument coming up) [01:20] &lt;gm_t> “Either way we have three days for you to decide which way, or different one, to take”
[01:20] * Heylin starts to laughout loud
[01:21] <gm_t> (laugh...like my Italian couple?) [01:21] &lt;victoire> hmmm [01:21] &lt;victoire> they are something [01:21] &lt;gm_t> laugh
[01:21] <gm_t> (awww...figured having a hot tempered couple would be different) [01:22] &lt;gm_t> (anything you want to say/suggest/do while with Marcello and Sofia?)
[01:22] <victoire> study the map
[01:23] <gm_t> (what are you looking for?) [01:23] * Heylin will memorize the map [01:25] &lt;heylin> anywhere there could be a hiding place [01:25] &lt;victoire> memorize it [01:25] &lt;heylin> and any counteers that could hide us in our movements [01:25] &lt;victoire> its not a geo survey map, but at least ingress and egress [01:25] &lt;gm_t> (it’s pretty much forest/hill/jungle)
[01:26] <gm_t> (don't seem to be any roads marked) [01:27] &lt;gm_t> (can FF if you wish)
[01:27] <gm_t> (don't have a map drawn out yet) [01:28] &lt;heylin> don't worry about drawing it out [01:28] &lt;heylin> unless you really want to [01:30] &lt;gm_t> will debate that
[01:30] <gm_t> ----- [01:30] &lt;gm_t> (give me a d20+con roll victoire)
[01:30] <victoire> con?
[01:31] <victoire> 8
[01:31] <gm_t> You fair better this time on the ship [01:31] &lt;gm_t> still not your preferred mode of travel, but you are not hanging off the side of the ship
[01:32] <victoire> minus the puking my guts out
[01:33] <gm_t> (yup) [01:33] &lt;gm_t> On day two…in mid morning…
[01:33] <heylin> ((I win Freebird))
[01:33] <gm_t> "SHIP OFF STARBOARD!" [01:34] * Victoire looks over the way the man is pointing [01:34] &lt;gm_t> Making your way slowly, you start to see a sloop quickly cutting its way towards your ship.
[01:34] <heylin> “this might not be good.”
[01:35] <gm_t> Marcello swears, "Pirates..." [01:36] &lt;gm_t> “Can you tell which?” he yells up to the man in the crow’s nest
[01:36] <gm_t> "Le femme petit..." he calls down... [01:36] * Heylin loads his musket and pistols [01:37] * Victoire ready's her pistols [01:37] &lt;gm_t> Marcello laughs
[01:37] <gm_t> Sofia groans [01:38] &lt;heylin> "must be friends of Marcello's [01:38] &lt;gm_t> “The irony…we are doing a service for the church only to be attacked by a niece”
[01:38] <gm_t> "Step niece " [01:38] &lt;victoire> "Niece?" [01:39] &lt;gm_t> “are you prepared to meet one of Ysabette’s sisters?” he looks, “assuming that she does not fire on us if we raise a flag of surrender?”
[01:39] <gm_t> (may be cousin instead of niece...I'm awful on the family relation crap) [01:39] &lt;victoire> "sure?" [01:40] * Heylin finishes loading the guns and Half cocks them [01:41] &lt;gm_t> "SHIP ON THE PORT!!! CLOSING IN "
[01:41] <gm_t> "What?!?!?" as he turns [01:41] &lt;heylin> "maybe she is family, but i am not going to leave that to chance." [01:41] &lt;victoire> "Another?" [01:41] &lt;gm_t> “Shit” as he grabs a spyglass.
[01:41] <gm_t> "THAT ship is one that is not a friend..." [01:42] &lt;gm_t> (yes two ships)
[01:42] <@gm_t> (AND…we’ll stop here for tonight)
[01:42] * Heylin checks that all his blades are in the correct positions
[01:43] <victoire> you get that side
[01:43] <victoire> i’l take the cousin

Lyse learning about the Princess

<th_tar> ----recap please...and brb (coffee and rr) [23:27] &lt;th_tar> back
[23:27] <victoire> i think we had just taken the princess to meet the cardinal, or whats her name
[23:27] <heylin> wb
[23:27] <victoire> they talked we met the Italian couple
[23:28] <victoire> not sue after that
[23:28] <heylin> we were bringin AAnja back
[23:28] <heylin> i am not lied by the pirate
[23:28] <heylin> my k button is having trouble
[23:29] <heylin> anja to see princess routine
[23:30] <th_tar> nods... [23:30] &lt;th_tar> the german
[23:31] <heylin> yep
[23:32] <victoire> we’d brought them back, no?
[23:32] <victoire> it’s been too long, I don’t remember it all
[23:32] <victoire> brb
[23:32] <heylin> yep
[23:33] <th_tar> ok...almost there... [23:35] &lt;th_tar> (Lyse Metzger)
[23:35] <th_tar> Had to pull up obsidian...have to update that this week too [23:35] &lt;th_tar> -
[23:36] <th_tar> The princess looks at Lyse, and it does not take much strain for her to lift her chin up to see the Prussian warrior's eyes as the holy warrior could be considered 'short' [23:37] &lt;th_tar> The discussion about the mirror magics had been unnerving as it was different than what had been encountered to this point.
[23:37] <th_tar> But now, the princess would be in Lyse hands even as Victoire and Heylin would be traveling with a cousin of Ysabette's and his wife, Sofia. [23:38] &lt;th_tar> (marcello)
[23:38] <th_tar> (that help?) [23:40] &lt;heylin> zyep [23:40] &lt;heylin> damn escape artist dog [23:40] &lt;th_tar> (laugh)
[23:43] <th_tar> "Is there anything that I need to be aware of with the Princess schedule or ...intricacies?" [23:44] &lt;heylin> "she is not a morning person." [23:45] &lt;heylin> "and does not know when to slow down and rest." [23:45] &lt;th_tar> “mmm hmmm” as the princess blushes slightly, but not saying a word.
[23:48] <th_tar> (the mmm hmmm was from Lyse) [23:48] &lt;th_tar> “and what about propriety and piety?”
[23:50] <th_tar> (hello?) [23:50] &lt;victoire> "Lady Jamais can be trusted, not many of the other French Nobles. Use your best judgement. We are not the best of instructors she has had by any means." [23:51] &lt;heylin> ummm we try to help her with everything.....but ." [23:52] &lt;th_tar> “They are among my best instructors that I have had mademoiselle…” as Ysabette gets very defensive.
[23:52] <th_tar> She then glares at Victoire and Heylin, "though their modesty is far to humble for them to admit it." [23:53] &lt;th_tar> Lyse is taken lightly aback by the response.
[23:53] <th_tar> "So in terms of the politics...Lady Jamais is the voice of reason..." [23:54] &lt;victoire> "Very true. And very skilled at it." [23:54] &lt;th_tar> The carriage hits a bump
[23:55] <th_tar> Lyse listens quietly. "Does she carry any of the Montaigne weaknesses?" [23:55] &lt;th_tar> Ysabette looks a bit annoyed and insulted at that comment
[23:55] * Heylin looks at her “the what?”
[23:56] <th_tar> (her Ysabette? or Lyse?) [23:57] &lt;victoire> "Weaknesses?" [23:57] &lt;heylin> lyse [23:59] &lt;victoire> ((got to hang clothes, gimme 5)) [00:00] &lt;th_tar> Lyse gives a look at Heylin. “Pardon but my French is not strong…” She thought for a few moments, “I do not mean to bring offense, but her highness family was frivolous, proud, and many situations, selfish and sadistic”
[00:00] <th_tar> "And quite willing to use blood magic..." as she raised her hand, "for the church to bring me to guard her and to have such loyalty, I would be inclined that she is good and has not been tainted." [00:01] &lt;heylin> "yes they are...were." [00:01] &lt;th_tar> “Especially having such loyalty as from you and the other musketeers..”
[00:02] <th_tar> Ysabette's face was red, and then lightened, "yes...my father...and some of my sisters and others..." she nods. [00:02] &lt;heylin> "sorry little one your father was an ass." [00:02] &lt;th_tar> She wilts slightly at that, “yes…”
[00:04] <th_tar> "There is also something else that there is of her..." Lyse says quietly, "I can sense it...much as would Aramis..." as her eyes shifted towards Victoire. "But I feel that you would prefer to tell me in privacy and not in a carriage." [00:07] &lt;th_tar> Looking at Heylin, “am I to expect any duels?”
[00:07] <heylin> “not if my big outh is not around i figure there shouldn’t be any mistakes.”
[00:09] <victoire> ((back))
[00:09] <heylin> wb
[00:09] <th_tar> Lyse looks at Heylin. "Good. I would rather not spend more time in the confessional about unnecessary deaths than needed." [00:10] &lt;th_tar> Ysabette’s eyes widened.
[00:10] <heylin> “If there are you can make them wait i will gladdly oblige whomever it is.”
[00:10] <th_tar> For a brief BRIEF moment, a slight smile appears on Lyse's face. [00:11] &lt;th_tar> “No…” as she looks at Heylin, “I will not wait. Waiting resulted in a war that tore my country apart for thirty years.” Shaking her head, “no…swift…decisive…and unquestioned would be the retribution”
[00:12] <victoire> “England has been kind to us, and Our Princess. I should expect no trouble here.”
[00:12] <heylin> “ok rip their heads off aand spit down their necks…fine by me.”
[00:12] <th_tar> "to any that dare" as there is almost a hiss to the word "insult the princess. I wish to make it clear to the princess at what she wields" [00:14] &lt;th_tar> The carriage pulls to a stop, Lyse reaches towards the door to open it.
[00:15] <th_tar> "Let me take the lead to the door with the Princess beside..." she says quietly. "We must learn each other's steps" [00:15] &lt;th_tar> The carriage driver huffs and pulls out the stairs.
[00:15] <th_tar> Lyse looks at the musketeers, awaiting their thoughts. [00:16] * Victoire gets out first checking round [00:16] &lt;heylin> "after you [00:16] &lt;th_tar> Lyse steps down and stands, her eyes looking around.
[00:16] <th_tar> "What does the princess eat?" [00:17] &lt;th_tar> Ysabette starts to get down, step by step….
[00:17] <victoire> “Things that are bad for her, but getting better.”
[00:17] <th_tar> "That is not telling much...what does she eat? Which of you two prepare it?" [00:18] &lt;th_tar> Ysabette’s foot slips on a stair.
[00:18] <th_tar> (aka she's going to fall) [00:18] * Heylin grabs her [00:18] * Victoire reaches out to steady her, and catch if needed [00:19] &lt;th_tar> (give me dexterity rolls guys..higher = better…d20+dex bonus)
[00:19] <heylin> nat 20
[00:19] <heylin> plus i think 3
[00:19] <victoire> well nvm not even going to log in
[00:19] <th_tar> you can still go for it [00:20] &lt;th_tar> sheesh
[00:20] <th_tar> ;) [00:20] &lt;heylin> "it is a step little one you should be able to do them by now." with a smile [00:21] &lt;th_tar> “There is a light in the building…is there anyone else that lives with you?”
[00:21] <th_tar> (Lyse) [00:21] &lt;th_tar> Ysabette smiles, “thank you my musketeer”
[00:21] <heylin> “johnathon.”
[00:22] <victoire> natural 20
[00:22] <th_tar> (laugh...) [00:23] &lt;th_tar> Both of you catch her at the exact same time, even as her feet dangle and almost synchronized, put her down.
[00:23] <th_tar> Without even a slight bruise or fingerprint to show that the incident occurred. [00:24] &lt;th_tar> Without turning, Lyse answers “that was impressive…”
[00:24] <th_tar> "The cardinal's selection of you seems even more appropriate..." [00:25] * Victoire puts the Princes down, on the ground, releasing her [00:25] &lt;heylin> "the cardinal doesn't have a clue what we can do....." [00:25] &lt;th_tar> “So who is this Johnathan? And who prepares her meals and schedule? What are her routines?”
[00:26] <th_tar> Ysabette's ears start to redden, "Why do you speak around me? I can ans-" [00:26] &lt;th_tar> Lyse turns and looks at her…
[00:27] <th_tar> (Victoire may be the 'sister', but Lyse's definitely got the 'mother' look at the moment) [00:28] &lt;th_tar> Then she looks at the others, the rain coming down on her. Then answers, “perhaps your musketeers may agree, but they do things for reasons that you may not understand…yet”
[00:28] <th_tar> "yes?" as she makes eye contact with Victoire and then Heylin. [00:30] &lt;heylin> "true." [00:30] &lt;victoire> "Johnathan is the house boy, son from a English noble." [00:31] &lt;heylin> "Lyse go in first i want to see something." [00:32] &lt;th_tar> “So I learn how they do things and it will be easier for both of us highness…” and then nods. “Good…so I will get the recipes of what the princess eats and suggestions from who cooks. I will then take over that duty…as well as follow what schedule is regularly kept…”
[00:32] <th_tar> Looking at Heylin, she then turns and nods. [00:32] &lt;heylin> "don't kill him." [00:32] &lt;th_tar> She moves slowly, and then knocks at the door.
[00:34] <th_tar> There seems to be some talking going between Johnathan and Lyse...and the door isn't opening. [00:34] &lt;th_tar> Which means that Lyse is getting rained on further.
[00:34] <th_tar> The door is still not opening. [00:34] * Victoire knocks twice, then twice more [00:35] &lt;victoire> "Like this. He's very cautious and has skills of hi sown." [00:35] * Heylin will nock twice then 2 times again [00:35] &lt;th_tar> The door opens slightly as he peeps through…
[00:35] <heylin> “good job.”
[00:35] <th_tar> "Close door Johnathan...I shall try..." she says gruffly [00:36] &lt;th_tar> His eyes look up towards Heylin and Victoire.
[00:36] <th_tar> (as if waiting a signal) [00:37] &lt;heylin> "she will be in charge guarding the princess for a while while we are gone." [00:37] &lt;th_tar> Nodding, he closes the door.
[00:37] <victoire> “It’s alright Johnathan, you will need to get used to Lyse. She is the new guard for the Princess.”
[00:37] <th_tar> (he closes door after victories says that) [00:37] &lt;th_tar> “Ok…” I shall knock
[00:38] <th_tar> With her gauntleted fist, she knocks...and the door and door frame shake. [00:38] &lt;th_tar> (roll perception both of you)
[00:38] <heylin> 11
[00:38] <victoire> 16
[00:40] <victoire> “Easy, Lyse, the door needs to remain intact.”
[00:40] <th_tar> She nods [00:40] &lt;th_tar> “habit”
[00:41] <th_tar> The door opens up, even as the boy swings it open, bowing. [00:41] * Heylin smiles "make sure you are not there when she swings that arm. gotta remember that." [00:43] &lt;th_tar> Stepping into the room, her eyes glance about…
[00:44] <th_tar> Ysabette steps in with her musketeers. [00:45] &lt;th_tar> Turning, “what are their bedtimes?” as she looks at Heylin
[00:45] <th_tar> Johnathan looks at her "pardon madam?" [00:46] &lt;th_tar> Ysabette looks at Lyse, aghast, “a bedtime?”
[00:46] * Victoire laughs
[00:47] <heylin> “have fun with that one.”
[00:47] <th_tar> "yes...bedtime. You are growing. Circles under your eyes does not make you a healthy looking royal." [00:48] &lt;th_tar> "Now that I am cooking your meals now, we shall make sure that you better, " as she nods towards Victoire.
[00:48] <th_tar> "Cooking madame?" as Johnathan's eyes widen. [00:49] &lt;th_tar> “yes…” as she looks at Victoire. “has she started weapon training yet?”
[00:49] <th_tar> Lyse says it without blinking. [00:49] &lt;victoire> "Yes. Fans, Sticks, hands." [00:50] &lt;th_tar> Lyse nods, “Fans?” as she starts to think about it. “I do not know those, but sticks and hands I do.”
[00:50] <th_tar> There is a smile that appears on her face, "yes your highness...a bedtime. Do not worry...at end of day of politics and practice, you will sleep very well" [00:51] &lt;th_tar> There is a collective GULP from the children
[00:52] <heylin> “she has not figured out the barrel toss of the tree yet.”
[00:53] <th_tar> Turning to Heylin and Victoire, "it is habit from my old country. Nobles and peasant learned to fight because of the wars and the creatures from the forest. I think that you would not be against me helping with what I know from that and from what I learned from the church." [00:54] &lt;victoire> "Not at all." [00:54] &lt;heylin> "both of them are going to surprise you Lyse. i bet you a gold piece on that." [00:55] &lt;th_tar> “now time for bed…” she says succinctly at the two of them. There is some bristling, but then another ‘glare’ and they both start to move towards their rooms.
[00:55] <th_tar> Once they move far enough away, Lyse states flatly, "she survived the revolution. That speaks to your skill. You wanting to save her speaks of hers" [00:56] &lt;th_tar> “Being in the church, I do not gamble”
[00:57] <victoire> “I do not trust the Church. I trust less that they wish her guards to leave her as well as the country. I feel better you are here, Lyse.”
[00:58] <th_tar> She nods. "You are entering a French stronghold...and on an island that has creatures that you have faced from what the church has gathered. Twisted animals." Her eyes narrowing, "Speaking of twisted...she carries magic, but not that of the blood" [00:59] &lt;th_tar> “as her hands are clean and not red…”
[01:00] <th_tar> "What magic does she carry?" [01:00] &lt;victoire> "She carries the magic of her mother's bloodline, the Fates." [01:00] &lt;heylin> "have fun explaining that." [01:01] &lt;victoire> "She cannot control it, and has used it - only to be punished by the Witches." [01:01] &lt;th_tar> She nods. “That is good to know”
[01:01] <th_tar> "So spiders?" [01:02] &lt;victoire> "Spiders?" [01:02] * Heylin walk to Ysebetts room and takes out the mirror "crap i forgot what she said [01:04] &lt;th_tar> Ysabette was quietly writing something as Heylin comes in. She eeps from surprise
[01:04] <th_tar> Lyse waits. [01:05] &lt;heylin> "sorry Ysabette nomore mirrors not that i understand it.' [01:05] &lt;th_tar> Turning she steps towards the room, and gives a glare at Ysabette, who quickly scuttles towards her bed.
[01:07] <th_tar> VERY quiet (so only Heylin and Victoire can hear), "look in the corner of the canopy and the back right of the room..." [01:07] * Victoire walks over to Lyse picking up the teapot and cups [01:08] &lt;th_tar> (she is watching Ysabette’s room)
[01:09] <th_tar> (looking into those areas, you see several different types/groups of spiders ) [01:09] &lt;th_tar> (aka webs/etc)
[01:09] <victoire> “Can you please Heylin?”
[01:09] <th_tar> Lyse holds her arms to prevent movement into the room [01:09] &lt;th_tar> She shakes her head slightly
[01:10] <th_tar> "Good night your highness..." she says quietly [01:10] &lt;heylin> "are they supposed to be here?" [01:10] &lt;th_tar> “shhhh” as she backs away, trying to pull the door shut
[01:11] <th_tar> "you do not know much on the fate witches then?" she says quietly as the door closes. [01:12] &lt;victoire> "Very little. It is not my... repertoire." [01:12] &lt;th_tar> “come…sit” as she looks at the tea and smiles.
[01:13] <th_tar> "I know something of them from what the church has learned..." [01:13] * Victoire moves over and sits down [01:13] &lt;heylin> "Right..." [01:13] &lt;th_tar> “the strands of fate are like a web from what has been described” as she pours herself some tea.
[01:14] <th_tar> "Pull one strand and others are affected...much like a spider's" [01:14] &lt;th_tar> “does that make sense?” as her voice has softened somewhat, less the militant but now friendlier
[01:15] <@th_tar> (test)
[01:16] <heylin> “kinda.”

Next day (after cardinal meeting)

<victoire> first in the morning after the princess is up
[23:00] <heylin> yep [23:00] &lt;gm_t> (anything you guys want to do the rest of the night?) [23:01] &lt;gm_t> (as she will probably be ready to go back to sleep after interviewing/discussing things with you.) [23:02] &lt;victoire> ((nothing special, rest for a change)) [23:04] &lt;heylin> ((curl up next to the fire and start sleeping))
[23:04] <heylin> who needs a bed [23:04] &lt;gm_t> (ok...blip...next day) [23:05] &lt;gm_t> Morning comes and Johnathan is once again up early and you can hear the cooking of breakfast (sausage/eggs/the smell of tea) [23:07] &lt;heylin> “mmmmmmmm.”
[23:07] * Victoire gets up and cleans up then dresses and heads to the princess room to get her ready
[23:08] <gm_t> Though she has started to adjust to non-French life (and wake up times of her musketeers), it is difficult to get the full ‘royal’ out of the young girl and she is NOT easily stirred from bed, especially considering the late evening discussion.
[23:09] * Victoire will let her sleep a bit longer then, closing the door quietly
[23:10] <heylin> "not up yet huh?" [23:10] &lt;victoire> "No.She has had quite the few days of it." [23:11] &lt;heylin> "gonna get more interesting if her only protectors are gone for any lenght of time
[23:11] <victoire> “Yes, and that still bothers me.”
[23:12] * Heylin chuckles “really?”
[23:12] <victoire> “Not that I don’t think Lyse can do it.”
[23:12] <gm_t> Johnathan brings over a heaping plate of protein for Heylin and a steaming mug of tea for Victoire.
[23:13] * Heylin starts the soveling
[23:13] <victoire> “Thank you Johnathan.”
[23:13] <heylin> shoveling [23:13] * Victoire takes an egg and a biscuit, after sipping her tea [23:13] &lt;heylin> “mannnk ouuu.”
[23:14] * Heylin shoves more in before the rest is down his gullet
[23:14] <gm_t> He bows “should I make more?”
[23:15] <heylin> "don't know when i am going to get a good meal next." [23:15] &lt;victoire> "So long is there is some left for the Princess." [23:15] &lt;victoire> ((brb)) [23:15] &lt;gm_t> "what would you like to drink sir?" [23:16] &lt;gm_t> Johnathan nods, "her highness has different tastes in breakfast madame...her meal is currently resting..." [23:17] &lt;heylin> “more eggs and sausage would be a good drink.” smiling “tea i guess in need to learn to drink this stuff,”
[23:18] <gm_t> He nods, turning and after taking the plate, moves to get more food for Heylin
[23:20] <gm_t> After a little period of time, he returns with more food and a steaming mug of tea.
[23:20] <gm_t> “There you are sir…”
[23:20] <heylin> "thank you Jon." [23:22] &lt;victoire> ((back)) [23:22] &lt;gm_t> "yes sir...and madame?" [23:23] &lt;victoire> "This is fine Johnathan, thank you." [23:23] &lt;heylin> "jon……it seems we may be away for a while.  you will need to do your best at helping Ysebette
[23:23] <gm_t> “very well…I shall be finishing powdering her highness tortes”
[23:24] * Heylin hands him one of his daggers and its sheath
[23:24] <victoire> "That is not breakfast. Make sure she gets some eggs as well.’
[23:24] <gm_t> He stops in mid turn and looks at them, “of course madame…that will always be expected of me”
[23:24] <heylin> "as well as being a silent protector." [23:25] &lt;gm_t> There is a slight crease in his expression, "a servants job is not to speak up and to serve, even in protection..." [23:26] &lt;gm_t> He looks at the dagger, "sir...you have not realized yet, have you..." [23:26] &lt;heylin> “I did not mean not to talk, but nobody will expect you as knowing how to protect her if it comes to that.”
[23:26] <victoire> “He means unseen, an unknown.”
[23:26] <gm_t> He nods, “servants usually are…”
[23:26] <heylin> "your umbrella is your weapon of choice [23:27] &lt;gm_t> He goes to his umbrella, and then twists it slightly... [23:27] &lt;gm_t> A long thin blade is pulled out. [23:27] &lt;gm_t> "my father and his father's father have long used the umbrella...and the hidden blade..." [23:27] &lt;gm_t> "to protect our lords...or ladies..." [23:27] &lt;victoire> "Good on you." [23:28] &lt;victoire> "We will be relying even more on you as we're away; and worry for you both." [23:28] &lt;heylin> “then place this behind the door like i have many nights here…just in case you don’t have your umbrella.”
[23:28] <gm_t> He ‘resheathes’ the blade which clicks.  "yes sir…" as he nods.
[23:29] <gm_t> Johnathan takes the dagger.
[23:29] <heylin> "a gift from me to you.  i hope you never have to pull it in her defence." [23:29] &lt;heylin> ((BOC))
[23:29] <gm_t> “Thank you sir…” as he gives a slight bow, “I am to presume that there will be others in your steads watching?”
[23:30] <victoire> “Just one from the Church.”
[23:30] <heylin> "i will get word to Angus also and his daughter if they would help." [23:31] &lt;gm_t> Johnathan looks at Heylin, "sir if I may?" [23:31] &lt;heylin> “if it is not against their protocal.”
[23:32] <gm_t> “you may have to request Captain Angus from lord Buckingham…though his daughter is not within his lord’s direct control, right now.”
[23:33] <heylin> "Alise and Megan.........that could be interesting...." laughing hardely [23:33] &lt;gm_t> (holy crap...that was better than I thought it would be - frozen red curry dish...and now some coffee) [23:34] &lt;heylin> “two berserker women….protectin a foregin princess……Oh my god….”
[23:35] <gm_t> Johnathan looks a little concerned at that, “and who is this woman from the church?  What is she like?”
[23:35] <gm_t> He actually starts to take a sip of some tea.
[23:36] <gm_t> (that’s a winning combo…holy crap, the coffee just tops it off…damn)
[23:36] <heylin> "and they all though i was crazy....now they will know it to be true." [23:36] &lt;victoire> "She is Prussian (I believe), a friend of the Musketeers that trained us." [23:36] &lt;gm_t> (first time I've heated anything 7 minutes at full power in a microwave...according to directions) [23:36] &lt;gm_t> The young man coughs slightly. [23:37] &lt;gm_t> "so...pardon madame...sir..." [23:37] &lt;gm_t> "you are entrusting a delicate French princess to a Prussian and Scottish berserking women?" [23:38] &lt;victoire> "Now you understand my concern." [23:38] &lt;gm_t> He says it incredulously and is probably the first time that his voice even echoes the REMOTEST amount of surprise and worry [23:38] &lt;gm_t> "whose going to protect them from her?" [23:38] &lt;heylin> “sorry to say they probably are 2 of the 5 people i trust in this country.”
[23:39] <gm_t> (grins)
[23:39] <victoire> “Hopefully the Lady Jamais.”
[23:40] <gm_t> Relief does appear on his face, “thank you madame…I had forgotten about Lady Jamais”
[23:43] <heylin> ((DIO rainbow in the dark)) [23:43] &lt;gm_t> Nodding, "I need to get her highness breakfast ready, she should start stirring within five minutes" [23:44] * Victoire will finish her tea and go back upstairs to get her ready [23:46] &lt;gm_t> And as if on queue...five minutes pass and there is stirring from her highness, Ysabette's room. [23:46] * Victoire will knock lightly and enter [23:46] &lt;gm_t> The princess is attempting to get up on her own (which is a first) [23:47] &lt;victoire> "Good morning, Princess. Did you sleep well?" [23:48] &lt;gm_t> "yes..." as she tried to smile, her hair just a bustle of chaos, "and no...excited my musketeer and scared" [23:48] &lt;victoire> "As am I.' [23:49] * Victoire will begin straightening the bed, then gesture for the Princess to come sit at the dressing table [23:51] &lt;gm_t> She starts to get up and pulls a robe tighter before moving to the dressing table. [23:53] &lt;gm_t> "How is the delicate flower of France to dress on this occasion?"  It seems frivolous but her voice was quite serious. [23:54] &lt;gm_t> "am I to be the noble with wealth but a displaced country, or something far more...muted...bordering towards the lower nobles...as I will be meeting a person high in the church as well as a warrior of the church?" [23:54] &lt;gm_t> ---- [23:54] * Heylin looks for something heavy downstairs to start lifting for a quick workout and to work off som nervous energy [23:54] &lt;gm_t> (there are some pieces of furniture...heavy wood based items) [23:55] &lt;gm_t> (laugh said it as I was typing) [23:56] * Heylin picks up the first and biggest English oak chair and starts a small workout [23:58] &lt;gm_t> It's solid and very heavy oak chair.... [23:58] &lt;gm_t> "sir...why are you picking something up and then just putting it down?" [23:58] &lt;gm_t> (from Johnathan) [23:59] &lt;gm_t> (btw, she was actually asking victoires opinion) [00:00] * Victoire will begin combing her hair out, "Something conservative." [00:00] &lt;heylin> “i need to get stronger Johnathan.”
[00:01] <heylin> "i am decently quick....not like Vict but for my size i am ok....i can never get strong enough though." [00:01] &lt;gm_t> He nods and watches..."water sir?" [00:02] &lt;heylin> “when i am done and a wet towel would be good.”
[00:02] <gm_t> She looks over towards her dresses, “I agree mademoiselle…though I was almost tempted to shock the court and go in pants and blouse…”
[00:02] * Heylin now looks at a smaller table
[00:02] * Heylin cleans off the top puttint the items down carefully
[00:03] * Heylin puts it on his back and starts doing squats with it.
[00:03] <victoire> “This is the Church, and that would not be wise to shock them. We need to make them ally’s, share their beliefs, their moors.”
[00:03] <heylin> "ughfff." [00:05] &lt;gm_t> She looks at Victoire, "oui my musketeer" as there is a slight sparkle to her eyes, "I said tempted...but yes, you are again wise with your advice.  And that is why I look to you and Monsieur as advisors..." [00:06] &lt;gm_t> Almost whimsically, "so what political position would you like should my sister regain the throne?  I am sure that she'd listen to some of what I suggest, especially if the alliance with the church proves fruitful" [00:06] * Victoire laughs, "None my Princess. I am not one for politics." [00:08] &lt;gm_t> "very well then...baroness for you and baron for Heylin?" as she smiled, "though not sure someone who has threatened to spank my person would be a good fit in court." [00:09] &lt;victoire> "Not even slightly, but it would make court very different." [00:09] &lt;gm_t> She seemed  to smile at the 'in court', her hand reaching to the fan. [00:10] &lt;gm_t> "when you get back, I shall have to teach you and Heylin about the fans..." as she snaps the fan open, and then shut.  "There are many messages that can be conveyed through the fan..." [00:10] &lt;gm_t> ---- [00:10] * Heylin gets to where he knows he only has two more in his legs and does four more [00:10] &lt;gm_t> "Milord..." as Johnathan waits for Heylin to finish, "may I give a suggestion to you to convey upon her highness?" [00:10] * Heylin tries not to break the table when he puts it down [00:11] &lt;heylin> “yes Johnathan.   what is that?”
[00:11] <heylin> "first the water [00:12] * gm_t pours some water. [00:13] * Heylin will put the stuff back on the table [00:14] &lt;gm_t> "her highness with the fan..." as he readies the drink.  "In France it is used in one manner, a different..." as he coughs, "class of individual uses it here.  The Prussian warrior may be able to not say something but the Scottish woman..." [00:14] &lt;gm_t> ---- [00:14] &lt;gm_t> (yes, the timing is meant to be perfect in synch like that) [00:15] &lt;heylin> “yoiu think Megan can talk with the fans?”
[00:15] <heylin> "hmmmm?" [00:16] &lt;gm_t> "no..." as he starts to look flustered. [00:17] &lt;gm_t> "I mean a very unroyal and not proper class of woman and profession tends to use fans here in England...but it is mimicked far more outside of this court." [00:17] &lt;gm_t> "And the Scottish woman may comment on it..." [00:18] &lt;heylin> “you mean the ones on the street corners?”
[00:19] <heylin> "megan is a lot like me she says what she thinks..." [00:20] &lt;heylin> “or before she thinks  is a better word.”
[00:20] <heylin> "definitly like me on that account." [00:20] &lt;gm_t> "yes milord..." as he nods, "not as much the Scottish as they tend not to speak of such women and such, but the Irish women of ill repute as do English, do use them excessively" [00:20] &lt;gm_t> He then adds, quickly, "so I hear" [00:20] &lt;gm_t> ---- [00:20] &lt;gm_t> Victoire helps finish up dressing the princess. [00:21] * Victoire will head downstairs with her and let her get some breakfast [00:22] &lt;heylin> “well the first one who says Ysebette is like a woman of ill repute.  netter wish to whatever god they pray to i am in a different country.”
[00:22] <heylin> Better [00:23] &lt;heylin> “and if i am in a differnet country they will have a headstart that they better make good use of.”
[00:23] <gm_t> “yes milord but…” as he is a little fluttered, “the Scottish woman”
[00:23] <gm_t> And he turns to see her highness, “your highness” as he bows, following with ‘Madame"
[00:24] <gm_t> Victoire will see that Johnathan’s young face is slightly red.
[00:24] <heylin> "if she does we will see if the Sidhe do favor her as well as they say." [00:26] &lt;heylin> “little one are you finally up and moving?  how do you feel?”
[00:26] <gm_t> “yes milord…” as he does a quick bow.
[00:26] <gm_t> Johnathan shuffles away.
[00:26] * Victoire looks to the boy, then walks with him to go get more tea
[00:27] <gm_t> “excited …” she says, “though I will miss my musketeers..” as she looks at Heylin in his eyes.
[00:27] <victoire> “What is your concern, Johnathan, and you may always speak freely with myself and Heylin.”
[00:27] <gm_t> He looks a bit flustered, “I am sorry madame..I was being silly…”
[00:28] <victoire> “If you speak from your heart and have concerns it is never silly.”
[00:28] <heylin> "you will be fine ....you need to learn from others as well as Vict and me.....you do not want to know how to throw hay in the barn my princess." [00:29] &lt;heylin> “or most of the other things I am good at Ysebette.”
[00:30] <gm_t> “it is about the fan madame..” he says quietly.  "here in court where the French are known, it is seen as one way…but those who are not around court much, will see …" as his face turns bright red, “another type of woman of a different class…use it.  I was concerned that her highness use of the fan may be commented upon”
[00:30] <heylin> "and if anything happens to you here....there might be another war between France and England.....at least on of France." [00:30] &lt;gm_t> "especially by the Scottish woman who, as sir noted, speaks her mind..." [00:31] &lt;gm_t> She looks at Heylin, "I'm going to miss you..." as she whimsically adds, "who else would threaten to spank my royal bottom when I misbehave?" [00:32] &lt;heylin> “you misbhave while i am gone it will not be a threat…..it will be a fact.”
[00:32] <gm_t> Ysabette actually looks sad.
[00:32] * Heylin will give her a kiss on the forehead
[00:33] <gm_t> “Let’s eat breakfast…before I change my mind…”
[00:33] <heylin> "more food nice." [00:33] &lt;heylin> “you will do fine.” quietly
[00:34] <heylin> ((FreeBird....i win)) [00:35] &lt;gm_t> She goes to the meal table to find her food.  Ysabette pokes the egg, and adds a large amount of salt to it. [00:36] &lt;gm_t> (after cracking it of course) [00:36] &lt;victoire> "I will speak to her about the fan outside of Court - in public. Would that help?" [00:39] &lt;gm_t> "thank you madame...hopefully miss Meghan will not mention anything" [00:39] &lt;victoire> "I'm sure the princess will correct her if so." [00:41] &lt;gm_t> He nods, "thank you madame..." [00:41] &lt;gm_t> "I need to bring this water to sir...he was working out earlier" [00:41] * Victoire nods [00:41] &lt;gm_t> Grabbing a mug, he makes his way back to the table, a bit more relaxed after his talk with Victoire. [00:42] &lt;gm_t> She eats the egg and then drinks a substantial amount of water [00:43] &lt;gm_t> "Here sir..." as Johnathan puts down the mug of water. [00:44] &lt;heylin> "thank you Johnathan
[00:46] * Heylin slides the table a little bit “that is better.”
[00:47] * Victoire wanders back out, sipping her tea
[00:47] <gm_t> “Is there anything that needs to be packed for your journey?”
[00:48] <victoire> "I should leave most of my things here, so I will pack a few changes of clothes and leave the rest in my trunk
[00:49] <gm_t> Johnathan nods, “and sir?” as he looks at Heylin
[00:50] <heylin> "probably a couple changes of clothes.  as well as my farm clothes." [00:51] &lt;heylin> “Vict do you have anything that can pay off the guards if need be.  i have a little.”
[00:52] <victoire> “Not a lot, but some yes.”
[00:53] <heylin> "i really don't want any money that has been in the church if we are going to where magical beings might be able to sence that." [00:53] &lt;gm_t> The princess looks at the others, "how much do you need?" [00:53] &lt;victoire> "I'm sure the Church will fund the necessities." [00:54] &lt;gm_t> "But I thought you did not want money from a church..." [00:54] &lt;victoire> "I do not, but it is their mission. [00:54] &lt;heylin> "for pay offs that is different
[00:55] <victoire> “I’m sure we can find what we need.”
[00:55] <victoire> "You need to keep the monies you have, Princess, but thank you.’
[00:57] <gm_t> Her eyes hard, “know that if there is anything that you need, and I can provide…I WILL provide it to you my musketeers”
[00:58] <heylin> "you WILL provide for yourself while we are gone.  we have certain skills that will make it so we can find what we will need." [00:58] &lt;heylin> “understand Little one.”
[00:59] * Heylin looking straight into her eyes
[00:59] <victoire> “We ready?”
[01:00] <gm_t> "Oui, " as she looks at Heylin, something akin to a clash of wills, but she doesn’t say anything
[01:01] <heylin> "let's go." [01:01] * Victoire gathers her blade and hat, opening the door and checking outside [01:02] &lt;gm_t> It's a drizzly day in England... [01:02] &lt;gm_t> "I can alert for a carriage to be brought.." Johnathan volunteers. [01:02] &lt;victoire> "We'll be needing your umbrella Johnathan." [01:04] &lt;gm_t> "Here..." as he goes to get another umbrella, one that is far fancier, "this would be more appropriate for her highness" [01:05] * Victoire takes it and opens it, "Yes please Johnathan, the carriage would be great." [01:06] &lt;gm_t> Quickly, he opens up his own umbrella, and moves out to get the carriage... [01:07] &lt;gm_t> Within a few minutes, a carriage arrives and Johnathan scampers back to the door, holding out his umbrella to provide cover for the others. [01:08] * Victoire goes to open the carriage door for the princess holding out the umbrella for her [01:09] &lt;gm_t> She walks over, a stately pace (again mimicking that of Elaine) [01:11] &lt;heylin> “well this should be fun.”
[01:12] <gm_t> After being told where to go, the carriage makes its way to the same place as you had met the cardinal the prior evening
[01:13] * Victoire will get out and hold the umbrella again, allowing the Princess to get out and to the Church
[01:15] <gm_t> The princess makes her way to the building, and as she was about to knock, the door opens, revealing a clergyman standing.
[01:16] * Victoire waits for her to enter
[01:18] <gm_t> She looks at Heylin and then enters in, and waits.
[01:18] * Heylin will follow
[01:20] <gm_t> Once inside, the clergyman nods for you to follow, and walks slowly to a closed door, and knocks.
[01:20] <gm_t> The door opens, with the cardinal limping over towards the group.
[01:21] * Victoire walks at the end of the procession, then waits patiently
[01:22] <gm_t> Inside is Lyse, standing beside an Italian couple.
[01:23] <gm_t> Ysabette looks up, and gasps, even allowing a ‘squee’ of delight to come out
[01:24] <gm_t> The couple, who had seemed to be arguing, stop and smile at Ysabette.
[01:24] <gm_t> (roll perception folks)
[01:24] * Victoire looks at the couple
[01:25] * Heylin stands between Elise and Ysebette
[01:25] <victoire> 19
[01:26] <heylin> 15 [01:26] &lt;gm_t> There seem to be some similar features between the man and Ysabette [01:28] &lt;gm_t> "Cousin Marcello" as she runs over to hug him. [01:29] &lt;gm_t> He smiles, even as the woman gives a bigger smile.  The woman looks VERY much like the classic Sicilian look (olive skin, big smile, long black hair) [01:29] * Victoire remains quiet, noting the name [01:29] &lt;gm_t> "Sophia!" as she grunts it out after a fierce hug. [01:29] == Heylin [webchatc-73-109-140-145.hsd1.wa.comcast.net]
[01:29] ==  realname : http://webchat.quakenet.org
[01:29] ==  channels : #myst_lab [01:29] ==  server   : *.quakenet.org [QuakeNet IRC Server] [01:29] == End of WHOIS [01:30] &lt;gm_t> Both of you see an object clatter to the ground, it had been hanging on the woman's head. [01:30] * Victoire moves to go pick it up [01:31] * Victoire hands it back to the woman [01:32] &lt;gm_t> "Graci" she says. [01:32] &lt;gm_t> "It appears that her highness know the individuals who will help bring you to the island..." [01:33] &lt;victoire> "It- what?" [01:33] &lt;gm_t> "should you accept the mission that we spoke about last night" [01:34] &lt;gm_t> (sorry,, almost goofed that up there...she wouldn't have known you would have accepted) [01:36] &lt;victoire> "We have discussed it with the Princess, and she wanted to come here in person before rendering her decision." [01:37] &lt;gm_t> The princess tries to recover, "these are my uncle's son and his wife."  The man bows his head slightly, giving an air of some superiority (aka nobility) while the woman nods, and gives a bow. [01:38] * Victoire bows to each [01:38] &lt;gm_t> There is a slight clitter clatter on the woman as she does so, like glass. [01:38] * Heylin looks at them both [01:38] &lt;gm_t> "You didn't again, did you?" the man says accusingly [01:39] &lt;gm_t> "of course I always bring...always be prepared, eh?  or do you want me to go, oh save me save me, huh?" as she starts to raise her voice. [01:39] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette tries very hard not to giggle. [01:39] &lt;gm_t> "it is a part of my job being your husband you know..." [01:40] &lt;gm_t> "Oh will you stop, I am not some mistress who go like a leech and hang on you to help ...someone try to go for me, I cut him or make him melt..." [01:40] &lt;gm_t> "what you give him some of your cooking again?" [01:40] &lt;gm_t> "You!" [01:40] &lt;gm_t> as the cardinal coughs, which causes the two to stop arguing. [01:41] &lt;gm_t> They both look contrite at the cardinal. [01:41] * Victoire looks at the two, very confused [01:41] &lt;gm_t> Meanwhile, Heylin notices some movement to the side. [01:42] * Heylin draws his dagger quietly [01:42] &lt;gm_t> "Marcello is a nobleman in Italy..." Ysabette says, "he's very brave and smart..." [01:43] &lt;gm_t> "and he has some ships that he and his merchants sail...and Sophia...well..." [01:43] &lt;gm_t> "Go ahead child..." she says gently. [01:44] &lt;gm_t> "She likes to try to mix things and make things...she even went to the academy for two years...the first Italian woman to study." [01:45] &lt;gm_t> marcello mutters something... [01:45] &lt;gm_t> and Sofia gives him one nasty look that would melt steel [01:47] &lt;gm_t> Marcello then speaks up, "but with all that.." as his English is rather strong, but heavily accented, "my wife has come with some...inventions...that may help, especially in getting into the place you wish." [01:47] &lt;gm_t> Proudly, "she is quite brilliant that way...and lovely, eh?" [01:47] &lt;gm_t> She beams. [01:48] &lt;victoire> "Indeed." [01:50] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette collects herself, "yes, I do wish to have questions with the cardinal..." as she looks around, "but it appears we are crowded here."  Her eyes get hard, "perhaps a place where we can speak, and the truth has to be spoken..." [01:51] &lt;gm_t> The cardinal is taken aback slightly, even as Ysabette pushes, "in the church by the altar cardinal...even Richelieu did not dare to lie or cover the truth on the altar.  MY musketeers are placing their lives in danger, so I wish to make sure to understand what is occurring, and what they have earned for their valor should I " as there is emphasis on the 'I', "accept." [01:53] &lt;gm_t> The cardinal nods, "here" as she points towards a door that leads to the adjoining chapel, "we can enter that way while your musketeers stand guard here...and be within sight of us." [01:53] &lt;gm_t> (test) [01:53] &lt;gm_t> (almost done for tonight...promise) [01:54] &lt;heylin> “yo really think i anm going to let her go that far?”
[01:54] <gm_t> (it’ll be about 20 feet away)
[01:56] <gm_t> The cardinal looks at Heylin, “if you are going to go on the mission, then you will have to go further musketeer.”  Then she adds, “but I am not going to hurt the princess, though if you do not trust, then her cousin may accompany”
[01:56] <gm_t> “and she trusts him”
[01:56] <gm_t> (aka this is the area where the npc’s come to an agreement…;) )
[01:58] * Victoire watches them, leaning back against a column or wall
[01:58] <gm_t> The cardinal limps the twenty feet to a pew and sits down, struggling to lower herself down, even as her leg does not bend well.
[01:59] <gm_t> Ysabette looks at Heylin, “I shall be fine my musketeer…I have Marcello to help in case.”
[01:59] <gm_t> "and you can shoot her anyway if it gets bad, though " as she says this quietly, “that would be bad for your soul in a church…”
[02:00] <gm_t> “unless she deserves it” she then adds.
[02:00] * Heylin sits down and puts his feet up on whatever is in front of him
[02:01] <gm_t> They walk inside, leaving Lyse, Sofia, Heylin and Victoire in the room
[02:02] <gm_t> Sofia, who is wearing a big billowy dress, moves around and sits down, again some more clicking.
[02:03] <heylin> "what d you have in that dress maam?" [02:03] &lt;gm_t> She laughs, "you are very forward..." [02:03] &lt;heylin> “only when i see more knives on a Lady than i carry.”
[02:04] <heylin> "thaqt one is very nice though." looking at her leg [02:04] &lt;gm_t> "I have several bottles of things that will make people who try to hurt me or my husband not healthy, and other items for when I get ideas and need to write down" [02:04] &lt;gm_t> "Oh this one, " as she reveals more shapely leg, and a stiletto, "this was wedding gift from Marcello's former best man" [02:05] &lt;victoire> "Former?" [02:05] &lt;gm_t> "He met a better man...at least with dueling.." [02:05] &lt;victoire> "Ah, I see." [02:05] &lt;gm_t> (sorry, that is one of my better setups and lines in awhile) [02:06] &lt;gm_t> "Let's just say, you do not want to take and drink any vials I carry because most will not be good for you" [02:07] &lt;heylin> “oh so you know my sisters cooking.”
[02:07] <gm_t> She gives a glare, “he doesn’t know what he is talking about”
[02:07] <gm_t> “my cooking is quite good, he is just spoiled …”
[02:08] <gm_t> “but when I finish my experiment…he will not complain about my cooking…”
[02:08] <gm_t> She beams.
[02:09] <gm_t> “But that has to be put to the side since the cardinal needs us to do something important…”
[02:10] <gm_t> Lyse seems to be hovering near an object, not moving, her eyes looking around,d.
[02:11] <gm_t> “Would you believe that I was able to make something that will allow us to -
[02:11] <gm_t> and Ysabette comes back, her face neutral as does Marcello.
[02:13] <gm_t> The cardinal has a look of resignation (and a quirky smile), “I think that France will have very capable leaders in Ysabette and Anne.”
[02:14] <gm_t> Ysabette gives a non-repentant wink towards Heylin and Victoire.
[02:14] * Victoire shows a slight smile
[02:15] <gm_t> “I have agreed that my musketeers will be lent for the mission, but also know that I value their lives far more than archbishops, so if things look as if hopeless, that they would take any means to return safely.”
[02:17] <gm_t> Marcello looks at the others, “so let us talk about the is-” but the cardinal holds up her hand.
[02:18] <gm_t> “I would suggest you speak and plan on your ship when you leave.  It would be better that your plans would not be uttered here…”
[02:18] <victoire> “Agreed.”
[02:18] <gm_t> (Victoire/Heylin, you see the cardinal’s eyes meet with lyse who nods)
[02:19] <gm_t> “Lyse will be joining you on your return to her highness’ quarters…that way she can spend the day and evening getting accustomed to her highness schedule and her highness will learn of Lyse”
[02:22] <gm_t> “so the docks tomorrow morning at sunrise with the tide running out” Marcello looks at Heylin for an answer.
[02:22] <victoire> “Very good.”

<gm_t> He seems waiting for your answer, even as Sofia frowns.
[02:23] <gm_t> (at him)
[02:24] <heylin> "yes she has very nice legs." [02:24] &lt;gm_t> (at Marcello frowning) [02:24] * Heylin smiles [02:24] &lt;gm_t> "WHAT?!?" as his face starts to turn deep red. [02:25] &lt;gm_t> "What you saying?  I don't have nice legs?" as Sofia looks at him [02:25] * Heylin smiles and gets up to take Ysebette out [02:25] &lt;gm_t> "NO, he is looking at your legs, those are my legs"...and as soon as he said that, the argument REALLY began (as they were heading out of the house and towards their carriage) [02:26] &lt;gm_t> He opens the door for her, and they go from loud fighting to a highly passionate kiss. [02:27] * Victoire opens the door for the Princess to their carriage [02:27] &lt;heylin> “don’t ever let them know what you have in mind little one.  i am good at getting people  to not think about what they should hmmm?”
[02:27] <gm_t> She giggles.
[02:27] <victoire> ((fading here))
[02:28] <gm_t> (no probl…)
[02:28] <gm_t> Though she does seem to be watching the deep kiss.
[02:28] <gm_t> Ysabette then looks at Heylin…and then the kiss.
[02:28] <gm_t> Appraising, mentally, “yes, you are correct Monseiur”
[02:29] <gm_t> Lyse makes a motion towards you (both of you catch her motion) to speak to her to the side.
[02:31] <gm_t> (just want to finish with what Lyse was going to say to whoever talks to her, and then rap up for night)
[02:31] * Victoire walks over
[02:32] <gm_t> Lyse speaks quietly, “to let you know…mirrors are dangerous right now for her highness.”
[02:33] <victoire> “Do tell? I’ve had her in front of them every morning…”
[02:33] <gm_t> “Aramis has said that he has uncovered some sorcerers using them in France and striking at some of the nobility, especially those higher of rank.”
[02:35] <gm_t> “It reacts and interferes with Porte magic…but sorcerer of mirror magic can see into another mirror, some can even see past, present or future….and they can change what person who is cursed  sees in the mirror, affecting their mind”
[02:35] <gm_t> Shaking her head, “one duchess clawed her eyes out because she thought she was a hideous monster in any mirror she saw…”
[02:36] <victoire> “ok, so we’ll have johnathan remove the mirrors.”
[02:36] <victoire> “Jut after I told her she had nothing to fear from them.”
[02:37] <gm_t> She nods, “Aramis is trying to look into it more, but he and the others have been very busy trying to prevent a flood of blood and death in Paris”
[02:38] <gm_t> “Her father hated them because he was a porte user…and they interfered with his magic.  Her highness does not have that.”
[02:39] <gm_t> “The Duchess was purely revenge and not from the revolution”
[02:39] <gm_t> “But better to be safe until things settle…” as her germanic accent thickened with annoyance.

Talking to the princess

[23:48] <victoire> “Hmm. Why do I think I will be telling.”
[23:49] * Heylin smiles and tosses the coin
[23:49] <heylin> “Hmm heads………..”
[23:49] <victoire> “Imagine.”
[23:50] <victoire> “Two out of three?”
[23:50] * Heylin tosse again not even looking “heads…..”
[23:50] * Victoire knocks twice, then twice more, not looking either
[23:51] <gm_t> There is a sliding sound and then a "who goes there?" [23:52] &lt;victoire> "It is Heylin and Victoire, Johnathan." [23:52] &lt;gm_t> The door opens slightly again, and then there is the unlocking and opening of the door.
[23:52] * Victoire steps inside smiling at the young man, “Well done.”
[23:53] <gm_t> He is standing, bowed, umbrella in hand. [23:54] * Victoire removes her hat placing it on the rack, then shakes her hair free, ruffling it, then undoes her jacket [23:54] &lt;gm_t> “tea or other drinks madame…sir?”
[23:55] <victoire> "Tea would be amazing, Johnathan
[23:55] <gm_t> He waits for Heylin to come in before closing the door. [23:55] * Victoire looks around for the princess and the Lady [23:56] * Heylin looks down the hallway seeing if anything is watching them [23:56] &lt;gm_t> In a room by the fireplace, they seem to be talking, even as the fans are out…
[23:56] <victoire> ((talking and talking))
[23:56] <gm_t> "sir..." as Johnathan looks at the dog. [23:57] &lt;gm_t> “something followed you”
[23:57] <heylin> "Oh ya i have to take him to the bath
[23:57] <victoire> “More like the stables.”
[23:57] <gm_t> There seems to be a stare down between Johnthan and the dog. [23:57] &lt;gm_t> “sir…I would agree with Ms. Victoire.”
[23:58] <gm_t> The dog raises a lip at Johnathan [23:58] &lt;heylin> "you are going to loose this one pup.  this is his home." [23:58] &lt;gm_t> The dog’s eyes slide towards Heylin, along with a look that says, ‘really dad? I can look cute…’
[23:59] <heylin> “johnathon can you get some hot water brought to the stables please.”
[23:59] <gm_t> "sir..." as it is very clear that Johnathan is not too pleased at the dog in the house. [00:00] * Heylin will head to the stables." [00:00] &lt;gm_t> He turns and walks away towards and past the women, which caused them to glance over
[00:01] * Victoire walks in to the room with the Princess, “Princess, Lady Jamais.”
[00:01] <victoire> ((i think thats it yes?))
[00:01] <gm_t> (yes) [00:02] &lt;gm_t> The princess nods, even as Lady Jamais smiles.
[00:02] <heylin> “have fun Vict as he walks away,”
[00:02] <gm_t> There is a raised eyebrow from Jamais on that one. [00:02] * Heylin wrestles with the dogs head as he walks down the hallway [00:02] &lt;gm_t> There are some playful nibbles and growls.
[00:03] * Victoire gestures to the hearth, “May I? I have news, and a request brought to us.”
[00:03] <victoire> ((the head as big as your leg))
[00:04] <gm_t> Ysabette nods, even as Johnathan comes back with tea.  "The water will take some time for the bath for that..." [00:04] &lt;gm_t> “That?” as Ysabette looks over, “what are you talking about?”
[00:04] <gm_t> Lady Jamais smiles, "I think your musketeer was going to enlighten us..." [00:04] &lt;victoire> "Heylin found himself a dog. Four of them attacked us as we walked in the street. He naturally befriended one." [00:05] &lt;victoire> "Although in honesty the dog is probably my size." [00:06] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette’s eyes widen.  
[00:06] <gm_t> "is that wise?  Taking an animal off the street?" comes from Lady Jamis, her voice concerned. [00:06] * Victoire sits down pulling her boots off, "To Heylin? It is nothing more than a friend from the farm." [00:07] &lt;victoire> "They seem to understand one another." [00:07] &lt;victoire> "I am certain they will both find each other very loyal allies.' [00:07] &lt;gm_t> Johnathan pours the water into the cup with the device to steep the leaves.  "honey, sugar or cream?"
[00:08] <gm_t> The dog pulls back on your sleeve Heylin [00:08] * Victoire starts to answer then changes, "Cream, a bit of sugar.' [00:08] &lt;victoire> "Make it honey." [00:08] &lt;gm_t> Its butt hits a desk, causing some stuff to fall off, causing a clatter.
[00:08] <gm_t> Johnathan winces at the sounds. [00:09] &lt;gm_t> “yes madame…” as he pours.
[00:09] <gm_t> "It sounds enormous..." as Ysabette seems ready to leave the chair to go look. [00:09] &lt;victoire> "See? It' slike having twin Heylins, although one is not so easy on the eyes." [00:09] &lt;victoire> "Larger than you, Princess." [00:09] &lt;heylin> "that is going to cost me buddy." as he piks up the items [00:09] &lt;victoire> "Boys will be boys..." [00:10] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette blushes, even as Lady Jamais smiles.  But then Ysabette gives Lady Jamais a wicked smile, “it’ll take a few more times for yours to catch up in the number of life saving events Lady Jamais…”
[00:11] * Victoire takes the tea from Johnathan in both hands holding it to warm herself and breathe deeply over it
[00:11] <gm_t> Lady James smiled, "a little cat-like your highness..." as the fan flicks shut, "but we'll keep working on that..." [00:12] &lt;victoire> "So if I may...?" [00:12] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette nods, “though a prince from one of the Italian provinces is good…” and then she nods towards Victoire.
[00:13] <gm_t> "thank you your highness...I did not recognize him until he saved me from the revolutionaries..." [00:13] &lt;gm_t> “my apologies” Lady Jamais states to Victoire, “please…continue with your news”
[00:14] <victoire> “The cardinal, here, has asked myself and Heylin to go back to France, to free some of the clergy being held on an island.”
[00:14] * Victoire sips her tea, not really enjoying the cream and honey, but needing to do something
[00:14] <victoire> “Some island prison, or some such.”
[00:15] <gm_t> Ysabette looks puzzled, but Lady Jamais speaks.  "Did she say why you were chosen?" [00:15] &lt;victoire> "We speak the language, and our "particular skillsets" [00:15] &lt;victoire> "Although how she would even begin to know, is between her and God." [00:15] * Heylin heaves the dog into the horse trough as he goes into it also [00:15] &lt;victoire> ha! [00:16] &lt;heylin> ((splash)) [00:16] &lt;victoire> ((not the trough! don't eat the trough!)) [00:16] &lt;gm_t> There is a loud howl as if in pain and whining/whimpering.
[00:16] <gm_t> "oh that poor beast..." ysabette starts to get up. [00:16] &lt;victoire> "Not sure if that is the dog or Heylin..." [00:16] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais smiles, “perhaps Heylin is also getting a bath as well?”"
[00:17] <gm_t> "So your highness, what do you think?  Or more importantly, what questions should you ask?" Lady Jamais then brings up. [00:18] &lt;victoire> "We of course said no, we are your protectors. But then she said you would be well cared for and looked after... and that the Church could prove to be a powerful ally..." [00:18] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette looks at Jamais, eyebrows furrowing, even as Lady Jamais taps her on the hand, “bad habit your highness, you are showing that you are thinking.  You must keep a masque on your face of what is shown above the fan”
[00:20] <heylin> (splash….splash “sit down.”
[00:20] <victoire> “The Church would be indebted to you, were Heylin and I to agree; so I said we would bring it to you, and let you make the decision.”
[00:20] <gm_t> Ysabette is slightly surprised by the motion (which clearly did not hurt), "yes lady jamais...I should have asked what will come for France...and what would be protection?" [00:21] * Victoire looks at Ysabette's aura to see how her injuries are over her tea cup as she sips [00:21] &lt;gm_t> “I am sorry for my interruptions…” Lady Jamais apologizes to Victoire, “I am trying to get her highness to think a little bit beyond the …up front…”
[00:22] <gm_t> Ysabette's back seems to be sore, and not as black/blue as earlier...but it'll take a few days to get over. [00:22] &lt;victoire> "No need to apologize Lady. We are her only source of advisors, and neither Heylin nor I are qualified for affairs of state.' [00:22] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais nods, “those are good questions your highness…and ones that the musketeer has answered, with the exception of protection…”
[00:23] <victoire> ((I don’t remember if she said who / what would be the protection, of it would just be provided))
[00:23] <gm_t> She looks at Victoire and smiles, "I offer what little I know...but I know more than her highness in many areas as she was not encouraged to be in court often by her father." [00:23] &lt;gm_t> (she mentioned the German warrior)
[00:23] <gm_t> (Lyse) [00:24] &lt;victoire> ((ah yes)) [00:24] &lt;gm_t> The dog tries to grab at your hand and tug you in as well Heylin…
[00:24] <gm_t> And you are definitely getting soaked, even as Johnathan comes over with more water. [00:25] &lt;victoire> "The cardinal has promised a German warrior, Lyse. We met her with the other Musketeers; she and Aramis seemed to trust one another." [00:25] * Heylin scrubs the dogs coat [00:25] * Heylin smiling [00:25] &lt;victoire> ((drown out them fleas and ticks!)) [00:26] &lt;heylin> "can you go get some lye soap also Johnathon this dirty dog is going to need it [00:26] &lt;victoire> "I spoke with her briefly one eve. My impression is she is of her word." [00:26] &lt;victoire> "I trust her more than the Church at least..." [00:27] &lt;gm_t> There are a few spots that Heylin sees the dog flinch or get ready to snap at him on…
[00:27] <gm_t> "yes sir..." as Johnathan keeps his distance and goes to get the soap. [00:27] &lt;victoire> ((poor dog)) [00:28] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais looks at Ysabette, and waits.
[00:29] <gm_t> "so there is trust between her and one of my father's former musketeers...but is she good in a fight my musketeer?  And do you think she and I will be able to do things?" [00:30] &lt;gm_t> There is some barking and a massive splash…
[00:31] <gm_t> The dog looks at Heylin and tries to go on his two hind legs and get his weight on Heylin's to pull him over into the water. [00:31] &lt;gm_t> (as Heylin may be bending over)

0:31] <gm_t> The dog looks at Heylin and tries to go on his two hind legs and get his weight on Heylin's to pull him over into the water. [00:31] &lt;gm_t> (as Heylin may be bending over)
[00:33] <heylin> “get in the water……”  we are not done yet."
[00:34] <gm_t> (this is where he barks) [00:34] &lt;victoire> "I know she is good in a fight, and she will give her life for you. But what things do you mean?" [00:35] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette nods, and seems to struggle, “I am a princess and am accustomed to getting my way,” and then she amends, “with most people…but those who I do not, know how to help me see what should be done or choice made”
[00:37] <gm_t> She looks towards Jamais, who then says, "her highness is curious of she will be able to listen and advise her highness in a way similar to yours or Heylin's.  Some bodyguards are sometimes...sycophants..." [00:37] &lt;gm_t> “Others may see her as a 9 year old and not to be listened to as they are adult and she is a child”
[00:38] * Heylin grabs the soap and a handfull of straw “you are really not going to like this.”
[00:38] * Heylin  starts scrubbing
[00:39] <victoire> “That I do not know. I know it will not be the same as what you share with Heylin and I.”
[00:40] <victoire> “I cannot speak to her advisor ability: I only shared a half meal with her. But Aramis had a history with her, so she is one of few I would consider.”
[00:40] <gm_t> Lady Jamais looks at Victoire, "and Aramis trusted her, as do you?" [00:43] &lt;gm_t> The dog howls a bit and struggles, splashing Heylin further as well as some accidental scratchings with his claws
[00:44] <victoire> “I do.”
[00:45] <heylin> “johnathon can you get the horse brush off the post over there? please.”
[00:46] <gm_t> Johnathan moves over and gets the brush, and edges slowly towards Heylin, offering the brush, his eyes and the dogs still locked. [00:47] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette says quietly, “so the church is willing to help…in the future…by having me send my two bodyguards, and leaving me one who is not of France?”
[00:48] <gm_t> Lady Jamais nods, "good thoughts your highness, though given what we just saw of our countrymen, having a guard not of France may not be a bad thing..." [00:52] &lt;gm_t> “What would you suggest my musketeer?”
[00:54] <victoire> "I cannot speak for you. But it seems that  this is a safer place than we have been in a long time.’
[00:55] <victoire> “I worry about things aside from the Church- such as the witches that left you marks.”
[00:56] <victoire> “I do not know if Lyse can help with that, but i do know she knew of magics.”
[00:57] <victoire> “My first choice would be us; but you will need allies and a Cardinal can prove formidable as your Father found out. Why not work with them as allies?”
[00:58] <victoire> “If rebuilding France requires my services to be elsewhere than with you, i am willing; but my first choice is always you. including over France.”
[00:59] <gm_t> Nodding, Ysabette pulls up her fan, even as Lady Jamais' voice speaks up, "that seems logical your highness, though what can be said of your musketeers disappearing should it be asked?" [01:00] &lt;gm_t> Ysabette nods, “I agree with my musketeer…though it sounds like this task is one that the church does not necessarily want known, correct mademoiselle?”
[01:00] <victoire> “I am certain not- which is why they asked outside their rank and file, came to you and us.”
[01:02] <gm_t> "Is there a way to hide your disappearance?" [01:02] &lt;heylin> ((((SPLASH)))) [01:06] &lt;gm_t> The dog continues to move and does the shake…
[01:06] <gm_t> Which gets Johnathan fairly wet, causing him to actually crack (and curse) [01:07] * Heylin burst out laughing [01:08] * Heylin now starts brushing the dog [01:08] &lt;gm_t> (there victoire?)
[01:11] <victoire> yes
[01:12] <gm_t> (basically she's curious how to hide the fact you guys are gone...) [01:13] * Victoire puts her cup down, "Any number of reasons I suppose. Perhaps to link up with one of your sisters is simplest." [01:14] &lt;gm_t> She nods, “that will work well”
[01:16] <gm_t> "So when will you speak with the cardinal about accepting this task?" - Ysabette asks. [01:17] &lt;gm_t> The dog does a quick shake once Heylin is ALMOST done, and stands their, tongue hanging out.
[01:18] <heylin> "couldnt wait 20 seconds could you…..now i hae to brush tou again,
[01:18] <victoire> “When you give us permission.”
[01:19] <gm_t> "very well...I shall give you permission, but you may leave in the morning." [01:19] &lt;victoire> "I should imagine tomorrow is fine. I don't think she is used to being said No to.' [01:20] &lt;victoire> "Though in fairness, she seems very much better than the one we knew." [01:22] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais nods, “that is not difficult with Cardinal Richelieu…”

<gm_t>  &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais nods, “that is not difficult with Cardinal Richelieu…”
[01:26] <gm_t> Meanwhile the dog seems to be done, even as Heylin and Johnathan were both drenched. [01:27] &lt;heylin> "thank you John." [01:28] &lt;gm_t> “yes sir…” as it is clear that he is glaring at the dog, whose lips were parted back (in a weird form of ‘smile’) as it panted.
[01:29] * Heylin scratches his ears and messes Johnatons hair also at the same time."
[01:29] <victoire> “True. But I didn’t feel as if there was an ulterior motive. Just someone she values being held by revolutionaries.”
[01:30] <victoire> “Now if her goal is to rid England of us, and we will be met or expected at the prison… Then we have all learned a valuable lesson.”
[01:31] <gm_t> "Well...if that should happen, we know one ally that would try to save at least one of us" Ysabette stated slyly at Jamais, who nodded with a "better your highness" [01:32] &lt;gm_t> “I shall get us dry clothes sir” as he bows with a small smile and leaves.
[01:32] * Victoire gets up and goes to pour more tea, “I sensed no darkness from her, so I do not expect it.”
[01:35] <gm_t> "Very well then..." as Ysabette thinks about it for a few moments, "when you go to the cardinal tomorrow, should I go as well, to meet her and my temporary protector?" [01:35] * Heylin will rough house with the dog in the stables as well as clean out the trough [01:37] &lt;victoire> "I think you should. It would give you a chance to get an impression, and say you've changed your mind if you feel something untoward." [01:38] * Heylin will head back tot he room [01:39] * Victoire settles back by the hearth with her tea [01:39] &lt;gm_t> The dog seems to follow and soon Heylin and the dog were at the doorway
[01:40] * Victoire looks at the now cleaned duo, “Have you named him yet? Aside from Horse.”
[01:40] <heylin> “pup.”
[01:41] <heylin> “nope.”
[01:41] <victoire> “That is no pup, but I suppose it is better than Horse.”
[01:41] <heylin> “so are we going back to France?”
[01:41] <victoire> “We will all go tomorrow to meet with Lyse, and the cardinal and give our answers.”
[01:43] <heylin> “nice.  ” will go sit at the hearth in front of the fire
[01:43] <gm_t> Ysabette looks at the dog, "that is ...HUGE..." [01:43] &lt;gm_t> Lady Jamais flicks her fan slightly, “be careful your highness.”
[01:43] <heylin> “isn’t he?”
[01:44] * Victoire scoots aside, then gets up as the dog wanders in, scratching his ears, “Warm up there, boy. I am going to change, if you will excuse me?”
[01:44] * Victoire walks around the beast then heads upstairs
[01:45] <victoire> ((It’s night time yes?))
[01:46] <gm_t> (yes it's nighttime) [01:46] &lt;gm_t> The dog plops down and then rolls on the side, allowing his belly to warm up by the fire.
[01:46] * Victoire changes into her night gown then sits down at the mirror to think and brush her hair
[01:48] <victoire> "Wish you were here, Shi; I hate being the sensible one…


Intro to the Cardinal

The door opens, a nun standing there, “please…come…”

Victoire removes her hat and steps inside

It is actually large, but basic, furniture…not fancy, but sturdy/missionary style

Sister Agatha: “my name is sister agatha…the cardinal is waiting…”

Victoire: “A pleasure Sister, Victoire, and Heylin.”

She nods and smiles, “please…follow me to her grace’s office.  There will be some refreshments there…” as her eyes look at the blood that is on the two of them. “Hamilton did not say you were injured…” as her voice was a bit annoyed.

Heylin: “are you injured Vict?”

The nun eyes the dog warily as well.
The dog eyes the nun warily…

Victoire: “I am good.”

Heylin: “just making sure.”

Sister Agatha: “do you have a leash for that beast?” as she definitely does not take a liking to the dog.

Ears pull back on dog.

Heylin: “leash?  it is a dog not a horse.”

The nun turns and stomps away…

Heylin: “she must like cats…….give me a break. Cats are good for keeping the mice out of the barn…..i didn’t see a barn.”

Victoire: “Both kinds of people…”

Turning, victoire sees the dog relieving himself and then he sneezes.

Heylin: "i know i will clean it up.

Victoire shifts a bit in her stance, looking around

Heylin laughs “that could have waited.”
The dog pants, as if smiling.

The nun’s voice can be heard, “her grace shall see you now…”

Heylin: “i get in enough trouble by myself….you might at least give me a day until you make the church mad.”

Victoire turns and walks toward the nun

The ear flicks and pants.
Heylin follows

The dog pads to the door even as the nun moves to the side.  Inside the office is a woman in long, priestly garb…and there are two others beside her.

Heylin and Victoire ‘recognize’ in different ways.  First, is Hamilton…who appears rather clean now (at least face) and still can’t tell if male or female, and dressed in shirt, pants and tabard and the other is a short female with a massive iron gauntlet/arm protection.

Heylin: “you wished to see us?”

“yes I did…” the cardinal spoke.  It was with a strange german/franco mixed accent.  She is rather lovely with long blond hair.  Slowly, she limps over to the duo, “Please, sit…I have heard much of you…”

Heylin points to the woman about four times…….’what was her name.  I need Aramis right now."

Heylin: “lisa……” as he says it quietly, then figuring that was incorrect, “nope….”

The cardinal limps to the table which has several goblets, "water, or tea? "

Heylin: “nice to see you again my lady” and then “tea will work.”

Victoire moves to sit, “Nothing, thank you.”

The woman nods, “and I you…” she says in a firm voice.  (you can see a few more scars on her from last time)

The cardinal pulls a kettle and pours the tea into a goblet, and some into another goblet, while water is then poured into yet another. Limping slowly, she brings over the goblet of tea for Heylin. “You are wondering why I summoned you here?” as she hands the tea to him

Heylin: “i guess you could say that.” His eyes narrowing, “what happened if you don’t mind me asking?” as Heylin notices the limping of the cardinal.

Victoire: “We are, yes. You are injured?”

“It is an injury that I received some time ago.  I have forgiven the individuals who have done that as they have repented of their ignorance”

Looking at Heylin, she takes a sip of her tea first, making it clear that she is trustworthy. Limping back towards her desk, she slowly sits down…

Lyse doesn’t drink but Hamilton, smiling, takes a drink of the water, rather noisily.

“You’re a knight hamilton…” Lyse says, rolling her eyes at him/her.

Hamilton smiles, “hunger is the best sauce for anything…but I had to be hungry to be the part…”

The cardinal raises her hand. “We need your help” she says bluntly.

Heylin looks at the group “our help…right.”

Victoire is taken aback a bit

“When the emperor was in power, he killed the pope…” she raises her hand, “we have it from eyewitnesses, though that couldn’t be brought up with enough evidence…a knight against a king.”

The cardinal continues, “and then the archbishops of France, disappeared.  I was sent in …but I found the king’s attention…” as she paused, “unnerving and unwanted.  I left to make a report to the others when the revolution occurred.”

Victoire: “He killed many…We found most of the bodies…”

Heylin: “he was an ass hat….that is true.”

Victoire: “Including the sister of the Queen.”

Heylin: “can’t say that in front of a cardinal right?”

The cardinal nods, “but there is a group of them…important ones that can help stabilize things in the church, that are still being held prisoner.  At first by the emperor, but now by some more radical revolutionaries.” Her mouth twitches slightly, “I absolve you of your sin of poor language as it is the truth.” She makes the sign of the cross and says a quiet prayer.

Heylin: “poor language is not a sin,” and then amends, “taking the lords name in vain is.”

Cardinal: “depends on which doctrine you go by Master Heylin…”

Heylin: “he was an ASS HAT!”

Cardinal: “but I’m sure there are some sins that you didn’t mind me just forgiving just now, are there?”

Heylin: “oh there are lots.”

Cardinal: “there…let us call it even then …” as she nods towards the duo of Hamilton and Lyse. “The arch-bishops are on a former french prison island as are several noblemen….” She nods towards Hamilton who pulls out a map and lays it on the desk.

Heylin: “how could we help we are in England?”

Cardinal: “It is a prison island, but was also a hunting lodge…with many vicious beasts there, some of which have been…tainted…” She looks at you, “we will arrange for transportation to get you to the island, and the church will guarantee her highness safety while you are conducting the rescue.”

Heylin: “church…….and guarantee in same sentence.  Did I miss something ther Vict?”

“I will guard her…” says Lyse, “and you know I will keep to that”

Heylin: “you give me your word….looking straight at Lyse?”

Lyse: Her eyes, unblinking, “yes, I shall protect her with my life and soul”

Victoire shifts a bit in her seat

Heylin looks at Victoire.

“The matter comes to this” the cardinal states, “you have experience in dealing with strange creatures that have been …warped…by porte. You have shown yourselves to be honorable, straight forward yet stealthy and brave.”

Heylin looks at Victoire again

Victoire: “I feel remiss in my duty as a Musketeer and protector of the Princess to leave her to the care of anyone else, no offense. I have given my oath to her safety.”

Lyse turns to the cardinal, “told you” even as the cardinal gives a glare at Lyse.

Heylin: “sorry maam it is my job to keep Ysebtte safe.”

Hamilton chuckles (or is it giggles) slightly as the scroll is wrapped.

Heylin: “even if my own mother was in that prison i would be hard pressed to not continue with her protection, if my mother was there the beasts would be dead.”

Cardinal: “Very well then…though I do pray that you give it additional thought.  I also know that you shall keep this to yourselves…”

Victoire: “I have no doubt to Lyse’s word; she  would absolutely surrender her life for the Princess. I will listen to what you say, and ask the Princess for her leave, If she grants it to me, I will do as you ask. You will forgive us, the Church – as it was in France – and Muketeers, we were not close. If you understand my meaning.”

The cardinal nods, “that is acceptable …as it would require your liege’s permission…”

Heylin: “Richelieu was an ASS HAT also.”

“yes…” as she frowned, “Richelieu…he will have to be dealt with later.”

Victoire nudges Heylin and then asks, “Why us? Just that we have familiarity with the Porte?”

Heylin: “sorry for my language.”
Victoire: “I will not use it, but I am familiar. We both have seen it’s effects.”

The cardinal responds, “you have dealt with a creature that was warped by the porte…something that is said to be among the predators of the island.”

Victoire: “Another pig?”
Heylin: “another wolf great.”
Victoire looks at Heylin, nodding

Cardinal: “and as you stated, the church and the nobility of France had …issues….though we did have strength among the commons.  However, the radicals of the revolution have been more anti-church than the former emperor…And that is why we cannot send any of our knights…as many who are French are already known to be religious and suspect, or non-French and would have difficulty interacting with any of the prison’s guards.”

Pausing momentarily, “and you are correct…we would not be sending you through a portal….it would be a more traditional transport”

Heylin: “so you want to send a farmboy and barmaid to rescue a bunch of Bishops?”

Victoire stomach churns at the thought of more sea travel

Cardinal: “and there are other prisoners there that are put there for no other reason than being religious, noble, or thinking differently than the revolution.  But I shall let your conscience be your guide there as there may be others who deserve to be imprisoned”

Heylin: “probably the ones i would know.”
Victoire: “If the Princess gives her leave, we will do your task. And in return…?”

Cardinal: “The gratitude of the church…” as she smiles “something that her highness may value in the future if she plans on higher aspirations”

Victoire nods, standing and looking around the chamber, noting that the room is more aimed at functionality than looks, some books on religious treaties, history including families.

Cardinal: “Do you wish Hamilton to lead you back, or Lyse?”

Victoire: “Lyse.”

She nods, and Lyse, finishing her water, puts the goblet down. “I will wait for  your answer…” the cardinal states, even as Lyse starts to move to the door.

Victoire bows to the Cardinal and Hamilton, then follows Lyse.

The dog takes a look at Victoire and shivers back slightly, recognizing a being a bit more ‘alpha’ than he.

Heylin turns to the cardinal  "Richelieu was an ass-hat.  i know i will get hit for that.  but he was. and as I stated, Richelieu is another problem that will have to be dealt with"

Heylin: “if i find him i will deal with him for you or his captain” as he walks out

And with that the dog pads behind…even as you three leave the residence of the cardinal.
The person known as Hamilton steps up towards the group, “I can lead you back to the house you are staying at…”

Heylin grabs the biggest piece of meat off the table and walks out behind Hamilton

Hamilton nods, and then takes the coins that he had been given by Heylin and Victoire, “unless you wish these back, I shall put them into the coffers for those who are of need…”

Victoire: “Please, the coffers.”
Heylin: “I gave them to the poor.”

“And that is where these will go…” as he drops the coins into the poor box.

Heylin when he gets outside he will hand the dog the chunk of meat
The slobbering dog’s mouth crunches down on the meat and bone. The powerful jaws easily crunching whatever the meat had been at one time.

Heylin smiles.
The dog has a big ol’ slobbery lick of its mouth

Heylin will watch Hamilton as he walks back, as he has is a strange mixture of confidence and easy going. “You are good people” he says, “not many see to the people in the streets…even though her majesty Elaine has helped to improve, there are still many”

Heylin: “can’t have the people wanting if you want them to help you or your country. I can get more information from a happy person than one who is worrying about where his next meal will be coming from.”

There is a gentle laugh, “just because she seeks to improve the lives of all does not mean all want the lives of all improved. It is a sad state of affairs…” as his/her voice saddened slightly

Heylin: “sounds like all noble courts are the same…”

Victoire walks along quietly, listening to the conversation but watching things around them

Seems like the evening is going quietly, even as the dog occasionally sits to bite some fleas or scratch himself…

“Not just noble courts…” as Hamilton continues, "some religious " as he makes the sign of the cross “and some merchants as well”

He continues to walk along, stopping at a particular spot, and placing some coins down on a corner, before standing up and leaving.

Victoire looks, “Why this corner?”
Heylin looks around for what is special with this corner

Hamilton: “It is a popular corner for some ladies of the evening.  If I can help get them a night in an inn without company…it is well worth the coins”

Shrugging, “though some jennies still prefer the work, even if the coin is left behind…”

Victoire nods, remembering the corner

Soon, you start to see the lamps and torches nearby the ward where the princess (and musketeers) are staying

Heylin: “well i think we are close enough Hamilton if you don’t want to be seen with us.”

“There we go…” as Hamilton stops, nodding, “the cardinal does mass at sunrise, and but may well be ready after that and morning meditations to see visitors…”

Victoire nods to the man, “Thank you.”

There is a head nod, “and thank you for your actions at the play house”

Heylin: "be safe on the way back.:

“That is a bit more of a personal thank you and not from the cardinal”

Victoire: “You are welcome, but why personal?”

“You helped my brother in the fire…” as he/she points that out, similarities could be seen.

Victoire nods, “I am glad I could.”

Hamilton smiles and then leaves, raising the hand in a wave…

Victoire waves as well, then heads to their quarters
Heylin: “head you tell her tails i do.” pullin out a coin


Walking to Cardinal
Intro of Heylin's dog (via dog attack)

As Victoire and Heylin walk the streets, things are pretty fog filled, some glowing from lamp posts and torches, the feet of patrols echoeing…

“Alms…” comes a voice.  "alms for the poor…"

Heylin will place a coin in the cup, “to your health…”

Victoire follows suit

Beggar: “bless you masters…” says the voice.  The face is rather grubby, and its very difficult to tell whether male or female.  It has that strange androgynous look to it. “What are masters doing out in this pea soup?” as the beggar’s voice sounds quite thankful.

Heylin will toss another “go buy some food for yourself and get out of this cold air for at least a while,” as he looks at Victoire. “Translate please Vic.”

Victoire translates, slipping in two more coins of her own into the beggar’s hands

The beggar nods vigorously, “you have given so mercifully…surely I can help you…”

Heylin: “know all the French Nobility are not as bad as they are told to be.  and the flower of France is generous” and after a pause, “that is help indeed.”

Beggar: “please…you have given me much…surely I can help…do you wish to go somewhere…you are strangers here.”

Victoire: “Go get warm, sir, and some food.”

Heylin: “do you have a family?”

He sighs, and then cheers up, “well you could say I have a very large family…I can show you them…”

Heylin smiles and places his hand on his sword as well as a dagger  "sure we could take a couple minutes out of our way…….right Vict?"

Victoire: “If you wish, yes.”

The beggar smiles as he starts to get up, the rags barely hanging on him.  Slowly he starts to walk along the main street…

Heylin: “i figure we have a little time” as he follows along.

The beggar starts to get a little more difficult to see, but then there are suddenly growls and barking…

Victoire moves up to left side of the man

There are four large dogs that are drooling, and obviously ready to attack.

“oh no…” as the beggar starts shaking…

Heylin: “come here pups.”
Heylin whistles low which causes a slight diversion in the dogs’ attention.

Victoire steps in front of the man, “Stay behind me.”

Heylin kneels down putting his hand about nose height,“If you want to get sent to the dog house i will ablige you four also,  but i think you just need some food.”

One of the dogs seems to start to sniff, but the other three lunge for the attack.

Heylin: “i gave you a chance.” as he explodes upward at the first ones sturnum driving his knee into its heart.

The dog whimpers and crumbles while two dogs try to flank Victoire to get at the tasty beggar.

Victoire draws two daggers, making herself larger than the dogs, “GO!”, which causes the dogs to take a slight step back, but mouths frothing, they attack. The dogs snap at the air, missing horribly, even as the beggar seems to step to the side.

Heylin tosses the other a piece of jerky which gets an result as one dog still standing, drooling, but not going towards Heylin.

Heylin: “good boy.”

The dog (big boxer/pit bull mix) snaps at it.

Heylin: “now you two bitches need to be taught a lesson!”

Victoire circles her left arm in front of the dog, trying to get it to look left, then tries to stab it just over the right shoulder

The dog lands to the side, limping hard.

Again, the two dogs try to snap, not used to the humans fighting back and heavily injuring them.

Victoire plants a boot into the other dog, striking it hard.

This dog rolls over and starts to pull back to retreat even as the last one, seeing that it’s outnumbered, turns, tail between legs, and runs.

As the dogs run the dog that you bribed, still stays, big puddle of drool…

Heylin tosses more food

The nub of a tail is wagging (though the observant would state that the posterior wags harder than the tail, Slobber slobber gnosh * RUFF RUFF*

“Shut up you damn bitch” is yelled from a window.

Heylin will scratch behind the ears

The dog turns and growls at whoever yelled out window and then Aroos as falls over for belly rub, the big, rough tongue hanging out to the side of the mouth.

Victoire looks to the beggar, “You are well?”

Beggar: “yes…thanks to your bravery”

The dog is covered with fleas, needs a bath, etc

Heylin: “now this is like home……”   scritches his belly and plays a bit rough with the dog.

Again, the dog, with a partially torn ear, rumbles * raor raor* as back leg starts moving, his eyes roll back in head.

Heylin: “this dog needs a bath.  who can leave this animal in the streets like this?”

As Heylin start to play rough…so does he…and he has a strong grip, almost like a canine version of Porthos.

Heylin looks at Vict “think she will let me keep him?”

Victoire: “Probably outside, once you get him clean.”

Heylin frowns as he notices some scars on the dog, “if i find the SOB who had this dog fight i might show him how it is done,”

“come…” as the beggar looks, “my family is not far”

The beggar starts walking…and as you move along, you start to see some lights that are several stories up in a vague building…

As you get closer, the shape becomes clearer…a massive church which has several side buildings/residences nearby. He pulls at Victoire and Heylin, “almost there…”

Heylin quietly drops a dagger into his hand.

Victoire cleans her daggers in a puddle then follows

The beggar lets go of the hands and runs for one of the larger, gated buildings.  The fog makes it tough to see, other than the gate swinging open, and two guards nearby.  "Almost there my friends…"

Heylin keeps an eye on the begger and guards

The door opens and shuts (you see a light inside).

The guards stand still…

Victoire straightens herself, and puts her weapons away

And as you get closer…the ‘guards’…are actually just statues.

Heylin: “we gotta put those in the castle when we get back.”

Victoire: “No we don’t,” even as Victoire moves ahead past them

The dog pads beside, and bumps into Heylin hard, “raora raora…” his mouth drooling heavily.

Heylin hands him some more Jerky and and scratches his head.

THUD as he leans HEAVY into you as there is a lot of muscle and bone

Heylin: “Can we keep him….can we.cane we?”

Victoire: “You have to feed him. And bathe him.”

Reaching the door, it is a massive wooden door with a knocker…

Heylin: “feed the animals ……now that sounds familiar.”

Victoire knocks

The door opens, a nun standing there, “please…come…”


Discussion about Cardinal Erica and Lyse
Jamais told about cardinal meeting/johnathan armed as they leave

When we last left off, you talked with Jamais about the cardinal, briefly, and were discussing whether to meet up with her. Jamasis wasn’t sure why clergy would be here or didn’t like them a bit

Heylin: “do you think we should go alone Vict?”

Victoire: “I don’t like the idea of leaving the Princess, but if they wish it… Do we make enemies here as well?”

Heylin: “because it still is a Cardinal…..and i trust them about as far as i can throw Angus,  and if there is an incedent i would rather not have Ysebette there to watch the carnage. She is tainted enough being around us.”

Victoire: “True.”

Ysabette looks crossly at the two of you. “You speak as if we are not here…”

Lady Jamais raises the fan, barely hiding a smirklike smile

Heylin: “don’t really care if you are it is my job to keep you safe.”

Victoire: “Not at all, we speak freely even WITH you here.”

Heylin: “and have we ever not said what we thought about with you here or not?”

“What?” as she looks at Heylin’s impudence, even as Jamais’ fan flutters slightly, “your highness…they speak of keeping your sanctity and well being.  You have shown some respect for the church unlike your father…”

Victoire goes over to Ysabette, kneeling in front of her, “We are not the greatest of advisors or teachers; we are soldiers at best. What we can do is shield you from things that may bring you harm. That is our only job.”

Ysabette sighs, and nods, one hand gently touching Victoire, “my musketeers…” shaking her head slightly, “I can be such a child sometimes…”

Jamais responds, “you are a princess, you aren’t supposed to admit that your highness”

“you are right lady jamais…” as she seems to calm down.

Victoire: “As your Father discovered: the Church is a powerful enemy. But as such, can be an even stronger ally. I cannot say I believe in this Church, but I do believe in a higher power and people. I may not be the proper choice for this, and may be branded a heretic. But I will go and see their intent. If it is good will toward you, then I will accept their aide, or take their requests.”

Heylin tosses Johnathon his extra dagger

Johnathan tries to grab it, not well, but leans over to pick it up, his trusty umbrella in his dominant hand.

Heylin: “keep her safe……”

Johnathan: "milord…it is my honor, and expect no less than my life " he says his voice breaking from squeak to a little deeper for a brief moment.

Lady Jamais looks at them, “don’t worry, I shall watch over them, there is much to discuss between her highness and myself.”

Heylin: “remember the inner thigh they will never think you will go for that target.” He then adds, “keep them both safe Johnathon.”

Johnathan: “Of course sir…” as he bows.

Victoire straightens her jacket, buttoning it and walking out with Heylin.

Heylin: “you and i alone are going to get the rumor mill started really quickly.”
Victoire: “Yep.”


Meeting with Nyneve

Victoire takes her hands, "It is important, Princess, to be calm. Magic will flow easiest over the still pond, rippling across it’s surface. Just relax, and breathe in slowly, out slowly.

Victoire continues with her tutoring “I find if I focus on something, my mind stills- like a candle, or the fire, or a button.”

Ysabette blinks some more and Victoire could feel the ‘jitteriness’ in her.

Victoire: “Just relax. Magic can be fickle as well. It will never be harnessed, just directed.”

Heylin: “i have confidence in your skills Ysebette.  You are a lot stronger than others know.”

She seems to stare for a few moments, and her eyes start to dilate.

Victoire: “Good, now just relax and see where it is we are to go next if you can.”

After a few more moments, Victoire asks, “Do we stay here, or travel to Scotland?”

Heylin: “Or go through the fountain.”

Ysabette reaches with her hand as if touching something towards Heylin and Victoire, her head turning and looking through the window and the room. At different times you get some major shivers that run down your spine as her hands move around, “So many strands…nothing black…things tied together…”

Victoire tries to remain calm and not bring up her wards or protections, very uncomfortable at being touched.
Ysabette continues “both lead to the ground and outside…but not black, which means no deathly danger involved…that I know”. Her voice mysterious, but remaining child like, “Like two strands in a web…pull one…safe…pull other…safe…pull both at the same time…not safe”
She seems to be tiring more…as Ysabette starts to sink backwards into the bed.

Victoire: “Let go of the threads, Princess. Relax, come back. Let it fade.”

Ysabette seems to relax and fall into a deep slumber

Heylin: “hmm.”

Knowing her well enough, you’re pretty sure, she is NOT going to wake up for many hours.

Heylin: “am i going to have to pack her if we go?”

Victoire: “Well we can’t leave her. So unless I stay and you go…”

Heylin: “put some clothes on her i will pack her.”

Victoire: “Very well” agreeing with Heylin on the plan of bringing the princess, and then she adds, “do we tell anyone?” She brings up her reasoning, “we cannot just vanish from Elaine’s castle.”

Heylin: “don’t know who i would trust here besides Johanthan, and if he knows and they hurt him he will tell.”

Victoire: “Then we all go.”

Heylin: "what i was thinking also.’

Victoire: “I will dress the Princess, you fetch Jonathan. I will tell Elaine.” Then, she then asks, After I leave, I will meet you at the fountain- a note?" even as Heylin asks “maybe a note to the Queen?”

The question was left unanswered as Victoire dresses Ysabette quickly and quietly while Heylin goes to Johnathan’s room.


Heylin enters the young servant’s room and finds Johnathan who is in a deep sleep in his room. Moving to his bed, Heylin gently tries to wake him up quietly, and as the youth starts to stir, quietly says “get dressed now quickly.”

“huh?” as he slowly lifts his head, “sorry milord…I will get the tea ready…”

Heylin: “just get dressed we are going somewhere now john.”

He gets up and starts to change, clearly by habit, and hasn’t really comprehended anything.
The boy finishes grooming himself, his eyes partially glazed over, “where are we going sir?”

Heylin: “you will see you should like it.”

“yes sir…is there anything I should pack for yourself or anyone else going with us?”

Heylin: “Just what you need we should have what we need i hope.”

Johnathan: “how long is the trip?”

Heylin: “we will see……”

Johnathan: “very well…I shall be but a moment” He makes his bed, and goes to an area where he takes a small bag and puts a couple items in it.

Victoire: “I hope this is right, My Princess…”

Victoire picks up Ysabette gently and walks her out to the front area, placing her on a couch, looking outside into the darkness, early to mid evening, with a moon outside.

Johnathan finishes up after about 5 minutes.

A shout from the outside, “10 oclock and all’s well!”

Victoire: The next heir to the throne of France vanishes into thin air tonight

Victoire grabs her bags, checks all the rooms making sure nothing is left but her trunk

Victoire touches the trunk one last time, locking it, and pocketing the key and then heads out to the front room, then to the door, opening it, and finding the corridor empty.

Heylin picks up the Princess and follows Victoire after handing Jonathon a dagger. As he does so, he sees that Johnathan is carrying an umbrella.

Victoire keeps a dagger in hand and moves through the shadows, trying to extend them around the others

The shadows seem rather welcoming…and you are able to get through the hallways without difficulty and easily make it outside, and a man with a long pole checks on the lamps, making sure that they are lit.

The light from the lamps seems to aid in creating even more shadows for you…even as you get to the fountain

Heylin protectively covers the Princess with his cloak

The group is able to reach the fountain even as a moonbeam hits a certain rune, one which Victoire is sure will provide the opening necessary though the opening, or gate, would be rather short lived…

Victoire touches the rune

The beam strikes it, and you see a new reflection, a shore of a beach that seems secluded.

Victoire: “Go.”

Heylin moves in with the princess

Victoire watches as the others proceed, then after Jonathan, steps in herself

Stepping in, it seems like solid steps and the WOOSH…no bottom. BLUB, and after a quick underwater circle, which is causing the princess to thrash.

Victoire: “I hate that old man…”

Heylin holds on tighter to her

Feet hit the ground and you stand up…the water about waist high.

Victoire: “Get out of the surf! To the beach quickly!”

The princess shivers slightly and pulls closer to you. After a quick cough of water, she snuggles back to sleep.

Heylin walks to the beach

Victoire’s mind is thinking that hypothermia would be striking…

Victoire trudges along making sure Jonathan is moving behind Heylin.

But the water is warm…a gentle breeze…roughly 70 degrees outside

Victoire: “The hell..?” followed by a quick, to no one, “You said Scotland!”

Johnathan was thrashing, BADLY, and needed to be pulled in…

Victoire grabs him and gets him to his feet

Heylin: "damn this is….

Victoire throws her arms down to shake off water, “…burn that old coot to a cinder…” Grumbling even further, she states, as if confirming a belief, “Knew better than to trust him.”

Heylin: “haha. probably would be interesting .”

Victoire takes her jacket off, wringing it

The water seems to fall from you, quickly…and starts to run towards the body of water you just came out of instead of seeping into the ground

Victoire: “Another nice wool coat ruined, they should just stop giving me these… I guess they will now.”

However, the clothing and individuals, to Victoire and Heylin, seem to be drying very quickly.

Victoire: “This place is serious magic, and it’s NOT Scotland.”

Heylin: “this is kinda like back home when we swam at the waterfall.  i never really thought it was weird back there.” Then after thinking for a moment, “i thought they said it was in the North of England…isn’t that Scotland?” Shrugging, “I guess i need a geography lesson.”

Victoire drops to a knee, her arm arcing the blade to her side, holding the blade, looking at the froth of the surf. “It is. this isn’t.”

Heylin watches around the Princess, noticing that her features, hair and night shift were all drying out quickly.

Victoire: “Or it is some hidden section of Scotland.”

Heylin will set her down on his cloak that was on the sandy beach. His eyes then catches a speck of glittery reflection and white seems to be moving around her (like almost a droplet, but a little bigger)

Victoire keeps her dagger in her hand, and walks slowly back toward the water, staying back a few feet

Another one seems to flitter by…a vague winged humanoid form which moved fast.

Heylin: “what the hell is that?”

Victoire, staring towards the water (and not in the same direction as Heylin) “Not sure, it looks rectangular.”

Heylin: “small flying people.”

This stirred Victoire attention as she turns, “What?”

Turning, Victoire starts to notice that some of the ‘water foam droplets’ that was moving around…do appear winged and humanoid of form.

Victoire’s hand quickly thrusts out, trying to catch one without injuring it. Her fast reflexes enable her to catch one, though the white hair fae with gossamer wings looked frightened.

Heylin puts his hand out like to have a bird land on it. Tentatively one of the faerie lands in Heylin’s hand, warily.

Victoire opens her hand, “Why hello… I-”

There is splashing out in the water…movement in the sand…

Johnathan moves beside…close…to Heylin.

Heylin cocks his head “bon jour……heeelo.”

Victoire looks up quickly from the faerie, her hand still but her blade in her offhand out now

The faerie in Heylin’s hand looks at him quizzically.

It then turns its head towards the water, and starts to fly once again, zipping towards the water.

Heylin will watch it fly to the water

Heylin sees Victoire, faerie in hand, watching a glittery veil and head start to rise out at the end of a greenish algae ‘rug’, and a form, like a seal, swimming on the outside of the rug, quickly moving inland.

Heylin moved his position to stand between the Princess and the water basically straddling her.

More of the faeries start to move away from the group and towards the rising figure…a slender woman with a silvery glittered veil…As if climbing steps…she rises along the green rug of plantlife…

Victoire starts to back away from her toward the princess

Heylin draws both blades

The other creature, a seal, moves onto the land, and after a quick shimmer, appears as a beautiful woman with golden eyes, naked except for a cloak of fur that matches the seal’s skin.

Heylin: “damn i thought they were lying about that……..”

She slowly stands up, her body/looks would be like Anna Nicole Smith in prime (volumptuous/beautiful) with golden eyes.

Victoire: “This whole trip has been filled with lies and surprises.” Victoire studies their auras to see if they mean harm or are angry.

The woman on the rug continues forward and then stops at the edge of the lake.  The green rug quickly seems to wrap itself with some rocks/other solid sediment, forming a throne where the woman then sits down.

Heylin: “that was not a lie…..but one hell of a surprise.”

The woman that was once a seal, speaks and you understand. “You are at the edge of Bryn Bresail…the noble Nyneve’s desmaine. The mage Derwyddon had said you sought an audience with the Lady….”

The lady of the lake nods at the group.

Victoire resheathes her blades

Heylin: “i have been foretold to meet with the Lady…..and after i asked my spirit for help getting us here i figure it was to be …….my spirit back home.”

Victoire steps back a few paces, to let Heylin speak.

Looking to the side, you notice a lot of crab like animals starting to line up at the edge, rather protectively.

Heylin: “mortals do not ask favors of the spirit realms and not expect to be punished.”

Heylin will resheath his blades.

‘thunks’ are heard along the edges of the water. Small red men, about 3 -4 feet tall, with small brownish red bucklers and helms stand…their ‘blades’ in their sheaths (which seemed reddish pink)

Heylin: “lady Nyneve i hope we did not offend you with our blades.”

Heylin: “red hats?”

Several of them narrow their eyes.

“These are not the red caps…” the selkie speaks, “but her guard and advance troops when she comes towards land”

Heylin: “i couldn’t say your correct name if i wanted to that is what i heard you called.” Seeing the posture of the crab-men, and realizing a mistake had been made, Heylin said apologetically “no offense was meant….”

Heylin: “well Victoire i think that was my bad for the day….maybe year.”

“The red cap is a foul creature cast out of the courts of the sidhe…and goblins and other creatures try to mimic its evil”

Victoire: "I don’t even know what it is, so You’re better off than me.’

Nyneve does a small gesture which the selkie looks and turns towards the group, “My queen asks, one a day?  is this a taboo that was placed upon you?”

Heylin: "i guess i am not the most “courtly” Musketeer.  they all figure i will make mistakes when i am not supposed to my lady."

Heylin: “and calling your guard red caps is a doozy i think.”

The small faeries seem to be preening and helping like miniatures maidens Nyneve and the selkie…some seem to be fluttering warily towards Victoire and Ysabette.

Victoire settles onto her knees, in a rest position she is used to next to Ysabette, trying to wake her gently; she looks to the faeries around them, “You may come closer and see her if you wish. She is our Ruler.”

Nyneve does another small signal and the guards seem to relax slightly even as the selkie responds, “she has told them that your ignorance was due to the red cap not having come to your lands and so an accident was made”

The faeries seem to come closer, and one or two even start to help clean her up/make her hair/etc

Victoire smiles, “She loves her hair and make-up done.”

“The spirit” the selkie continues “was correct…favors such as that which was bequeathed upon you come at a price, though some of that has already been paid by others…”

Heylin: " i asked for the help i will pay the price for her." looking at the Princess

Some of the faeries do a silent squeal of delight at hearing about the hair and makeup being a favorite of Ysabette’s and try to go at it.

Victoire: "We tried to exact vengeance against those responsible for her death, but had to choose: save our liege, or revenge. They paid for their sins regardless, just not at our hands.’

From edges of Nyneve’s chin/jaw that there is a smile that appears as Heylin defends Ysabette.

Victoire: “In the end, we are soldiers; and we will have a reckoning one day.”

Nyneve turns to the selkie, whose face shows definite surprise, and even the faeries pause in the midst of their cleanings.

Heylin: “she owes you and the others nothing…….I do.”

“Are you sure my…” the selkie stammers, and there is a slight twitch of displeasure…and a BIG thunder roll in the distance.

The selkie gulps and quickly revisits her questioning, “The spirit is in no danger of debt as she was being told to help you from the danger.” Continuing, “And…Derwyddon’s vision allows him to see many futures and pasts…none of which involve him, but also many different paths…like channels of rivers that lead to the ocean.”

Heylin glances towards the boom, but does not see a cloud in the sky.

The faeries start to relax slightly and start to get back to their work

Victoire: “Then she served her Queen magnificently. Her death was horrible, and if I could have done anything short of purifying her pool and grave, I would willingly have done it.”
Victoire: “My heart lost a part of itself that day, and I can never recover that.”

Several of the faeries start to pull close towards Victoire, and start to work on her hair.  And as they get closer to her ears, it is as if a light, soothing song is being sung, words unknown, though they sound almost natural, as if a babbling brook and some birds work on some harmony together..

Heylin: “neither of us will forget that day.”

Victoire: “But in the end, she did what all soldiers do: gave herself for her liege and what she believed in to her last breath. It is all any of us can do.”

There is a motion and a nod, and the selkie states, “and Nyneve approves.  You may ask a question and if they do not tempt fate greatly, she may deem to answer it”

Victoire wipes the corners of her eyes, reliving the day

“much is she impressed by your passion which flows deep for nature from both Heylin and Cheyenne Victoire”

Heylin, after some thought, asks “Where should we look for allies that Ysebette can trust to put her on the thrown that will make France strong and fair again?”

Nyneve motions, and the selkie responds, “the allies you seek for France or the throne are ones that she has already started to make, the ones that were made and those that her blood creates”

The selkie looks at the musketeers as well as the sleeping children. She turns back to the Lady of the lake, who makes a motion, and the selkie nods.

Heylin looks at the Selkie thinking “this is gonna be interesting.”

“The lady regrets being rude and not having offered food or seats for you…” adding “do you wish food or other sustenance?”

Victoire: "Not at all, thank you anyway.’

Heylin: “there is a big beach that is a great seat and with a wonderful view.”

Several of the crab men come by with their shields turned carrying raw fish, seaweed, and other water delights which other crab men, and the selkie enjoy. She continues, “It is…and being close to the lands of the sidhe, it’s a bit more favorable right now than what it feels in the mortal world.”

Heylin looks at the seaweed quizzically

Selkie: “it is a delicacy…most mortals tend not to enjoy the full fruits of the water”

Heylin: “can i try a bit of that?  i have to try.”

Victoire looks down at the Princess, looking at her protectively and finding the princess is sleeping soundly.

Heylin: “i have never eaten that before” noting an oil and vinegar as well as other items that blend with the seaweed’s taste.

Heylin: “this is actually good different, but good. Never would have guessed that.”

“There are some mortals that are like farmers but to the waters even as you had said yours was to the land”

Heylin: “now that would be an interesting job, to farm the ocean……..”

Victoire: "I know, knew, many.’

Heylin: “if you don’t get seasick.:”

Some of the crab hunch over and lobber up some of the meat including that from the mussels

Heylin: “i’ll try anything once.”

Heylin: “i do have a question but it is for me not the princess.  just a logistical question really could i ask that and not get in trouble?”

The crab man walks over towards him and there is a variety of fish that has been filleted (and is raw)

The Lady nods which the selkie turns, “you may ask”

Heylin: "i was told the SIdhe have mor than one “branch” does the spirit of the waterfall back home fall under your branch or another?"

Heylin then takes a bite of one of the prepared fish.

The selkie listens and turns to the Lady who does a short hand motion, “she is in the same court that the Lady is within, but is lower in rank and is the vassal of another”

Heylin: “ok thank you for the information.  if I ever see her again hopefully i will know more about her kind.”

The lady does another motion which catches the selkie off guard again.

Heylin: “since i know they/you exist i guess i know more than i did.”

“The Lady says…that if you wish to know more, it is acceptable to ask, especially as it will be important in the next few years”

Heylin: “okay.  if your court is like mortals…..do you have the same petty problems with ones seeking more power and using others? or mortals is like yours?”

The selkie speaks, “there are rivalries, and ambition …that is what caused the rift and the evil faeries or the unseelie…that you had mentioned earlier, such as the Red Cap. There are some unseelie that have power and sycophants or servants…while others stay to themselves…”

Heylin: “of course there are.”

Victoire stands, “Merlin seemed to indicate that all this, us, the Princess, the squall at sea, the rescue, was ordained. Planned out. All our courses of action had been narrowed to one choosing.”

Victoire: “So I am uncertain why our questions would matter- if we can truly change nothing.”

Nyneve actually laughs (the lady of the lake), and then motions to the selkie.

“She apologizes for not laughing at you but at Merlin”

Victoire: “I have been laughed at before.”

“Though powerful in magic, it is imperfect.  The paths were laid out and you each have chosen.  What he sees are a couple paths, though there are many more.  Elaine also saw some paths during her tests…”

Heylin: "me all the time

“The squall at sea was a part of nature, but that of the pirate ship and the beeast…those had been sent by others who did not want your princess, or any French nobility, to make it to England for they saw a path that they did not like”

Heylin: “well now that you bring that squall up when will my repayment of the debt begin and what will it be?”

The lady motions, "that has not been decided as there has not been a need for your specific skills or experiences, but you will be told when and what it is "

Heylin: “Or do i even want to know that answer?”

Victoire looks up to the skies, and concentrates on gathering clouds

Heylin: “me and specific skills……not had those two words in the same sentence many times…..”

Some storm like clouds in distance roll slightly…

Victoire tries to reach towards the clouds and weather, but found it difficult as she feels a ‘disconnect’ as if a barrier between you and the cloud.

Victoire releases the clouds, her confidence rising, as well as her anger, “Do you really think a squall is going to bother me?”

Victoire changes her hair color, her proportions, to match the Selkie

Heylin hands back one of the fish to the crab shaking his head

Victoire: “Or petty squabbles among nobles trying to see which twig is longer?”

Heylin: “you showing off again?”

Victoire: “Not at all, demonstrations seem to be the way of things.”

Heylin nods about one of the fish

Victoire: “Test here, test there. She us what you can do. Be the good little poppet.”

Heylin bends down and rubs the sand between his hands and then looks at Victoire

Victoire: “They’ve no IDEA what I can do.”

The selkie takes a step back, but there are edges of a definite smile on the Lady’s face.

Victoire: “I do NOT like being used” her anger increasing. “I swore an oath to that little girl, to my Captain, and others; but mainly to myself. And I have nothing if not my honor.”

The crab men seem to be starting to take a more defensive stance towards the Lady of the Lake.

Victoire: “I am stuck in this body, for now. but I’ve not forgotten who I am or how I was raised. She will see France again- if that is her desire, and will be no one’s puppet.”

Heylin: “if she wanted to do something it would have been done by now and you wouldn’t have seen it,” speaking to the crab warriors.

The selkie starts to take a few steps back into the water as well

Victoire sees the affect of her actions and drops the illusion, “I mean none of you any harm. I am just tired…”

Heylin talks to the crab who brought the fish “do you have anymore of that one?”, smiling as he points to the fish he liked.

Heylin: “you showed them what you needed to Victoire…..isn’t it to be weaker so they will do something stupid or show your strength so they won’t even try….right?”

Heylin watches the lady and Selkie

Victoire: “These are your lands, your home. I would never presume to be a match for any of you. But you are watching the board, and I’m a piece on that board. Okay, I accept that, but I’ll not see my liege treated as such- Just as I am sure any one of you would feel about the Lady.”

The lady motions towards the selkie, who bows to the humans, and starts back into the waters, taking seal form.

Victoire bows deeply to the Lady

She nods, a respectful, and pleased one at that. The crab men start to put down some more of the food on some larger leaves, and hunch over…starting to get their crab like shape again.

Victoire goes back over sitting down rest her forehead on her knees

Heylin: “i guess the question we should have asked was how do we get back to the castle?”

Victoire somewhat muffled, “I don’t know. I’m sorry if I have screwed this up. At times…I am not the calmest or wisest.”

Nyneve’s ‘throne’ seems to slide towards the end of the rectangular seaweed carpet…and you start to see white runes form on the seaweed rug

Heylin: “do you remember who you are talking to?  remember me running over the peasants with Ysebette as you fouhgt that thing in the streets.”

Victoire: "I do.’

Heylin: “wisest……….me..not. Not saying you are either, you stayed and beat that thing, and saved how many in the process?”

The night chill starts to increase as It starts to get colder…

Heylin: “i saved one that day….you countless.”

Heylin: “how can we help our new friends and Elaine?”

Victoire gets up, huddling in closer to Jonathan, gesturing to Heylin to get Ysabette

Heylin picks up Ysebette and wraps her in his cloak

Victoire: “I can’t get a read on her. Or maybe I just don’t want to.”

Victoire: “yeah now this is more expected” as she starts to feel the chill of Northern Scotland.

Victoire touches the sigil in the water, visible by the moonlight and the green of the ‘rug’.

Heylin: “thank you My Lady .”as he bows

Stepping on the green rug, the individuals do not sink, though each step causes a ripple.  The water does seep slightly into the boots, and it is FAR colder than before

Victoire: “Oh ach….”

Once reaching the rune, the next step sends you into a plunge, like stepping into a vertical chute, and after a quick moment, you emerge, as if shot out of the water, landing nearby the fountain. Other than your boots, Heylin and Victoire are dry.

Heylin: ’now that is going to get some people talking my dear." looking at Victoire.

Victoire: “What? Oh that? No, I doubt it.”

Heylin: “maybe not people……” and then, “let’s get the kids to bed.”

Victoire walks with Jonathan to his room, peeling off his soggy boots and tucking him in, putting the boots near the fire after stoking it a bit

Johnathan starts to stir, “oh dear…I should be helping you for the trip…Heylin said we were going somewhere and we needed things ready”

Victoire: “you rest, young man. We have returned, no trip to be had.”

Heylin puts Ysabette gently into her bed.

“my apolo-” as he falls asleep before he completes the word

Victoire: “Yes, yes. good night, Young Man.”

Heylin get things in order for the morning and will dry out his clothing

Victoire dresses down in a nightgown and sits by the fire, warming her feet and hands, thinking. Her hair starts to ruffle slightly.

Heylin puts his feet near the fire and lays out flat on the floor

As Victoire edges closer to the warmth of the fire, you hear a slight ‘squeak’ that comes from her hair. “I- what?” as she reaches up slowly

Victoire: “And what have we here?”

Several locks of hair shift up and a form, small one, darts out and away from the fire.

Victoire: “Wait! Come back!”

The form seems to jump into a water pitcher and swims around in it for a few moments before emerging out…

Victoire gets up slowly, moving around Heylin, “Little warm for you, Little One?”

Heylin and Victoire could see the water swirl though nothing seemed in it…but once the water swirl stopped, a small form seemed resting on the lip of the pitcher, aka one of the ‘foam faeries’.

Heylin looks over his shoulder at Victoire, even as she looks looks down at the diminutive form, “Looks like I had a stowaway.”

The faerie seems to shift from male to female form indiscriminantly.

Victoire: “That has got to hurt- and be confusing. What is your name?”. The creature’s lips move, and for Heylin, nothing was said, but for Victoire, it sounded like the sound of a water dropping on a leaf.

Victoire: “Well, it will take some time, I think.”

Victoire: “You hang out and enjoy the water, I need some warmth.”

Victoire advices the foam faerie, “Don’t go too far, I’m not sure The Lady would approve of you being here.”

The water being smiles and dives back in.

Victoire goes back over and sits by the fire, looking around, making sure no one else is lurking, then runs her hand through the fire a few times" which feels good, as if it was a natural part of her and putting her hand into it was a natural part of things.

Victoire: “The ankles are almost zero pain as of late- even with this damp weather.”

Victoire: “I am going to sleep; I will take the cot in the Princess room.”

Heylin offers “I will take the floor here by the fire i will keep it stoked for the night” as he eyes the fireplace.

Victoire heads upstairs, “Good night, Master Heylin.”

Heylin simply says, “good night …”


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